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Jaguar XJ
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I like money
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2011 Buick LaCrosse CXS; 2014 Buick; Encore (wife's); 1999 RAV4
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    C'mon jmonroe, I think driver is thin enough to wear those horizontal stripes. Some of us do better in vertical pinstripes though ;)
    I worked hard to wear those horizontal stripes....wasn't that overweight but lost 30 pounds over the last 2 I am going to flaunt it! Monroe is just jealous! ;)
    *Driver you are too skinny - put on some weight. Any weight below 180 pounds or 90 kilograms is too skinny. People who live in cold climates should have a layer of fat insulation to remain warm and to prevent hypothermia.
  • Re: Edmunds Members - Cars & Conversations

    How to Close the sale when the customer objects that the payment is too high. I thought I'd share this short training video that appears to be quite effective, and probably more so if the vehicle has a high residual value.

    From that perspective, it makes leasing very expensive by comparison and thus the old saying -- leasing is for suckers. Enjoy!
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    Not a car story but the technology behind this voyeurism video  is amazing. I just watched the Erin Andrews peep hole video in full color and frankly that lawsuit is more about boosting her career (a la Kim Kardashian) than emotional damage.

    As far as these things  go I was expecting to see a grainy black and white video but instead it was a tasteful color video with Erin primping and combing her hair in front of a full length mirror. BTW, she looks great with no surgical enhancements.  She should be proud to show off her assets instead of dragging a frvilous invasion of privacy lawsuit through the courts.

    Nonetheless,  the hotel is at fault for providing her room number and other personal details. For that they should be fined perhaps $500k but nowhere near $75 million. 
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    The 2017 Buick Lacrosse 

    I've been looking at some photos of the new 2017 Buick Lacrosse and I don't share the upbeat sentiments of some of the reviewers.

    First off, the exterior design is more Lucerne than LaCrosse, especially the rear end, which looks like the Buick Century.  Second it has lost the "sporty" pretensions of the current model; and third, it appears to be lower, wider and corpulent - a design statement that totally abandons its current demographic. 

    If Buick wants to reintroduce the Lucerne that's fine but don't call the 2017 a LaCrosse. On the other hand GM is famous for bad timing, bloated and overpriced automobiles.
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    Customer Goodwill?

    Bummer! Would you believe after only 6,700 miles our 2014 Buick Encore had a tire mishap. Apparently my wife hit a curb and sliced the right front tire resulting in a hanging chad.

    Resigned to the fact that such road hazards are not covered under warranty she was prepared to pay for a replacement tire; so she reluctantly brought the SUV to the dealership to have a new one installed. To her amazement the tire was replaced with a brand new EOM Continental Pro Contact, free of charge.

    Yes, free of charge with the invoice marked CUSTOMER GOODWILL. I did a quick online price check and the cost of the tire is $148. I know the Encore comes with two years of free maintenance but a free tire is a nice gesture especially on my birthday. Sorry GG but that is the customer appreciation we have come to expect from GM.

    On the Customer Satisfaction Survey nothing but 10's for my dealership, don't you think?