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  • Re: Chevy Equinox No Start Problems

    There have been major issues with the Equinox since the 2010 model. QUESTION: ----- Why wasn't the "re-call" performed prior to the delivery of the vehicle? ---- This is not acceptable behavior for the selling dealer and / or GM! ---- Where is the concern for the customer? ---- The Equinox is a beautiful vehicle. ---- Remember many people, like myself, read these postings on a daily basis, and we are potential Equinox customers. ---- I own a 2010 LTZ 2.4 Malibu that was purchased from an OUTSTANDING dealer, and outside of a software problem that the dealer took care of it has been trouble free for 48,000 + miles. ----- I almost purchased a 2010 Equinox! Thank God I did not make that BIG mistake. ---- I did not purchase the Equinox because it did not have a "power seat" on the passenger side of the vehicle? ----- GM's poor marketing of the vehicle in terms of accessories saved me a negative experience. ----- I would love to own an Equinox, when I trade either my Malibu or my 2007 XLE Toyota, but I will not purchase a vehicle that has these operational / poor quality issues, and in the process, do business with dealers and a manufacturer that have no respect for the customers after the sale. ---- I do not want to be stuck in my driveway or on the road with a new vehicle that the manufacturer knows has intrinsic operational problems. ---- Just some ideas to consider when purchasing a new or used vehicle. ----- Dwayne
  • Re: 2010 Chevy Equinox Problems

    VERY WELL WRITTEN AND VERY WELL SAID! -----YES, ---- Why doesn't GM do a "final recall," and replace all of these damaged engines because MAJOR DAMAGE has been done to these cars because of the fuel pump issue? ----- THIS IS THE ALL IMPORTANT QUESTION! ---- YES, ---- These forums would go quiet, and the furious / abandoned customers would be happy with GM. THEY MIGHT EVEN PURCHASE ANOTHER GM VEHICLE! ---- The question becomes, Why doesn't GM take this action? ---- Are they waiting for all of these vehicles to go off warranty so their liability will be lessened? ---- Let's speculate on the possible reasons! ---- I think, based on the postings on this site, GM simply does not care about the customer, and the quality of the Equinox product line. What is going to happen if someone gets into a serious accident because of the performance issues associated with this vehicle? -------All the best! --------- Dwayne