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  • Re: Saturn VUE No Start

    Does you daughter open the door with the key with the security system armed? If so, this may be why the car is acting funny. You can change the mode on the security system to stop this from happening (if in fact this is the problem). Look in the owners manual, it tells you how to change the mode on the security system. I seem to remember reading in my wife's manual that if the system is set to arm automatically, after the door is closed or if you arm it with the remote, you have to unlock and disarm the security system with the remote before opening the door. Other than that I am not sure. Good luck.

    The problem I had was the car would crank over but not start.
  • Re: Saturn VUE No Start

    Good news on the Vue. Hauled it to town and a mechanic figured it out in 5 hours (only charged us $75). If your battery goes dead in a Saturn Vue here's the simple solution. Turn the ignition switch to run for approx. 10 minutes until the security light goes out. Turn the key off remove it, re-insert and try to start it. If it does not start, repeat the process. If it still does not start, repeat the process again. After the third attempt it should start. This process resets the security system by telling the computer that an authorized person is at the ignition switch. This DID work on our 2003 Vue.
  • Saturn VUE No Start

    I have a 2003 Saturn Vue. My wife left the key in run or Accessory position overnight and drained the battery. Now that I have recharged the battery the car will not start. The dealer where I bought it said to turn the ignition to the run position for an hour to reset the security system. Then turn it off and start it. They said this would reset the computer and reenable the fuel pump. Didn't work. Any ideas????? thanks

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