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  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    I'm keeping my mind open to what the local VW dealer might offer (new & used) when I turn in the 2 buybacks. The ALL track Golf does not get use through the ad hoc 4WD Caltrans winter chain controls points. The latest model year VW Touareg is a (unremarkable [ ] ) conventional V6. 19-22 mpg PUG is really not appealing after 32-35 mpg.ULSD.

    We might just put the extra miles on the MB GLK 250 BT. Doing that means two less registrations, taxations, insurances, & upkeep!
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    I'm not sure how long this will last, but evidently the redesigned ( for 2017) Mazda's CX–5 is one of the hottest compact CUV sellers. A (2018) TDI version would piggyback an already hot trend & seller.
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    This can't be another piece of TESLA S good news!?

    For a host of apparent and NON reasons, it seems the US (& Chinese) markets are shaping up to be the "dumping grounds" for Chinese EV products. Needless to say, the EV Chinese markets are/can be bigger than the US markets. Conveniently, all but the smallest Chinese EV OEMs are state owned. The Chinese mining rights in Afghanistan might have been/remains/ will remain a core reason for the US to spend BLOOD/horror & much treasure & trash ! ?

    Here in the United States, EV's are merely WAY too expensive for what you get. If you put 180% import tax ($252,000) on a TESLA X $140,000 car, well... anyone can draw their own conclusions. My Danish conclusion would be 10 MB GLK 250 BT's vs 1 TESLA? Hmmmmm Too bad Car & Driver did not test the gasoline model side-by-side. 19 mpg gasoline vs 26 mpg diesel ?

    EPA & marketing realities Bio fuel mandates?
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    My 2013 is a Gen 2 TDI. I read through the settlement papers and could not tell if the warranty extension was for sure. My dealer did not have a clue. I am good till August. I don't want to own it without a warranty. Two failures more than ate up what I paid for the extended warranty. When it costs $500 for an O2 sensor, What would a real failure cost? I love the vehicle. Not enough to own it without a warranty.
    On both of my VW TDI's: 2009 Jetta/2012 Touareg, it appears the choices are of "no choices". These are truly not my options, but theirs. There are NO approved emissions fixes for each's model year, even as they ask you to make a choice.

    The good/bad news are together for over 212,000 miles, the cpmd : depreciation/ownership is 1.175 cents . The most expensive is normally a lease @ app 24/25 cpmd. In English, that is app $2,500 vs $53.000!!! These TDI costs I'm sure trounces gassers & hybrids & EV!
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    There's no autobahn in America...just traffic :'(

    This is where I had to settle for 48 mpg when 50/52 would be fine ? ;) Parts of Highway 101 (Central Valley) certainly are! Salinas, CA to Santa Barbara, CA are are examples. Parts are the heart of the very rich agricultural capital of America, the land of ( literal) "fruits & nuts". San Luis Obisbo, CA is absolutely stunning to quaint, if that is more to ones liking. There are also very long producing oil wells (Kern County, et. al) There are easily 50 wineries nestled in vineyards almost literally as far as the eyes can see, on the way to Santa Barbara.

    Of course, one can head FAR west to the American ICONIC Highway 1 aka, Pacific Coast Highway, PCH @ any & many entry points. BUT it is far from an autobahn! Dear GOD! I love it all!

    Can you guess the environmental conservatives answers to MASSIVE Lake Tahoe, CA water ABUNDANCE ? YUP, massive waste!

    It's almost hilarious if it were not utterly moronic, the environmental conservatives think of Lake Tahoe as a Marin (County) smimming pool that got over filled by the pool boy/girl/LGBTQ!