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  • Re: 2014 Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

    @Amigo said: Did any one have any positive/negative experiences dealing with DCH Paramus Honda ..their pricing seems on par/better than Autosporthonda.

    I am looking to purchase the Accord V6 Sedan..this month .

    Drive the 15 miles up Route 17 to Mahwah Honda. I had an experience with DCH several years ago when I helped my brother buy a used car. We looked at cars at DCH, when some guy in a trench coat literally appeared out of the shadows. After following us around for several minutes and giving us the heebie-geebies, he told us he was "Mr. X" (don't remember his name) and he was the used car manager. Used car manager?!? I thought we were going to be robbed by him. After giving us prices on several cars and a business card, we knew he wasn't lying. Yikes.

    Both of my experiences at Mahwah Honda were positive, especially this last one buying my '13 Touring last week. The salesmen were friendly and low pressure. I used a True Car quote from DCH Honda as leverage in negotiating, and they said to me, "You can go there if you want, but they're going to play games with you." I knew they were right, but of course I couldn't say anything while negotiating. Mahwah was upfront about everything, and didn't play games with me. While I probably could have gotten a slightly better deal by e-mailing a bunch of dealers, I was over a barrel since my '04 Accord blew its transmission and I had to make a quick decision. Despite the fact they the salespeople knew this since my old car was sitting in their repair shop immobile, they gave me a fair deal on a great car.