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  • Re: Buick LeSabre Heating / Cooling

    @jdunaway said:

    I opened the hood and felt the upper radiator hose. Slightly warm but nowhere near what it should be. I noticed both fans were running. I let it sit and idle for about 15 mins and the air was still cold. Fans still running. Hoses still cold. I didn't think to reach back and feel the heater hose lines. It is 6 degrees out there and night time. Should those fans be running when the water temp isn't hot ? It only has a temp light so I do not know what the engine temp was :

    Check the coolant level in the radiator--not the reservoir--tomorrow. You may not have gotten all the air out. Fill radiator with coolant with engine running. Then rev engine, either yourself with the throttle on the engine or have someone hold it at 1500 or so and add coolant then put on cap while revving. Drive car until it should be fully warm. The fans should not be running. I suspect you were running hot. They may come on at 217 or so. With 6 deg outside, it was easy for the low coolant to keep below emergency temperature.

    After upper radiator hose is hot with coolant leaving engine through thermostat, run engine at 2500 for 10 sec or so then idle. Repeat 4 times. That should move air out of heater core. Then last open the little screw on top of the thermostat housing on upper radiator hose on engine to let out the air. You can do this with engine off while still hot. Open screw until air bubbles out and you get coolant.

    Did you replace the thermostat? Should have done that as prevention. They are good for a limited number of cycles; then you are riding on borrowed time. I recommend Stant Superstat at 7.99 at advance auto parts and a new rubber o-ring that slips over the metal edge of the thermostat for 3.50 or so. If you are going to do the thermostat, drain out about a gallon of coolant before taking off the thermostat housing.

    After flushing and draining 3 times I added Prestone's mix and let it warm up.

    If you rinsed with plain water and then added 50/50 Prestone, you do not have enough antifreeze, in my opinion. The volume is about 13 quarts for the system. If you're rinsed and drained 3 times, you have little left of the original coolants. If you added 50/50 Prestone that's not 7 quarts of Prestone. Each gallon on had 2 quarts of pure Prestone.

    Did you open the drain on the bottom of the radiator? That may have drained more plain water out. My method was to rinse and drain after warm up, 2 or 3 times. Then add the 7 quarts. Then add more water if needed. That way I knew the 6-7 quarts was in there for freeze protection.

    Get a gauge that measures the antifreeze temperature--even if just one of the little floating ball devices.

  • Re: How did you find Edmunds (and the Forums?)

    @lex13 said: I can't say that I can find what i'm looking for now.

    Try looking through the "Participated" list in the box where the Bookmarks link is. Those appear to be the record of discussions which I read or posted in through my decades on Edmunds. I went through the first few pages and checked the little star making it gold so that page was bookmarked.

    @le13 said: ...but thus far i'm not a fan of the upgrade.

    I was really concerned because I don't like the arrangement in the other auto sites which I frequent related to the specific cars I own. I was really concerned Edmunds would become one of those clunky sites. But it didn't. It still has the look and feel in the page layout and posts.

    I found the shortcuts to doing things the way I like which is primarily using the mouse and the left and right buttons to maneuver through the site. After the first few visits, I took a deep breath and realized it was change and I could change some or be frustrated. There are things I liked that I miss, but I face the same problem of change with my XP Pro on my laptop and one desktop: they won't be supported by Microsoft for security after April, so I'm changing one to Windows 7 Pro and the other outmoded CPU I'll replace with a Vista computer which needs new capacitors soldered into the motherboard, that used to belong to friends for whom I maintain their computer.

  • Re: Welcome to Edmunds Forums!

    @Stever@Edmunds said:
    Same trick works with Bookmarks and if you post a comment, you can backspace and get back to the discussion list too.

    Tapping the spacebar moves down through a list or page by one screen page.

    Which is more convenient is whether your hands are on the keyboard already or are using an external mouse. I'm the extra mouse user type.

  • Re: Welcome to Edmunds Forums!

    @andys120 said:

    Go to the group called "Participated" and you'll find these are the forums in which you have been posting. Your Watched Items will be in there. Mark the little star turning it yellow and those will be isolated in the My Bookmarks group.

  • Re: Welcome to Edmunds Forums!

    I really am happy to see how well the new forum has worked starting yesterday afternoon. And it has the look and feel of the old forum. It does not look like many of the other automotive discussions I have visited on the web and that is good. The IT people should have slept well last night after this rollout.

    I was hoping all would be working before Friday, but the new Edmunds came much sooner. Great.

    Suggestions for some features to add:

    1. A signup method for groups of forums, like before where I had signed up for the group and any new posts in old discussions or new discussions in the Bonneville, leSabre, and Park Avenue groups showed up in Read New Posts. I have seen someone suggesting same for Subaru.

    2. Either a link to open the Bookmarks, without mousing up to the right side box, to replace the "Read New Posts" we had before OR a "Read New Posts" button.

    I would suggest adding a link to Bookmarks below the posting box where the "Home," "General," "Preview", etc., buttons are. So I'm suggesting the group be "Home, General, Bookmarks,...". I believe there is room, but if not, the 3 current Button sizes could be shrunk slightly.

    Congratulations on the software change and new layout.