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  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    All this talk of new cars has me eyeing my Explorer.....I do get x-plan pricing......maybe a new something should be in my driveway.....nah, can't do that. I do have to say at 63k miles the Explorer has been the most trouble free car I've ever owned. I still get the "want for a new car" sometimes but overall the Explorer is serving me well. Now if I could just get my hands on hubby's Fusion sometimes.....
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    I beat my record.....the Explorer has now become the car I've kept the longest since I started driving 23 years ago. It has just over 62k on it and other than a couple minor hiccups its been a great car. In just a few days I will have owned it for 40 months.....
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Three weeks into Fusion ownership and so far nothing has been hit with it which is a miracle considering the last 2 commuters had bumps at 3 did the '15 Focus.

    We are VERY impressed with the car, comfortable, quiet, almost luxury feel to it with great handling. Best part about it is its possible to comfortably fit 5 people in it with one being in a car seat. The car seat fits much better in the Fusion than my Explorer. We were able to take the Fusion on an hour long trip to go to dinner with 5 of us in the car. My oldest is tall and had plenty of leg room plus room on either side of the car seat was more than adequate. Can't pull that off in the Explorer, someone has to go in the 3rd row and that's whoever pulls the short straw since nobody wants to go back there.

    No there won't be another punch this year and no I will not be trading my Explorer for a Fusion. I really do like my Explorer, its only had 2 issues in 60k miles, both fixed with no trouble. I don't see another punch in our future for a long time unless some critter or bad driver wipes out one of the fleet.....I really hope not, we like all of our cars!
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    New Fusion in the driveway. Plates switched to new ones on the Focus (hubby has veteran plates with permanent registration, so we had to pay registration and get new plates). We meet the buyer at his bank tomorrow morning. I think the Focus is trying to hang on for dear life.....if it could go wrong this week it did! Thursday morning it was scheduled for a new windshield, well the installers showed up at the house and I put the car inside the garage, then they said that the windshield they had was different than the one that was in the car. Car still had its factory windshield, they said the placement of the rear view mirror was different. Turns out to be a design change, but didn't find that out until a whole lot of stress passed by.

    So, windshield replaced, next on the list was getting the part replaced to make the battery light turn off. Dealer said it was some sort of relay for some sort of air fins or something in the cooling system that opens when driven. (I have no clue so guessing here) Tech went to install the part and finds a dead bird instead, he wasn't amused. Codes went away but the battery light stayed on, so they tested the alternator which tested fine last week. This week its showing that its failing and of course there isn't one in the state so they have to order it and can fix the car on Tuesday....did I mention the guy is taking the car tomorrow?

    So, I paid the extended warranty deductible ($100) and arranged it so the new owner can drop the car off and have the repair done. I also did the paperwork to have the extended warranty transferred to him.

    $230 for registration, $102 for the warranty deductible, and $75 warranty transfer fee, I really think that car wants to stay at this point!

    Starting to think trading it in would have been a whole lot easier!
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    Put me down for a punch (so much for turning in my CCBA card). Hubby is picking up a brand new 2016 Ford Fusion SE on Thursday. We sold his Focus (gonna miss it) for $7500, not too bad since the dealer was only offering $5500 (after I went off on them about their original offer of $2000). Focus has 87k on it and is still a great car but we felt it was time to upgrade to a little more family friendly car. My Explorer is nearing 60k and it would be nice to have another vehicle we can use as a family car. Speaking of my Explorer, its sitting at the Ford dealer waiting for repair, in the meantime I'm stuck with a 2014 Edge Limited. I really really want my Explorer back. Daughter is still thrilled with her 2015 Focus.

    Love the deals right now on the Fusion, we used my x-plan through work, $2500 rebate, and 0% for 72 months, yes please!