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Crossroads of America I70 & I75
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Crossroads of America I70 & I75
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    Well, what did she expect...........if she really wanted the car she could have saved it with a refundable deposit to show how serious she was. Instead, she wants to think about it.....a real customer comes in and puts a down payment on the car, and buys it. What universe does she live in.....thinks car dealers are shady because someone comes in and actually puts a d.p. on the car!
    On the other hand, I wonder how many car salesmen have been told to save a car for me but I just need to think about it until tomorrow to be sure I'm doing the right thing...only to never hear from that person again.

  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    suydam said:

    Probably many folks who buy Impalas are like my son -- decent but not great income -- very tall, so the Impala fits well, doesn't care about "driving dynamics" and just wants to get around in comfort. He bought a 2 year old one for half the price of a new one because they depreciate like rocks. He could care less about impressing people with what he drives. It replaced a '98 Le Sabre that he'd still be driving if it hadn't gradually fallen apart after 15 years. I'm not sure how big that demographic is but the Impala is one of the few affordable large cars.

    For the money, it's a great looking car and fits nicely into the car-buying budgets of a large segment of the US population.

    It's a fine car. Our friend's adult son had their Impala for some reason and he commented how it comes into its own at 100 mph. Likely on I75 between here and where he lives, and I have reason to believe he has a get out of jail card and it ain't from his Monopoly set.
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  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    If it does, they will have to replace the car. I got an email from BMW North America verifying that this fix was the second attempt at correcting the inadvertent trunk opening problem. I have a case number now. The email states that if the problem has not been corrected, the zone technical department will get involved in replacing my current car with another. I can't complain about that, that's for sure. At least they are treating me appropriately.
    WOW. What color do you want for the next one?

  • Re: Rental Car Experiences?

    I got tired of getting mediocre miled up rentals from Hertz for business use so I signed up for our corporate rate with National's emerald aisle. Used it for the first time today and chose a new Buick Envision with 1,400 miles.
    At least it had cruise control.