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    @roadburner Congrats! 
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    I know I'm sure to be flamed for this but I use one bank only.  I've got everything through them (checking, savings, 401k, mortgage, HELOC, kids accounts and a Visa) everything is free.  They will even credit back ATM surcharges.   So all in all I'm happy.   
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    Michaell said:

    I heard those poor saps who bought Tesla are out of luck, when something breaks. Tesla puts all efforts into new production and people who need repairs could be sometimes waiting for weeks or months.

    I had my Jetta into the dealer on Saturday - the AC was blowing hot air. Here are the notes from the service ticket:

    Customer states the AC does not blow cold air. Checked AC and found AC was blowing warm air. Performed an evac and recharge and found that there was no Freon in the AC system. Found Freon was leaking out of schrader valves. No outside influence found on schrader valves, replaced schradar valves and filled AC system up with Freon and found not other leaks. AC is operating as intended

    Verbatim, typos and all.

    How does a car get delivered without any Freon? Guess it doesn't matter, I've got cold air.

    Well it probably had freon when it left the factory but it all leaked out.  Looking back did you have trouble keeping the windows clear?  AC runs on defrost so that de-humidified air clears the windows faster. 
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    Congrats on the GTI. You Tube the My Cousin Vinny Marisa Tomei "Positraction" scene in addition to Shifty's excellent answer :smile:

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    tjc78 said:
    stickguy said:
    Other than all that the BMW is perfect 
    yeah, kinda getting me all excited about it! At this stage of life, I am more and more thinking that I am going to end up just getting something new, or maybe an under warranty CPO like NYC's Q40, and just not deal with all the drama of trying to be economical!
    I'm a wuss, I want them under warranty.  

    In the final stretches with the Enclave.  Something is up with the HVAC.  Whenever the system is on and the compresor cycles there is a hissing (almost mild gurgling sound) from the dashboard. The AC seems to be working fine as does the heat so I'm not messing with it. 

    Wife even hears it, and I know it didn't do it when it was new.
    So I just Googled this and found plenty of hits (for Enclave, Acadia and Traverse).  In every case it's a freon leak.... wonderful.  Maybe I better take it in before we have no AC with the warm weather coming