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Mini Cooper S; Dodge Dakota 4X4, Triumph TR6


  • johnminn
    I have a 4.3 Liter tbi engine where the fuel pressure regulator sticks open.
    Would it work to run a VERY rich mixture of gas + Techron through it using the fuel pump OR
    Do I have to pull the intake manifold and replace the regulator.
    200K on engine.
    Formerly "ran like a dream".
    April 19
  • andys120
    Shifty. I can't paste image urls onto the thingy that's supposed to load them; please ask techies to fix ASAP.

    Thanks Andys120
    April 15
  • alternator
    How do questions get marked as "answered" ?
    March 31
  • wildeman1
    Hi, I've got an 85 motorhome w/a cheve 350cid V8. I just failed SMOG test. Hi speed is OK, but the idle is way hi on hydrocarbons (Max permitted 250, Measured 1366). Is there an idle mixture adjust on this carburetor (Rochester m4mc)
    Tx, JW
    March 23
  • chuckster7947
    I'd like to come direct to you to ask a question as you seem to be on top of the Mini Coopers. I really want a Mini Convertible but can't afford a new one. So I've got my eye on a 2010 Mini S convertible with 74k on it at a decent price. Seems to be in very good shape as far as looks go. Pristine condition and 74k isn't much mileage per year. But I hear Mini repairs can be more costly than average (true?) and are up there with BMW's and Volvo's.

    So is there anything in particular to look out for and would you think this would be a good car for a 71 year old who is still VERY immature (make that young at heart?) and thinks a Mini convertible is just the thing to keep me young. I plan on driving it at least 25k a year. Perhaps there is an article you are familiar with that approaches this subject.

    Thanks in advance for you help.

    Chuck Cloninger
    March 17
  • jomrfixit
    Oh, I have a good one! Just bought a 2005 jeep liberty.....engine runs, transmission doesn't respond in any gear...but wait.....it gets weird here....there's no neutral......car will not ,even coast, cannot be towed. Then while we were using the winch to get it onto the trailer, we discovered that if the ignition is turned off, while trans is in neutral, the vehicle will freewheel.. bUT if you turn the ignition back on, it locks up again...im lost on this one!!!! Pulled code, shows transmission control module. Help!!!!!
    March 11