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Sonoma, California
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Sonoma, California
Vehicle(s) I currently own
Mini Cooper S; Dodge Dakota 4X4, Triumph TR6
  • Re: Entry Level Luxury Performance Sedans

    It's a marketing term, it's not something quantifiable.
    I fully get it so why can't other brands be brought into conversations?
    Well it's a consensus kind of thing. One has to set a limit somewhere--or as the old saying goes:

    "If everyone is beautiful, then no one is beautiful". :p
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    60 second video shows the precision of German engineering;
    Yep, that's why a German hot dog cost $750 apiece. :p
    Worth it....if you enjoy the best in hot dogs.
    Being an elitist is difficult, whether it be cars or hot dogs. I envy people who can just cram anything into their ears, eyes or mouths and be perfectly happy. :D There they are merrily quaffing their Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's and here I am fussing over some $21 Pinot from a cave in Oregon. I did take "old pickup truck" therapy and that seems to have helped.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    I had my car's windshield replaced, headlight lenses polished, headlights re-aimed, new bulbs, and added two driving lights--this helps a lot!

    Of course, I can't use all that lighting in everyday traffic as it must look like a 737 coming at you, but when there is no oncoming traffic at night, man, it really makes a difference.

    I think, as we age, it's our eyes' inability to gather light. Also, for some, there is a "corona effect" when looking at headlights or streetlights. That's annoying.
    I assume you meant cornea effect. A corona effect would be shocking. :)

    Cataracts contribute to the glare a lot. Before I had mine removed driving at night was rather bothersome.
    I think it's called "corona" or "visual halo"--anyway, this is what I was referring to:

    Spoken like a knowledgeable ophthalmologist. Do you provide discounts to Edmunds contributors to this forum to remove a cataract from a left eye? :o

    Having replaced the clutch on a Mini Cooper, I regard eye surgery as relatively easy and straightforward. Each surgery carries the famous Shiftright "Driveway + 50 Feet" guarantee.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations


    I'm far from a financial wizard, but I didn't like the DOW at 17,000 and I sure DON'T like it at 26,000. It shot up something like 5,000 points LAST YEAR alone. It has to stop at some point. Until it corrects itself, I'm afraid to leap in. The NASDAQ was up over 7,000. It was up over 5,000 before the dot com bubble and took 17 years to get back to it, then 2,000 points in a 2 year period. Something's going to happen.

    I remember before the dot com bubble burst when you could basically throw darts at wall and whatever you would hit would go up.
    "everyone is a genius in a bull market".
  • Re: Chronic Car Buyers Anonymous

    And worth about $6k less than a 2016 Cooper S. i think I'd take the Fiat.
    I think overall it's a better car than the Cooper S, too. Not quite as nice in the interior but reliability couldn't possibly be worse and I think it would outperform the Mini as well.

    I've got nothing bad to say about the Abarth aside from the lack of any cargo space and the booming exhaust if you're traveling. It's more like a weapon than a car.
    Famous last words about "it couldn't possibly be worse..."

    Sounds like me when I owned my unreliable car and kept saying "what else could possibly go wrong!" Kept thinking it has got to run reliably for awhile after the most recent big repair(s).

    Turned out "awhile" was never more than 4 months away.
    Well sure I guess it could always be worse...The Fiat, for instance, could collapse into all its disassembled 5,500 pieces at a stop light---that would theoretically be worse than the Mini.

    Sunroof exploded
    AC compressor failed
    power steering fan failed
    thermostat housing cracked
    cooling fan relay failed
    right and left side door handle trim broke off
    glove box lock broke
    left and right door lock actuators failed
    headlight leveling system failed
    control arm bushings
    windshield leak
    radio controls failed on steering wheel
    catalytic converter failed
    battery failed without warning (shorted)
    excessive wind noise
    exhaust heat roasts your groceries
    rear trunk emblem fell off
    numerous rattles in dashboard
    TPMS system goes periodically crazy.
    left fender cladding fell off
    key fob fell apart (now taped)
    upper front shock mounts deformed

    ON THE PLUS SIDE----- ironically, at around 100,000 miles, the car suddenly stopped being bad. So here we have the unusual scenario of a car getting much better as it ages.

    How do we explain this?

    We explain this by realizing that the owner (also known as the "suck-er") finally corrected all the defects built in by the automaker (also known as the suck-ee").

    BMW free-lance R&D Department