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Suzuki Swift

About to buy a car. Going to college. Just need
a realiable set of wheels cheap! I think the
Chevy Metro is to expensive. Any comments from
someone who's owned a chevy metro or suzuki
swift would be great!! Is it fun to drive?
Is it to cramped. I know just by looking at it
it's small. I like it's style and price.
Thanx alot!!!


  • I have been driving a 1995 Metro for awhile. It has the 4-cylinder and automatic. If I were looking at Metros again I would keep this bulletproof 4-cylinder and buy the stick. The automatic gets bad mileage: 30 city/34 highway. At least I get 32-34 all the time because I am a courier.

    My main problems have been the alternator (went through 6 before replacing a fuse and a battery cable) and the AC, which is on its 3rd compressor but still works. I also go through a lot of tires but that is because of some accident damage underneath to the right side lower control arm. One $15 used tire a month is cheaper than 2 years' worth of repairs!

    If you are looking to buy a Metro, you might be much happier buying a 1995 or 1996 model, which is the same body and equipment but is a Geo not a Chevrolet. You can buy a 1995-1997 model for about $2500-$4000, of course it will cost more at a dealer. For example, if you live in Pittsburgh, there was a white 1997 5-speed with 27K in the Post-Gazette Saturday for $4000. Here in Columbus I will sell you my 1995 LSi automatic with 101K for $2500.

    If you go to a public auction, you might do like I almost did and get a basic high mileage 1995 Metro for $1500. If you like I can keep my eye out for you. There are a lot of these around for sale, and people will dump them at cheap prices. They are darned good cars, but they have NO status, and they are VERY small and cheap looking. At least they are not cheaply made.

    Good luck finding a Metro, I'll keep you posted as to what I see.

    In thinking about it I know another 1995 LSi hatchback automatic in Hilliard, Ohio (near west side Columbus) for $3995 at a dealer. I think it has 30-some-K miles on it. It is white and it is at Hilliard Car Company.

    Also know of a 1997 Metro 3-cylinder, 5-speed, no AC, no radio, green, 17K, for $3990 at College Car Company on High St. in Columbus.
  • Try to get a Swift GTi and 101 HP,...if the engine is in good shape you'll have some fun.
    Try with the Honda CRX Si (88-91 and 108 HP) too, this is an excellent car, fun, reliable, fast and great on gas.
  • I'm looking for a new vehicle to tow behind my RV. I don't have a lot of gross wt. margin; therefore, the new vehicle must be relatively light, and the Swift seems to fill that requirement. I want a hatch back, and manual trans. (for tow purposes).
    anyone out there have any info/experiences with the Swift used as a tow vehicle?
  • Can anyone tell me if the 2000 Swift's bodyside panels are galvanized like the 2000 Chevy Metro's are supposed to be? And how about the paint, is it as good and does it have clearcoat also? And finally, are there any other differences between the two cars, other than what and the like have to say?
  • Here's another question - I live in Nebraska where the summers are pretty hot, 90 degrees or more on average. Do I need A/C, or is the ventilation pretty good? I used to drive a Ford Maverick which had the swing-open wing type windows in the back and the ventilation was great. Does anyone make a wing-window accessory for the Swift rear windows?
  • Only the 1989-1994 Swifts had flip-out quarter windows. The trick with the newer models is put the driver's window down halfway and the passenger's window down all the way. That's great for one, but if you have more than two people in the car A/C is the way to go. A Suzuki or Chevy dealer can install A/C in your car for about $1200. They'll tell you it costs more than that, but remind them the factory option was $699, where does the other $500 go? That's their labor charges...and $500 is more than enough. Or trade me. I have a 1995 Metro LSi hatchback, automatic, air, and 106K. All I want is $2500 to pay it off.
  • sounds like it's a pitcher's car...

    This is a new feature for 2000 on Metros and Swifts. Suzuki doesn't advertise it. The problem is the extra weight lowers mileage 2-3mpg across the board. 1999 models (1.3L/5-speed) got 39/43, the 2000's get 36/42. Automatics stayed the same, though. I wonder if they changed the gearing, too. Hey, the Swifts you are looking at, do they have hatch releases? You couldn't get those on Metro hatchbacks after 1996 and I am considering a sedan so I can get it.
  • The hatch release is something I didn't check out specifically, but I don't recall there being one.
  • The 1997-2000 Metro sedans offer an optional trunk release, and the hatchbacks use the same latch, but the cable for the release is gone. I guess they are cutting costs, but how much does it save? They put it in before the carpet so it should be a piece of cake...dunno...
  • Man,
    Check this site out!

    Go see the limited edition "SKY" model (blue).
    Check out all the equipment it comes with.
    It's got power everything!
    Sure makes you feel empty on the one's shipped to
    the U.S.
  • fastgti1fastgti1 Posts: 3
    Go to

    For the ultimate swifts!
    Lot's of pics.
  • wilmatwilmat Posts: 1
    Sad to say, I just traded-in my old "pocket-rocket" as it was called back in 91. I bought it brand new off the show room floor with 11 miles on it. Believe me, the nickname was EXTREMELY appropriate. My friends of course teased me about the size ("where's the rest of the car, on lay-a-way?!?!"), but when it came time to hit the highway, it came off the ramp and merged into traffic at a cool, steady, 65 mph!! POWERFUL!! In addition, my 6'7 friends had nothing to complain about in regards to leg room - no their knees were not at their chests, but comfortably stretched out.

    Anyway, 9 years and 147,000 later, the ONLY replacement maintenance I have had to do was general; tires, cv boots, battery, brakes, windshield, exhaust/muffler (it's all one piece), and timing belt. I spent virtually NOTHING in maintenance costs.

    At trade-in the ORIGINAL transmission and clutch was starting to slip, I needed new fuel lines, fuel injector and a new timing belt, BUT that was after 9 years and 147,000 miles!!

    Can't really comment on the new Suzuki's - I understand they are just not as reliable, but my little "pocket rocket" took me from A to B virtually on pocket change!! Oh yeah, I traded it in for a Honda Accord; a little bigger and supposedly just as reliable.
  • inuvikinuvik Posts: 131
    Does anyone know if you can put the Suzuki 1.6L engine in a Swift/Metro? I'm thinking that they probably have the same block and transmission bolt patterns. Just wanted to know if anyone had every tried this.
  • cinemafiacinemafia Posts: 57
    I don't know if anybody's tried it but I'm pretty suire it's possible, there's so much room in the engine bay even with the 1.3... I'd make my wife do it to her Metro if it weren't a lease! lol
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 408
    The Suzuki Baleno is the 2-door hatchback version of the Esteem in other countries. It comes with the same 13B engine as the Swift/Metro, and offers 1.6 and 1.8 liter engines as optional. I would think the 1.6 and 1.8 engines would fit, the trouble you would have would be matching it up to an automatic, but the 5-speeds I believe are the same unit. Go to and go to links, then choose CAMI, and email an engineer, he'll know whether the engine mounts, etc, will fit.
  • ckpickupckpickup Posts: 15
    Well after reading so many positive posts about the Swift/Metro I went out and ordered a new 2000 Swift Automatic on Saturday. I had actually gone out to purchase a Chevy Metro only to be told that General Motors was no longer offering the Metro/Firefly to customers. The only available units on the lot in Canada were in Vancouver and I live in Toronto.
    I went to a Suzuki dealer to see if they had any on the lot and they told me that there were still going to make them available until the 2001 model year and then stop. I can't imagine the CAMI plant in Ingersol sitting around idle for very long so the speculation on the Baleno coming soon may be true.
    I should have my new Swift in about 10 days.
  • ckpickupckpickup Posts: 15
    While I'm waiting for delivery of my new Swift I've been looking around for what will fit in the factory speaker cut outs. I know that the rear is 6 1/2 inch, but can someone tell me what size the door cutouts are?
  • cinemafiacinemafia Posts: 57
    Just taking a look of the Japan-Market 80th Anniversary Suzuki Swift GSi...

    ...4-doors, fog lamps, ground effects (side skirts, air damn, rear body kit), roof spoiler, mini-van-like rear hatch, available two-wheel or four wheel drive, 1.3L 16 valve engine, 87 bhp @ 6k rpm, 38 miles/gallon, three-spoke steering wheel, chrome tailpipe, five-spoke (tiny!) alloy wheels, CD player, special edition blue, black or white paint...

    ...All this for only 1.283 million yen in 2 wheel drive, 1.413 million yen in 4 wheel drive!

    Check it out here:
  • cinemafiacinemafia Posts: 57
    Suzuki's Japan-Market Wagon R Plus makes the Swift GSi look subtle!

    Those Japanese sure know how to make a tiny, micro-van with a output of less than 100 hp look like a racer!
  • cinemafiacinemafia Posts: 57
    Well just to be exact the Suzuki Wagon R Plus puts out 99.2 bhp, so yes it is just under 100 hp.
    P.S - It's a 16v turbo, hence the hood scoop.
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