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  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Indeed, that is true! It would seem the biggest impediment is that the snow blower had to stop every time to let another dump truck position itself! ? When a snowplow/ blower is working, I really don't contemplate how much snow they can & do displace @ its operating speeds.! The blower is so efficient that I think that snowplows can be used as secondary machines.?

    I probably should not say this, but back when I was a wee lad (42 years ago) I wanted to go with a crew (4 snow plows) to clear runways @ the northern base I was stationed. One of the guys let me behind the controls for a go! I went back into the cab @ under 6 ft tall! After the experience I felt 12 ft tall!

    Since I last posted, South Lake Tahoe, California is now (01/23/2017) sitting at 31.33 feet of snow! 30 in tinkled in overnight! 201 in AVERAGE. There are 9 more potential snow days left in Jan 2017. Common global warming sense would HAVE (progressively) less snowfall than average?. Instead there are 175 more inches (87%) more snowfall!!! (376 in ) !! I hear even parts of SoCal are flooding! Got to love all this global "warming"

    So 42 secs ago! Chains and/or four-wheel-drive are required.
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Seems every time I take my Touareg TDI out it starts raining. I did use some of my $500 dealer money to buy a full set of windshield wipers. Not sure when I will need them. Out today in the rain and they are still like new after 3+ years. Finding things to spend the money on before the end of January is not easy. Did buy a nice sweat shirt with VW 49 on it. To commemorate the first VW in the USA.
    Come to think of it, my 5 year old (60,000 miles, 2012 VW Touareg TDI) windshield wiper's are OEM ! The quality shows up in interesting places/components.

    The 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK 250 BT windshield wipers did a stellar 7 hour job (normal range 2.75 to 3.25 hours) coming down out of the mountains during inclement weather. It did drive me crazy flapping for that long, despite efforts to control them.

    Yippee! Another massive storm hitting NorCA! The Lake Tahoe, CA area has the full monte going on: blizzard, winter, avalanche, wind, river, flooding, road advisories. Looks like 3 ft of dropped snow!

    Got to love all this global warming! Funny that sinking high rise in SF, CA is not getting the first story nor sunken basement underwater like the warm ma cists are claiming will happen! What a bummer! Eco conservative paybacks are not what they are cracked up to be!?

    The unions are striking the University of California campuses! Just another global warming day in paradise! ? Shoot & We've just fired up the MB GLK 250 BT, work bound? Magical things these BlueTecs? ;)
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    The N/S Lake Tahoe, CA area calls for (inclement weather) snow, rain for the next 9 days!

    You folks who live 24/seven during the (real) winter in snow sleet and ice might/will get a laugh out of this.

    For the clueless, it might be life-saving. But truly if one is scared S---less & needs to go 25 mph or less w/w chains, when it's ok to go 55 mph + : use the extreme right hand lane! You probably still haven't figured out who you all are!? Even if you are going 55 miles an hour plus, you still need to be in the right-hand lane!

    (Local based) CHP Ford Expedition Cruisers seemed to have VERY aggressive (narlly) tread AT (all terrain) or SNOW tires.

    Folsom, CA

    $2.39, $2.61,

    ULSD $2.50
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    I'm not sure about diesel's/powere trains nexuses. ( measured - 11.1 %, aka 36 mpg vs - 4 = 32 mpg) It would seem the normalacy numbers do track !?

    Three "diesel" nexuses : 1. full torque coming on @ lower rpm 2. more torque like model. 3. the obvious one demonstrated by my Camry hybrid friends GLK 250BT driving: minimium of 33% to 65% mpg advantage despite winter A/C operations ( -1 to -3 mpg normally) inclement weather (- 1 to -2 mpg normally) & horrendous traffic conditions (-2 to -5 normally) !

    Advantage diesel during inclement weather & extreme traffic conditions. ! The MB GLK 250 BT with "4 matic" was totally sure "footed" under ALL conditions, sans "BLACK" ice.

    I typically like to function the ABS's. I also like to induce skids, drifts & spins, which under the conditions would have been inappropriate.

    So now that we have fully explain why ULSD fuel cost a little bit more than RUG; with PUG normally costing more than ULSD & RUG, lets motor on!

    Incidentally, it should be blatantly obvious that EV advocates in no way shape or form want EV to be (longer term) cheaper than gasoline/ diesel!?

    I'm sure we all love the global warming that is currently gripping the country!?
  • Re: What Would It Take for YOU to buy a diesel car?

    Cool beans!

    We carry those (10,000 # max capacity, snap) nylon tow belts with hooks. We also carry the normal winter kit with the various etcs. I should carry my 4 gauge battery cables but....