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2006 BMW 330Ci Coupe
  • Re: 2016 Kia Sorento Lease Questions

    I'm looking for 2017 sx awd lease cash, and RV/MF in nj not sure where the 2017 thread or if there is one ....thanks again
    2017 discussion is here:
  • Re: 2016 Infiniti Q70 Lease Questions

    Hi. Does anyone have the latest lease info for 3.7 Q70 standard wheel base RWD with base package for 39/12? Anyone know the lease and loyalty incentives?
    .00003 MF and 47% residual.

    We don't have the incentive info.
  • Re: 2017 Honda Accord Lease Questions

    Is there a recourse for me if they refuse to do that?
    I don't know what recourse you would have - are you saying that they want to continue with the original payment amount, then add the monthly sales tax number on top of that?

    Yeah, I'd fight that; talk with someone at NJ Department of Revenue?
    IMO, there is no tax in the payment, as it was paid upfront. You chose to "borrow" the money to pay that tax upfront, by increasing your CAP cost.

    In other words, the state and the bank only "see" the amount borrowed, rather than items specified for certain purposes. From a practical standpoint, the tax was paid upfront, and you merely rent your car for a specific amount (the payment).

    That may not be fair, but if you had put $7K upfront to reduce the payment by $200/mo, then you would be extending the lease for $200/mo less, and that wouldn't be fair to the bank, and yet that's how it would work.

    I don't see the bank or the state going back to parse the details of your deal. How the numbers came about is how they determined the payment, but once the deal is done, you are renting for a specific monthly payment.
  • Re: 2017 Chevrolet Colorado Lease Questions

    Hello. May I please have MF and residual on 17 Colorado LT crew cab v6 4wd short box in Colorado for 10 months/39k miles. Thank you!
    .00177 MF and 68% residual
  • Re: 2017 Toyota Corolla Lease Questions

    Could you please inform me about the Money Factor, Residual Value, and Cash lease incentive of 2017 Toyota Corolla SE for 36/12k lease?

    P.S. I forgot to add, for Ohio

    Should I consider this before August 1st?

    Thank you.
    .00001 MF and 58% residual
    $1000 lease cash

    The residuals won't change, next month, but the rest of the program is only scheduled through July 31st. Can't tell you what might happen after that.