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Crossroads of America I70 & I75
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  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Being discharged today. I'll share my story later this weekend. My first order of business (after a very long shower) is holding Sam and not letting him go for a while. 

    Very scary couple of weeks. 
    I understand the holding your son for a time after this serious illness. I still get a good feeling when I see fathers in restaurants and other places showing great love and care for their sons. Some keep a distance as if care is for the mother to be responsible for.

    Then you're off to the Porsche store?

  • Re: Are there any 2010 buick lacrosse cxs engine diagrams to tell you where everything is located

    You can buy the Buick factory service manuals, paper or digital, from

    You can search youtube for various parts on the engine and you may find videos that show how to replace ones that are customer serviceable on the engine size you have. Even if it's in another fine GM product, the parts likely are in the same location.

    You can search for diagrams of the engine you have on the web for your car or related models with that engine.

    You can search various parts supply houses on the internet, such as, and go to the engine category. They have blow ups of the engine sketches with the parts exploded off the block and lines showing where the bolt holes would line up.

    Just search for "gm parts" and you'll get a big list of many.

    I also like to search on because when there's a part, they show a picture of it and the pictures differ for different brands. By clicking on the picture and inspecting the part, you should recognize parts on your car.

    You will need to remove a plastic beauty cover to see the top of the engine. Search youtube for how to remove that cover to get at things...

  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    To make a long story short, I refused to pay for something I now liked so he had to foot the bill alone, which as I understand it was around $1300 including stump grinding. Hell, if I knew he'd pay that much I would have done it for $1100 and planted new smaller Blue Spruce trees 5 feet into my property.

    Now he doesn't like me so much but I can live with that. He's a snowbird and is gone for 4 months. Too bad it ain't the Summer months. jmonroe
    If the trees were planted by both property owners and if they truly were on the surveyed border, half on one and half on the other property as they grew, he owes you the value of your half of the large trees for cutting them down. Large trees are expensive to replant, as Driver's experience serves to stipulate. So the neighbor deprived you of the service of 1/2 a tree in each case. I assume a court would expect that he stand the total cost of the damaging process of cutting them down.

  • Re: Postwar Studebakers

    I saw the Studebaker in HCC but didn't make the connection. Congratulations on the mention.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    Everyone I've seen before has another uphill spike at around age 70 as people lose their skills.
    Who loses what skills? :@ :@ :@ :@ LOL
    Bad generalization to make about folks of a certain age. Driving acuity is variable just as it is with the teens and early 20 folks.

    What is needed for the statistic to be really useful (figures never lie but liars always figure) is a chart of accidents per miles driven by age category along with a chart of FATAL accidents per miles driven.

    Does someone have those from a valid source on the internet? I looked the other day when this topic first came up and couldn't find anything other than some tables. My years of turning data into graphs are over.