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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: More Gears Isn't Necessarily Better - 2016 Honda Pilot Long-Term Road Test

    I don't think it's the number of gears, it's the quality of design and engineering, and how appropriate it is for that drivetrain.

    We've had 5-speed and 8-speed automatics that were great, and a 6-speed automatic that sucked.
  • Re: Will Mercedes Benz Financial negotiate the least buyout price?

    Will Mercedes Benz Financial negotiate the lease buyout price? I have heard of some banks doing this but I am not sure if MBFS is willing to. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
    The days of banks negotiating the buyout seem to have passed. If they are going to cut anyone a deal, it seems they would rather sell to their dealers and let them make the profit.
  • Re: Why no incentives/rebates for Honda Civic?

    I'm down to a Toyota vs a Honda, and while Toyota gives $1250 of rebates/incentives, Honda at my area is not having any incentives/rebates. I still would prefer a Honda, but is there any reason why there are no rebates/incentives? Is this just the "wrong" time, or does Honda historically not give rebates/incentives?
    There is $900 of dealer cash on the Civic.

    Use that knowledge to negotiate a lower price.
  • Re: Lease acquisition fee = Euphemism for minimum interest rate?

    I'm new to car leasing and have a question for others with experience.

    I'm looking to finance $10,000 worth of agreed upon depreciation over 36 months. My credit is just under 800.

    Dealer says that loan will cost me, non -negotiable:

    $488.28 in interest (.0013 MF = 3.12% APR)
    $795 acquisition fee
    $1,283 for a 36 month $10,000 secured loan = 8% Interest Rate

    Isn't this a very high cost for $10K worth of secured top tier credit?

    All leases have an acquisition fee... From your numbers, I'll assume this is a BMW. $795 is the base fee. It's an assignment fee for the bank, which covers GAP insurance, commission to the dealer's finance office for writing the lease and profit for the bank.

    Also, you aren't financing $10K of depreciation, you are financing the full CAP cost.. You are only paying down the $10K of depreciation. Your amount financed over the lease term is the average of the NET CAP Cost and the residual. So, if your CAP is $40K and your residual is $30K, then your average amount subject to the money factor is $35K.

    After all, the bank doesn't get the car from the dealer for $10K... They pay the full $40K for it.
  • Re: I spotted an (insert obscure car name here) classic car today!

    I was in the Soap Box Derby in 1970. It was still a huge deal in Akron, then. 260 entrants. Chevrolet was the national sponsor

    Lorne Greene
    James Drury (smelled of alcohol, hit on my 19 yr old sister)
    Lloyd Hanes (Room 222)
    many more that I don't remember

    We arrived in town on Monday.. One at a time.. Downtown, where we "signed in".
    Spent the week at a Boy Scout camp, while our families were put up at the U. of Akron. On Friday evening, a parade downtown, with each entrant in their own Corvette (67 convertible for me)
    Saturday, a big banquet after the races.

    First class, all the way.