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Jaguar XJ
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I like money
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2011 Buick LaCrosse CXS; 2014 Buick; Encore (wife's); 1999 RAV4
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    If I could play golf as well as Jordan Spieth, I could die with a magnificent smile on my face.  What a phenom!   B)
    Stick with a "sport" you can play well, like poker. Yesterday, in Las Vegas, a New Jersey man , Scott Blumstein, won this year's World Series of Poker Championship (no-limit Texas Hold 'em) taking home a cool $8.1 million.

    Some people enjoy gambling but I just can't get into it. I went to a casino once, at Foxwoods, but wasn't curious enough to approach the gaming tables or slot machines. Instead, I had a nice steak dinner and did some people watching.

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    While Cadillac continues in a malaise the 2018 Genesis G90 has outclassed the CT6 and is threatening the other big luxury marques, As one blogger wrote, "If you’re the typical shopper in this segment looking for a big luxury sedan and you want class and comfort, the Genesis out-Cadillacs Cadillac and proved much better at providing an uncompromised luxury experience" and I am inclined to agree.
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    I was paying for a dinner with family in a restaurant in Victoria B.C. At the last minute I was checking the before tax price so I could add 20% to the bill for the tip. Then I just noticed at the last minute the restaurant had added in a 15% tax. They lose on several counts and I won't go back, the food wasn't great, they didn't mention they added in a tip and I almost tipped on top of their tip, they added a 15% tip and I would have given 20%.

    Sometimes we go out to a restaurant with friends who are older and I don't know if they would leave a 20% tip. It seems that a 10% tip is so ingrained into them, that they just couldn't bring themselves to leave 15 or 20%.
    @driver, that 15% was not a tip, it was a mandatory gratuity or a service fee. On the other hand a tip is "to insure promptness" or to show appreciation for attentive service, good food, cleanliness and nice atmosphere.

    Consider the following case:

    In the United States, you can potentially be arrested for refusing to pay a mandatory “tip” as happened to Humberto A. Taveras when he dined at the Soprano’s Italian American Grill in New York.  He failed to leave sufficient funds to cover the mandatory tip of 18%, instead leaving a tip of 10% (the original bill was $77.43).  Taveras stated that his group didn’t feel the food was very good, so he didn’t feel like leaving a large tip.  This 8% discrepancy resulted in the owners of said restaurant, Joe and Tina Soprano, calling the police and having Taveras arrested and charged with “theft of service”.  On principle, Taveras went ahead and hired a lawyer, rather than just pay the discrepancy and fines and fought the charge.  He won without going to court as the District Attorney threw out the case stating that tips can never truly be mandatory, regardless of posted signs in a restaurant or restaurant policy. (

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    Just got back from the doctor's office. Had another ultrasound. After that, the doctor looked at a carbuncle that has formed on the upper left side of the back of my neck. Very painful - almost went to the ER yesterday but decided to wait until I saw the doctor this morning. This malady occurs about twice every year in the very same place - he feels it is a cyst which should be removed by a surgeon.

    Right now, I am on cephalexin (a generic form of Keflex) to kill the infection. This time, it is very, very painful. The antibiotics kill the infection (usually) and then it is difficult to find the area of the cyst again once the swelling disappears. That's all I need - another surgical procedure.

    I'm telling you guys, my body is slowly but surely giving up on me. It's always something - pathetic! :'(
    Yikes - yet another malady? Mike, I've offered this suggestion before and it is worth repeating. A sea bath once or twice a week is extremely therapeutic. Try it and you will be surprised of the result. If the Miami area is too congested for you then perhaps more secluded locales in the Dominican Republic or Belize might do the trick.
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    We are paying for the wedding and reception.
    Still less that the cost of a new Acadia. :)
    I thought the tradition of paying for one's daughter's wedding expenses had gone the way of the Dodo bird. So I guess we are not alone after all. Some 20 years ago we paid for our daughter's wedding with the help of a home equity loan. That financial pain was repeated again earlier this year when I paid for their 20th. wedding anniversary cruise to the Caribbean.

    The payoff was huge as they brought us a pair of wonderful children. The first, my grandson graduated high school last week and will be going to college this fall to pursue a degree in environmental science. My granddaughter, the smart one, will be starting college next fall.