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Crossroads of America I70 & I75
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Crossroads of America I70 & I75
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2014 Malibu 2LT. 2008 Cobalt 2LT. (2015 Cruze 2LT)
  • Re: Welcome to Edmunds Forums!

    @isellhondas said:

    Well, I went there and deleted those words that I didn't write but it still shows that I have a draft and the words are back.

    Did you go into "Drafts" in your navigation box on the right side? IIRC, it lists your drafts on the left side of the page. Then I moused over the draft and got a gear icon in the top right. Using that gear tool, I could delete the draft.

    Good luck!

  • Re: Stories from the Sales Frontlines

    @driver100 said:

    Is it easy to put a picture in the upper left?

    Find a picture you like from something you took or something you find in the public domain on the internet. Load it onto your computer. Must be on your computer.

    Then in Profile on left, choose to change picture. Then delete the one you have. Then choose the Browse button to go to where you saved graphic on your computer. Click to upload and move the new one from your computer to Edmunds.

    For prepping the picture, it will help if you can use a graphics program to crop the original or to make changes to brightness/contrast to make it show better.

  • Re: Welcome to Edmunds Forums!

    @xwesx said:
    With this new format and, sadly, with most forums out there, pages are fixed and you have to just remember where you left off when attempting to read new posts.

    When I read using my Bookmarked or Participated topics, the new forum is taking me to the first new post. I.e., on this topic it showed me your post at the top of my page and showed anything below it.

    Are you using Bookmarks?

  • Re: How did you find Edmunds (and the Forums?)

    @lex13 said: I can't say that I can find what i'm looking for now.

    Try looking through the "Participated" list in the box where the Bookmarks link is. Those appear to be the record of discussions which I read or posted in through my decades on Edmunds. I went through the first few pages and checked the little star making it gold so that page was bookmarked.

    @le13 said: ...but thus far i'm not a fan of the upgrade.

    I was really concerned because I don't like the arrangement in the other auto sites which I frequent related to the specific cars I own. I was really concerned Edmunds would become one of those clunky sites. But it didn't. It still has the look and feel in the page layout and posts.

    I found the shortcuts to doing things the way I like which is primarily using the mouse and the left and right buttons to maneuver through the site. After the first few visits, I took a deep breath and realized it was change and I could change some or be frustrated. There are things I liked that I miss, but I face the same problem of change with my XP Pro on my laptop and one desktop: they won't be supported by Microsoft for security after April, so I'm changing one to Windows 7 Pro and the other outmoded CPU I'll replace with a Vista computer which needs new capacitors soldered into the motherboard, that used to belong to friends for whom I maintain their computer.

  • Re: Midsize Sedans 2.0

    @cski said:
    I always hand wash it, but the swirl marks seem to be unavoidable using the bucket and sponge method. I have taken my car to a car wash 4 times since I have owned it, just to get an undercarriage wash that I can't do myself. It has only snowed 3 times since 12/28/

    Does anyone know how to "reply", or is it now just "leave comment"?

    You can use the "quote" button right below the text of the post you are reading, next to the "flag." The standard quote give us what you see in this one. If the original post has a quote with it, the whole thing collapses and you have to copy the part you wish to quote.

    Or you can just type
    @imidazol97 and then type your new post. This works best if your response quote will be right below the original post that you're targeting for response. Otherwise the posts are separate and readers wonder which post the response is meant for.