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Hyundai Veracruz Tires, Wheels and Suspension

Anyone know when Hyundai moved to Hankook tires on the Veracruz?

I picked my GLS up on the 4th of January and it was equipped with Hankook Dynapro HP's.

I see in other threads mentions of Kumho's on the GLS and Michelins on the SE and limited but no talk of the Hankook's.

So far the ride seems quite smooth on these tires. 44 max psi and I am running them at 30 psi as the dealer suggested. I might move them up to 35-36 psi just to test how the car feels at that tire pressure.


  • goybargoybar Posts: 6
    Hi All,

    Seriously considering the Veracruz.

    What is the difference between these two tires in regards to noise feel etc?

    Is it worth the extra $?

    Thank you,

  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    The wheels are not going to play a big difference as the sidewalls of the tires are still large. The difference in the GLS and SE is about $1,700 so it's more about being able to justify the options below.

    - 18” 5-spoke alloy wheels
    - Power driver seat w/ power lumbar support
    - Auto dimming interior mirror with HomeLink® Universal Transceiver & digital compass
    - Auto dimming exterior mirrors
    - Leather-wrapped steering wheel & shift knob
    - Automatic headlights
    - Roof rack side rails
    - Fog lights
    - Cooled front center console storage
  • goybargoybar Posts: 6
    That is exactly what I'm trying to justify.

    I like the roof rack and fog lights, but not sure if it is worth 1700.

  • arumagearumage Posts: 922
    Personally, the autodimming mirror and autodimming side mirrors are my favorites, especially when you get the right size vehicle coming up behind you. I don't like being blinded. :P
  • ilitilit Posts: 71
    Also, the tires on SE and Limited Model are Michelin instead Kumo on the GLS, and gray interior which is not available on GLS.
  • ultcarultcar Posts: 24
    The interior color depends on what exterior color you choose. Gray interior is available on the GLS with the silver and the blue exterior colors.
  • mjb56mjb56 Posts: 170
    I just bought a Black Diamond GLS with grey interior. So they're out there.
  • Has anyone else noticed an obvious rear suspension thumping? During regular driving, it's hard to notice but at work I park in a gravel lot. Even just rolling at walking speed over small potholes, the rear suspension seems to thump like the shocks have no rebound damping. I think Hyundai may issue a service bulletin on this issue. Let's wait and see.
  • I have the same "thump" in an otherwise silent vehicle. Could it be the spare tire. It hanges off the rear and could be the cause. :confuse:
  • Bought a Veracruz GLS 2008. Since day one, the TPMS (Tire Pressure) warning light (!) turns on when I drive. It will flicker, and then stay lit, turning off during the drive and then sometimes turning back on. I've brought into the dealership for service, and they couldn't detect anything wrong with the tires, and reset the TPMS module. However, the warning light (!) continues to turn on and off. Is this safe to drive?
  • My Veracruz limited AWD TPMS also comes on and off.I have checked the tire pressure and always make sure they are at 32. The dealer said they get hot and go past 3 lbs,over set pressure, the sensor will go on. It is safe to drive, it is just annoying.
  • If the dealer said the TPMS comes on when over-pressure, I think he is incorrect. My car came with 47psi, the TPM never came on. (or my TPM just dont work)

    There have also been numerous reports here that many peoples cars were delivered over pressure, not once did I see anyone mention the TPM on.
  • I know the owner's manual recommends 30 psi in the tires and that the maximum inflation pressure on the tires says 44 psi. Also, it is dangerous and un-economical to have under inflated tires (less than 30 psi).
    The question is... What happens between 30 psi and 44 psi? Has anyone tried running at, say, 36 psi? According to what I've read, the tires should run cooler, give better mileage, last longer, but give a slightly harsher ride and less traction. Some drivers (of other cars) say it improved road feel.
    If you try other tire pressures, please post your results here.
  • My 2007 SE had the same problem; dealer replaced all four tires/wheels, reset the units; to no avail. Finally they determined that the problem was associated with a bad sensor, one of the sensors mounted up in the wheel well. Each TPM has its own sensor mounted above the wheel well somewhere. Once they replaced the sensor, no problem and that was 4 weeks ago.
  • My tire pressure light is now showing 3 sensors. How long did the dealer make you leave the car? I'm just wondering if I could do the waiting room thingy to just have them replace the sensors and get out.
  • ajm25ajm25 Posts: 7
    Does anyone have thoughts on whether I need to get snow tires for my new Veracruz Limited? I had thought that the all seasons it is equipped with would do the job, but we do get a fair bit of snow in my region of Canada.
  • becykbecyk Posts: 28
    I say: GET THE TIRES!!!

    It is a hefty investment...but in the long run, you'll save. First of all, when driving in winter, you'll save your All-season tires the wear & tear from spinning and all. Second, think about your insurance premium going up because of a minor fender-bender that could have been avoided if you only had invested in winter tires...and thirdly, safety to you, your family and others on the road.

    I will never drive a car without winter tires again! 18" are very was my VC.

    AWD is good for "going", what's stopping you? All-season tires? Gimme a break.

    Actually, its a good excuse for buying nice wheels for the VC next summer, I mounted the winter tires on the stock wheels and will buy nice summer wheels for my all-seasons. ;) :shades:
  • ajm25ajm25 Posts: 7
    Thanks for that, I likely will go ahead, although I suspect the summer wheels may be a hard sell with my wife.
  • becykbecyk Posts: 28
    For the price of "winter" wheels... you might as well get nice wheels fo the summer ;)

    -That's what I said :shades:
  • hello does this stupid light ever go out once it comes on. our outside temp got down to 4 degrees and so my right rear tire showed up on the warning light. i read on here where a bunch of people had similar problems. i know my tire pressures before this cold spell were fine.i agree with others that this is definitely not a feature that's needed because of the inaccuracies. :mad: thanks Randy
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