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Jaguar XJ
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I like money
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2011 Buick LaCrosse CXS; 2014 Buick; Encore (wife's); 1999 RAV4
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    fordfool said:

    Can someone explain this dichotomy? Tesla has the second highest market valuation behind GM but operates in the red. What gives?
    I don't see Tesla in the top 50 stocks for market capitalization (Stock Price times Shares Outstanding).
    Tesla's high stock price merely reflects fewer outstanding shares.

    I think Tesla is second to GM among US auto companies, if I remember the article I read recently.  Not second overall, just car companies.

    @bwia Thanks Bean for clearing that up.-- The NY Times article was referring to auto manufacturers. Here is the attribution:

    "A sell-off in auto stocks sent GM down 3.4 percent, Fiat Chrysler down 4.8 percent and Ford lower by 1.7 percent. And Ford is no longer the second most valuable U.S. auto company. That distinction belongs to Tesla Inc., which rose 7.3 percent and now has a market value of $48.63 billion, compared with Ford's $45.47 billion. GM is valued at $51.19 billion."
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    abacomike said:
    They decided to admit me - lots of tests - liquid diet - pain killers, etc.  I wouldn't mind the liquid diet if FedEx delivered the "liquid" from Kentucky or Tennessee- but broth and apple juice are not my favorite "cups of tea", if you get my drift!   B)

    Mike- I hope all is well 
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    Greetings all, 

    I had an epiphany earlier today and so I will be retiring in December 2017. Wish me luck. 
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    It's been a week since I renewed my Sirius-XM subscription after a two year hiatus. The deal is $30 for six months and frankly I don't think I will extend that beyond the promotional period. 

    My once favorite channel 17 "Love", plays the same old  music over and over and besides I don't get weather or traffic for the  $30 price. Like all technologies that go through a product life cycle Sirius appears to be in the  decline stage a la OnStar, yet they price their as if they are the new kids on the block. 

    To get free weather and traffic I will call to cancel and if they try to talk me out of  it, I will ask for a free weather/traffic package. Seems like wishfull thinking but it doesn't hurt to try. 
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    A little news on the CTS......dealership guys came to pick up the loaner CT6 yesterday. Said before, pretty nice car. Not for $70K, but maybe $10K-$15K less. Plus, any minute sense of trusting Cadillac after the latest fiasco has dissapated.

    One of the drivers (one guy dropped another guy off to pick it up) was one of the service writers. When he came to my door to get the keys, he appologized for all the craziness I have been put through (his word..."craziness"). He said this week is his last week at the dealership. He said he really needed to do something else.

    I didn't really get into it with him, but I did wish him well. He and I had spent quite a bit of time talking in the past. He knew of ALL the troubles I had with Cadillac.

    Anyway, he said there were things going on in the background that I should know, but wasn't privy to. OK, now I'm intrigued.

    Paraphrasing, Cadillac had known about the wiring harness issue for months. Instead of a recall, the dealers were supposed to do a temporary fix with zip ties until GM could come up with a solution. This was only supposed to be done IF CUSTOMERS KNEW ABOUT IT AND COMPLAINED. Problem was, the zip ties wouldn't hold and would melt or rub away, also. The whole wiring harness issue was a result of fitting the new 8-speed trans that was built by GM and rerouting some of the exhaust (which resulted in a lower HP rating for the 2.0t).

    When I asked him why they told me, instead of waiting for me to complain, he said he raised the issue given the amount of trouble I had with Cadillac. He felt he was being pro-active and doing "what was right". He didn't say it, but I got the impression he may have caught some hell over letting me know of the issue in my car.

    Anyway, Cadillac did indeed tell the dealership to "rush" the repair with zip ties given the amount of time it was in their service bay. And, that the authorization to complete the zip tie repair, would only pay for ONE drivetrain removal and insertion. That tells me they did not want me to know about the permanent fix because of the unavailability of parts.

    Problem was, the zip ties only held for about ¼ mile as I drove the "repaired" CTS away from the dealership. Further, they couldn't do the reinstall of the drivetrain correctly because GM didn't alott them enough hours. He said he wasn't sure what happened regarding that, but the result was a rush job (that took nearly two months) that resulted in me returning the CTS to the dealership immediately.

    Now, the same parts (the ones I was originally told wouldn't be avialble to perhaps well into March, are still aren't available.

    He said the dealership doesn't know what to do with my car. They can't fix it. GM is telling them to keep quiet about it. He's leaving the dealership, so didn't care, but thought I should know.

    I didn't think GM could be any more despicable in my eyes, but they've succeeded in stooping even lower.

    Meanwhile, the BBB and Cadillac Customer Service are sitting on their hands.

    GM bashing? Better believe it. Deserved? Absolutely!

    GG, I haven't been following your saga very closely. So, is this the end of the story? Did you get your money back or are they offering you yet another CTS?

    My son-in-law had a similar scenario with Volvo. The dealership just could not fix the anomaly. That recurring problem was resolved when the fourth vehicle, an S80 caught fire and was totaled. The insurance company settled for full value. End of story, end of Volvo is his garage.