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So my car is still my baby with only 56,500 (roughly) miles and since I bought the extended warranty, and my mileage is so low, the dealer is going to fix the A/C (again) as an ongoing problem at no cost. However, in order to pass inspection, I took it to Midas and they replaced all 4 brake pads and did a synthetic oil change, and rotated my tires. Immediately I ordered Nakamoto Zinc infused cross drilled and slotted rear and cross drilled , slotted, and vented front rotors as the originals are warped front and terribly rear. Since I already have the front rotors and I am thrilled with the way they look, I can't wait to get them all installed. They are made by the OEM manufacturer Nakamoto.


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  • Re: Midsize Sedans 2.0

    cski wrote: "However, I am getting older and so are my kids. One has left the nest since I have been posting, and now the old 2012 Optima looks, and feels,,,,,tired. I can tell you that the A/C has blown the high pressure hose 3 times in 59,000 miles..."

    It broke 3 times? Hmmm.

    Well Ben, when I drive it by pounding the gas, downshifting and upshifting to redline through the mixing bowl maze of tunnels, overheads, massive bridges leading folks up and down the east coast, 5 miles of it in fact, something is going to break. I think the A/C clutch may be too slow to keep up. DC roads are also lethal to the suspension of almost anything short of a tank. As soon as I cross into DC it feels like their roads are graded by dumping rocks out of a truck and simultaneously covering them with Gorilla Glue. A fully weaponized Hummer is recommended in order to "negotiate" with obscene and violent drivers, all curiously sporting at least one mini-spare.
  • Re: Midsize Sedans 2.0

    In terms of features, both the 2018 Camry and the 2018 Accord are going to be impressively equipped for "base" models. The 2018 Camry LE lists for $24,900 with destination, and includes a lot of standard stuff....

    For instance, the 2018 Camry LE has "Safety Sense" as standard, which includes pre-collision pedestrian detection, lane departure alert with steering assist, automatic high beams, and Dynamic radar cruise control. Most of that stuff I personally feel mixed about, but the last feature is something that I'd like—and it was only available on high-priced Lexus models just a few years ago.

    The 2018 Camry LE also has 17" tires with alloy wheels standard, Toyota's Entune 3.0 with navi w/7" display, 8-way power driver's seat, 60/40 split folding rear seat, "wood" interior trim, 4 window auto up/down, led illuminated glove box, etc.

    That's pretty impressive for the entry-level model. Although in fact, strangely, in about 5 months, for $500 less, you'll be able to get the even more base L model, which eliminates the power seat and other stuff to save weight and costs, ultimately boosting mpg a little. I think very few people are going to get the L...

    In terms of equipment on the 2018 Accord LX, we don't have quite the same level of detail, and we don't know the pricing yet, but I very much doubt it'll be more than $400 more than the Camry LE. But there is a lot of info at Honda's site:

    Every 2018 Accord is going to have HondaSensing, which is mostly similar to Toyota's "Safety Sense." Honda's radar cruise control system is maybe a little bit better than Toyota's. Looks like Toyota has a basic system for the lower levels of trim, and then a fancier system that can deal with lower speeds on the upper trims and with option packages. Honda has the standard low speed cruise across the line.

    But the big win for Honda here is standard AndroidAuto/Apple CarPlay, which Toyota strangely doesn't offer. The Accord LX is almost certainly not going to offer a power seat, but ultimately have lived with AndroidAuto in my 2016 Accord for a year, and loving it, I think that Toyota really missed the boat here, handing Honda a significant competitive advantage. Also, Honda is giving at standard 8" display for this on the base model, while Toyota only gives 8 inches on the upper trim.

    I think the 2018 Accord beats the 2018 Camry on interior features because of AndroidAuto/Apple CarPlay. And if you need a power seat for your Accord, you can always step up to a higher model to get it. But even the top of the line Camry will still have "Entune."
    I think the 2018 Camry is the only attractive Camry I have ever seen. I think the "L" will stand for "leased" and probably will be the new rental fleet choice, along with the Malibu as a more conservative rental. The Camry is a spaceship in comparison. Love the new Civic Touring. Never have loved a Civic either. I am trying to keep an open mind on the whole array of choices as my cars 5th birthday is up in December.
  • Re: Midsize Sedans 2.0

    I made my annual pilgrimage to the Greater Twin Cities Auto Show yesterday. For the first time in many years, I spent almost no time looking at mid-sized sedans, because there's very little new in that realm. I went to check out the new Camry, but all they had was a sports model on a tilted, rotating platform (read: can't get inside) that was absolutely hideous, IMO. It was white with black roof and black trim and wheels. My oldest son was put off by the looks also, and I told him the lower trims might look better. He noted it looked "angry" in front, and in fact a lot of cars including most Toyotas seem to have that "angry" nose these days.

    I spent most of my time looking at new small cars like the Hyundai Ioniq (my younger son's favorite car from the show, and one of my favorites also), the Kia Niro (another favorite of mine), the Toyota iA (the only Toyota I'd consider buying except the 86), the Mazda3, the Civic hatchback (I like the old style Civic hatches better), and the Impreza ($27k and no rear center armrest??), and small SUVs like the new CR-V (nicely done inside and out), Tucson, Sportage, CX-5, HR-V (love the magic seats!), and Rogue Sport (like a Rogue but with a cramped rear seat).

    I won't need to get a new car for myself or my wife for at least 3 years, but if I had to get one today (e.g. car is totaled in an accident) I'd probably get an Ioniq or Niro or slightly used Mazda3 for myself and a slightly used CX-5 or HR-V for my wife (she needs the higher seating position of an SUV and doesn't like driving a brand new vehicle).
    Angry "faces" on sports or sporty cars/sports cars/muscle cars have been a selling point for 60 years...and now appear on almost every kids with little money want either an angry, or a funky car. If I was a kid I would go for a Veloster....and if insurance prevented that a Mazda 3 Coupe or hatchback.
    The Neon sold with its "HAPPY" face. Of course owners weren't happy if they kept them past the warranty period.
    I think many Neon owners were not happy with their cars even under warranty.I bet complaints like "My mirror fell off" or "The hood blew off in the wind and the engine ejected", etc etc. etc were common. (well maybe not EXACTLY the examples I quoted), but you get the idea.
  • Re: Hits the 20,000-Mile Mark and Gets Its Last Service - 2016 Kia Optima Long-Term Road Test

    I really don't understand the point of making appointments if you have to wait in line. They must get their advice from doctor's offices. How about you tell me that if I bring it in a week from now at 2pm, I'll be first in line ahead of someone that just showed up otherwise. I see dealerships bragging all the time about their "express services" acting like you'll be in and out in 15 minutes. Yeah, right.
    You know, my Kia Service department is pretty posh and they always give me a free oil change, and a car wash after with tire shine and everything.They have a killer coffee machine that makes fresh Mocha, iced Coffee, Vanilla Mocha...and the beans are ground right in front of you. I don't mind sitting in the waiting room, watching Netflix on the Free WiFi, and by the time my Cafe' Mocha is is my car.
  • Re: Midsize Sedans 2.0

    TSBs are not warranty items unless they specifically direct the dealer to warranty something. They are usually just "advisory" to the dealer, and he can ignore them if he wishes.
    That is true, but fortunately my car is still under factory bumper to bumper warranty, and over time the tip of the 12,500PSI (a guess but some are u to 17,000PSI ) pump just blew its seal or seals. Now, I drive like Mario Andretti, so I was grateful they replaced it under warranty. Just the other week they covered $1,400worth of replacing my fuel cap door that opens by pushbutton.....but is run by a cable that runs all the way down the door, right next to the trunk release. There is a tip that holds it shut made of plastic...and it decided to break off...But I backed into a pole in a parking deck, and the next fill up it broke. No other damage; but they replaced it and said they replace about 2 a month. I wonder if they are metal now, Wouldn't that make more sense? Crap Chinese part. You would not believe how much Chinese parts are in most Asian cars. It just depends on what parts and how many. There are a few exceptions....very few. Kia and Hyundai build 100% of their 2.4 and 2.0 Turbo engines by scratch...then ship to America to trust us fat, lazy Americans to bolt in. LOL.