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  • 2013 Legacy Battery Issue

    I have had to jump start a new Legacy 2.5i With NAV 3 times and the car is 2 months old. Each time I was waiting to pick up my kids with the key in accessory mode the headlights off and the car off. After 10-15 mins the battery dies and the car won't start. I took it back to the dealer. Said nothing tested wrong with the battery or alternator. I had him put the key in and turn on the radio and wait 15 mins. The car did start but he definitely hear the motor barely crank. He could not replace my battery however, because no fault code existed. After talking some more to him he called Subaru tech line- they told him 'there is only a 490 amp battery in that car and if you put a new battery in the same thing will happen- it will die again. Subaru recommends you keep the car running if you want to listen to the radio. The NAV dashboard takes too much power and can kill the battery very quickly." wow ! what a brilliant design ! I measured with an amp meter myself at home- it DOES take 8.66 amps when the engine is off and the radio (and dash) are on. OK- so why don't they put in a battery that is bigger than a lawn mower battery ! Come on Subaru ! So I went to Sears and bought a new $135 battery with more reserve power for my new car from Subaru with 1300 miles on it. I guess "Love is what makes a Subaru" and not "Brains" to design one that any normal person would use. Very disappointing. Anyone else have this problem ? Should be a recall- and they should put bigger batteries in them.