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Ontario, Canada
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Ontario, Canada
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2012 Soul 4u
  • 2007 Rondo vs 2007 CR-V

    When the new redesigned CR-V came out for 2007 I checked it out and added it to my consideration list. I liked the new style and size and the fact it was now offered in FWD (unfortunately only in the base model in Canada) and was so glad they changed to a lift gate rear door from the side hinged door and got rid of the spare. I went to the local dealer and looked over the vehicle carefully and took many pictures. I also downloaded the owner’s manual to get the full details on this vehicle. I need something with a rear hatch so that we can accommodate our Golden Retriever.

    Since then, I discovered the Rondo and I have been comparing it to the CR-V as I liked the size of the Honda but as I looked more into the comparison (I set up a spreadsheet to compare features) it started to tilt in favour of the Rondo. Here are some of my findings: (the Rondo features are based on the EX 5-person Canadian model with the 2.4L engine)
    Within an inch it’s the same size as the CR-V
    Price comparison of the EX 4L 5 person model to the CR-V LX base model the Honda is over $6,000 more (that is including all the fees and taxes). (It’s odd that both manufacturers use the same model letters!)

    With this in mind I found that the Rondo had the following features that Honda did not have or was an option:
    • Alloy wheels (a ridiculous $2774 option on the Honda)
    • Roof rack ($379 option on the Honda)
    • Fog lights (again another $592 option – how do they get away with charging such high prices!)
    • Windshield de-icer
    • Heated front seats (only available on the CR-V EX-L model)
    • Steering wheel audio controls (standard on the CR-V EX model)
    • Under floor storage area
    • Auto off headlights
    • Smaller turning circle
    • 6 speakers (only 4 on the CR-V LX but standard on their EX model)
    • both vehicles have all the same safety features (ABS, side curtain airbags, dual side airbags, ESC, TCS, heated side mirrors, advanced dual front airbags, anti-whiplash active front headrests
    • 5 yr 100/000km warranty vs a 3 yrs /60,000km for the Honda
    • same front and rear legroom
    • Rondo does have more front and rear headroom
    • Floor depth 14” greater on the Rondo (to the back of the front seats or to the base of the flip and tumble seats on the CR-V)
    • They both have the rear “theatre” seats

    if you compared the Rondo EX to the CR-V EX model that would be well over $10,000 more (however, the CR-V would have AWD and a sunroof at that price), so I’m finding it hard to justify that extra cost for the Honda.
    I was wondering if anyone has compared the Rondo to the CR-V and ended up purchasing the Rondo and would appreciate your feedback. I should state at this point that I have not driven either one of these vehicles.