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  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    Thanks. I'm pro-police, but it almost seems that top priority was getting the accident report done. They gave up calling the witness' phone less than 48 hours after the accident and said 'couldn't leave a phone message'. The lack of people stopping seemed to confirm our small-town-versus-city thinking.
    Sorry to hear about the accident, but glad the daughter is okay. I can still remember my first "accident", if you can call it that. I was in the '80 Malibu that my Mom had given me, and one rainy day on US 301 when I was going too fast on tires with thin tread, I learned first-hand to take that stuff seriously! The car lost control, swapped ends, and went backwards onto the median strip. On the median strip, it spun back around, so at least I was facing the proper direction. No real damage, but the car was covered in grass and mud. Something like 3-4 different cars stopped, to see if I was okay. And oddly, during that time, three separate police cars went by...didn't bother stop and assess the situation, see if I was okay. In retrospect it's probably good that they didn't, because I guess I could've gotten a ticket.

    Oh, and on the way home, the exhaust pipe fell off. I guess I had bent it when I went on the median, and on the way home it gave up and fell off. One of my friends fixed it for free though. So I got off really lucky on that one.

  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    Thanks everyone, for the condolences. As for the Regal, it's got the 200 hp, non-supercharged 3.8. They were supposed to be pretty durable for the most part, but there were a few years in there where the intake manifolds could be troublesome. I've heard the supercharged models didn't have this issue, but the regular ones did...forget the years that were affected, though. They used the 3.1 in the Century, which was almost identical, otherwise. The Century was geared more towards the Buick faithful, and probably rental fleets as well, although Dad's Regal had been a rental, itself. I think they tried to make the Regal more sporty, although it takes more than overstuffed "bucket" seats, a tach, and a floor shift to make a sporty car. Heck, I can even remember when Dad bought it, at the age of 57, he joked that he was finally old enough to buy a Buick! FWIW, he also busted my chops the first time he saw my 2000 Park Ave Ultra, joking, "You bought an old man's car!"

    Oh, on the subject of Edsels, the mechanic working on my DeSoto had a '58 Edsel Corsair 4-door hardtop in his shop for years...longer than he's had my Desoto. I think it was a total restoration, and the owner sunk close to $200K into it! :s Here's a pic I found online of it...

    It just had crank windows, so yeah, power windows probably were pretty rare, even at that price point. FWIW, the Corsair 4-door hardtop started at $3425, while the Citation started at $3615. I'm not sure what all was standard at that price point though. For a rough comparison, my '57 Firedome started at something like $3,085, but the Torqueflite, power steering, power brakes, radio, and even the heater were options. Probably the whitewalls, tinted windows, and even the little mirror on the visor. I spec'ed it out once, using one of those American Standard catalogs, and it actually MSRP'ed for around $3800.

    **edit: I just noticed the Edsel isn't sporting the correct type of whitewall in that pic. I found a few other pics showing wider whitewalls and nicer looking hubcaps, so apparently that wasn't a "totally finished" pic. None of the other pics showed the overall car quite as well, though.
  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    Anybody want a free Town & Country? You haul it away and it's yours! :p
  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    Spotted in the parking lot today, the ultra-elusive, 2000-05, Impala "convertible" in base level trim!

    How's that for "obscure" :p
  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    wow, my eyesight must be getting bad. As soon as I looked at the pic I posted, my first thought was "damn, I didn't remember that rip in the top!" Didn't notice it wasn't a tear, until you pointed it out, texases...