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pittsburgh pa
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pittsburgh pa
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honda accord
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2005 honda accord
  • Re: Chevrolet (Geo) Prizm

    i wouldn't worry about that. i have a 1994 prizm with the 1.6 engine (5-speed) it has 80K miles on it and runs like a champ. I believe in valve adjustments i used to work on Japanese Motorcycle and atv's. but with the car's i consider it more like a recommended service more so than a needed one. "we" also have a 1992 toyota previa mini-van that asks for the valves to be adjusted at every 60k miles. the van currently has 160k miles on it, and has never had the valves adjusted. And just so i don't get yelled at by all the nuts out there. the Toyota service dept even told us that it isn't necessary to have the valves adjusted every 60k. they told us that you usually Only do it when you suspect a problem. I mean it is up too you. if it makes you sleep better at night, then go ahead and have it done. but it will cost you a few hundred $$$ .. And you will notice no proformance difference. "unless" your valves are really out of adjustment, but in that case you would be getting backfiring & or really poor proformance from your engine right now.. that's just my 2cents. by the way my 1994 prizm. is unbelievable. it rev that engine to the moon and back. i put wider tires on it i went from the 175 to the 185. and it handles NOW in turn like a little mini sports car. and with that 5-speed it really makes it fun to drive. I bought that car when i needed a car to get to and from school and work. but i never thought it would be lasting me this long. + it has never been in the shop for anything other than inspection and emissions.! and it always passes both, with no troubles. I started to drive it hard, because i think iwas trying to kill it. just so that i had a reason to get something else. but i ended up getting something else anyways, BUT kept the prizm and gave it to my parents. btw it is a LSI.
  • Re: Chevrolet Tracker Maintenance and Repair

    i know around here advance autoparts will run their code reading on your car for FREE..