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  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous


    I responded to the "72 month loan request" for you
    Thanks! I actually preemptively gave them your contact info (email addy you PM'ed me previously) because I knew you qualified and make a great interviewee, and thankfully a willing one!
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    @nyccarguy said:
    We have a support group called CCBA
    Chronic Car Buyer's Anonymous. Come check us out.

    Warning: This is not like AA or NA where they help you overcome your addictions. They're enablers, I tell ya. :)

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  • Re: Reader's Rides & Photos

    "Houdini" is my 2002 Ford Escape. He doesn't get out much - just the occasional trip to the grocery store or dog park. Miles driven since Jan 1, 2014 <300, but he starts and stops on command.

  • Re: Stories from the Sales Frontlines

    @abacomike said:

    If you really want to reduce CO2 emissions vis a vis cows, figure out a way to keep them from farting - one of the major contributors to greenhouse gases!

    I do. I do that by eating them. :)