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Here is where useless stuff goes.


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  • Re: Stories from the Sales Frontlines

    @imidazol97 said:
    CNN is covering it 26 hours a day. They finally found something to help their ratings with
    their 50,000 viewers. :end sarcasm

    Fox News is as well except they are dragging out as many people that are somehow linking the disappearance of the plane to the ACA and how a Republican never would have lost the plane.

  • Re: Mystery car pix

    Chevy Montana - Corsa based ute sold around the world. Built in Brazil and South Africa.

  • Re: Stories from the Sales Frontlines

    Thanks everybody for your kind words. When my son came to me back in first grade with a flyer from the local Cub Scout pack, I wasn't exactly overjoyed. I was a scout and when I moved to Boy Scouts, I had a bad experience. I didn't want my son to go through the same thing. But I said he could try it. The dad who became den leader said it was going to be a cooperative effort of all the parents to help lead meeting and run badges so I helped out over the next five years. When he went onto Boy Scouts, he joined a troop in the next town and I said I wasn't going to get too involved because in Boy Scouts, it's boy led. A month later, I bought the tan shirt, got trained and spent many weekends sleeping in snow caves, hiking mountains I had no reason to and giving up a week of vacation every summer to go to camp. Why - because my son loves it and I really liked all the boys he was with.

    For his project he organized a group to build 3000 feet of mountain bike trail on conservation land with the help of a mountain biking group who taught us how to build a trail. It's in our town but only accessed from the town his troop is located in so it benefits both. He went before conservation, selectman, town manager and the group that manages the land. He got a local pizzeria to give him a deal on food - scouts love food. He raised money to pay for the food. Over 30 volunteers worked on project day and did a great job of organization or leadership.

    But that leadership has been apparent for many years. It's been an amazing trip watching a little 12 year old boy packing his own pack, making his own meals and becoming more and more self sufficient with every trip.

  • Re: Stories from the Sales Frontlines

    Big deal in our home. Last night my son passed his Eagle Scout board of review and was awarded the highest rank in Boy Scouting. Needless to say, we are very proud of his accomplishment.