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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee Lease Questions

    @osu18 said:
    Hi Carman or Kirstie, I need the 2014 GJC Limited money Factor and residual for a 36 month lease with 10 and 12k miles? please help...are there any lease incentives beyond the $1,000 conquest?

    I'm not Carman or Kirstie, but you are stuck with me. :p

    4X4? .00019 MF and 56% residual for 36mo, 12K/yr. 57% residual for 10K/yr.

    Check for incentives, here:

  • Re: 2014 BMW 3-Series Lease Questions

    @laxman2 said:
    I am looking at a 2014 328ix, with Premium Pkg and Driver Assist. msrp 45325 less 5000 discount ( I assume includes incentives) plus MD taxes, nitrogen,fees, etc, etc to bring it to 43,451.80. I would put in 7 MSD . Dealer says MF is .00081 and residual is 61%. For a 36/12000 lease he says $524. Thoughts please?

    If $43,541.80 is the CAP cost, then .00081 MF and 61% residual (which are correct) result in a payment of $496.58.

  • Re: 2014 Audi Allroad Lease Questions

    @swkim said:
    Anyone know the 36 and 42 month lease rates for a 2014 Allroad Premium Plus? (money factor and residual value)

    .00092 MF and 53% residual for 36mo, 15K/yr

    .00112 MF and 49% residual for 42mo, 15K/yr

  • Re: 2014 Audi A5 Lease Questions

    @yrjw said:
    Could you please tell me the numbers for a 2014 A5 Premium plus s-line coupe 36 mo & 42 mo. 12k/yr lease for march? Thanks very much!

    .00106 MF and 55% residual for 36 mo, 12K/yr

    .00126 MF and 51% residual for 42 mo, 12K/yr

  • Re: 2014 BMW 3-Series Lease Questions

    Well.. be careful. You can't actually give the car back. You signed on the dotted line, and took delivery. It is now your obligation to make the payments to BMWFS, who purchased the car from the dealership, now owns it, and rents it to you.

    If you don't make your payments, you can lose a lot more than $1000. I'm not a lawyer, so that's not legal advice. But, it is the voice of experience.

    Just call up the dealership, express your disappointment in how you were treated, and see if they offer to do anything to mitigate it.

    Good luck!