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2010 Toyota Highlander

steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69
Does anyone know when the 2010 Toyota Highlander will be released for sale to the public?

The release dates of the 2008 and 2009 Toyota Highlanders do not seem to provide any real assurance as to when the 2010 will be released.


  • beachfish2beachfish2 Posts: 177
    I have asked at 3 dealers and even called ToyotaUSA and I can't get an answer.

    It's not like I'm going to buy one of the few leftover oddball 2009 Highlanders they have sitting on the lots. You know, the odd color and option combos that nobody wants for what they're asking ---- about a grand under the sticker.

  • steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69
    I signed up on the Toyota website to receive future news about the Toyota Highlander. I was told in an E-Mail reply to my E-Mail question to Toyota that I would get the actual announcement of when the 2010 Highlanders would be released as soon as that news was available.

    Further, when I Google 2010 Toyota Highlander release date, a couple of articles seem to hint that they may be out earlier than the 2009s. But those articles are not very current and who knows what could have already changed.

    I am banking (actually hoping) that I can find out something definite sooner than later.

    P.S.:See my next post RE my "Failed Attempt To Purchase 2009 Toyota Highlander Limited".
  • teoteebobteoteebob Posts: 16
    I had a salesperson tell me that they THOUGHT that the 2010 would be out in early September. But you know how that goes. It seems if they were going to be out that soon that someone, somewhere would have a firm release date. I would like to compare the 2010 Honda Pilot (already out) with the 2010 Highlander. But if Toyota keeps dragging their feet, I think they will lose a lot of sales to the competition. I might wait if I could find out a release date. I don't want a 2009 Highlander!
  • steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69
    Just curious - What are "your" reasons for wanting to wait for the 2010 Highlander instead of purchasing a 2009?
  • steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69
    My new message entitled "Failed Attempt To Purchase 2009 Toyota Highlander Limited" is Message # 3888 & can be found at!keywords=#MSG3887
  • ken1948ken1948 Posts: 5
    I visited local Toyota dealer who is totally sold out of Highlander Sports, and using his data base they found a total of less than 50 in a two state area. I want a particular color that they seldom put on this vehicle, and will not buy the soon depreciated 2009. Did that last year with a Honda and watched it drop $$12,000 in the first year. Sales manager said he thought mid September on 2010. Anyone heard anything?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    The 2010 is likely to have the new Venza F/awd system which will have a much greater potential for being actually functional in conditions of need. It also might be that the new I4 will be available with F/awd and will have adopted DFI by then.

    Two (three...??) good reasons to wait.....
  • ny_ny_ Posts: 4
    There have been a lot of recent articles and press releases this past week about Toyota's investment in retooling the Indiana plant to make Highlanders there. (Google Highlander plant Indiana) Based on those, it sounds like:

    - Current Highlanders are made in Japan, but will start to be made in Indiana later this year
    - The Indiana plant will start producing Highlanders for sale in October
    - At least one article indicated that the Indiana rollout would coincide with the 2010 model release.

    So, it may not be until October that we see the 2010 model. There didn't seem to be much in the way of details about how the 2010 model may be different or any specs, so that would be interesting to know.
  • steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69

    Those same articles also mention a 41% drop in Highlander sales this year!
    Still, dealers are holding out for unreasonable profits on the sale of a 2009 Highlander. From posts in the Highlander forum here, there are at least 3 more people that would have purchased a 2009 Highlander had the dealers been more reasonable.
  • klcwklcw Posts: 5
    According to this:

    Toyota Model Lineup - What's New in 10' MY

    The 2010 model will come out in Sept. There will be no major changes to Highlander, except that the backup camera/MID would be optional for base models.
  • steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69
    Where does this document come from?

    Do you have the link to the original document?
  • peterk9peterk9 Posts: 7
    I personally prefer the full time AWD over that of the Venza. This one reason I decided to get another Highlander ('09) instead of the new 2010 Lexus RX which is now also only part time. No matter how quickly the part time AWD kicks in, it still means that a problem has already been detected and the system is reacting after the fact. Also, I quite often use the engine to gear down by taking the vehicle out of overdrive and then gearing down. On a full time AWD all 4 wheels will do the braking whereas on a part time system, only the front wheels will do the braking which on slippery or snow covered roads could throw the vehicle out of control. Also, with some vehicles (Pilot) I understand the part time AWD will not even kick in once you have reached a certain speed. Not too good on highways! But to each his own. That's why people have a choice.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Your new '09 HL is basically a simple ONE-WHEEL drive vehicle, three fully open differentials. Without TC, Traction Control, to (eventually) activate when a wheel or wheels slip you would be STUCK.

    Unless we're talking track time, NO ONE should want or wish for an "AWD" system that remains engaged once the vehicle is underway at a decent speed. Most 4WD/4X4 owners with any level of experience will tell you that it is unwise to leave the front drive engaged once underway, best to dedicate those front wheels for directional control.

    Sadly, that's something you cannot do with your HL.
  • ptf205ptf205 Posts: 8
    dealer told me today "probably late September"
  • steven1357steven1357 Posts: 69
    THANKS for your input, but I find that amazingly the dealers don't know squat.

    He told you "probably" late September. If he knew, should not he be able to be a little more specific than that.
  • ptf205ptf205 Posts: 8
    "If he knew, should not he be able to be a little more specific than that"

    Yes, which is why i put in quotes "probably late September". I think it's at least a somewhat useful piece of information to know what different dealers are telling customers regarding the release date, so I relayed it here. This isn't the type of information that slowly leaks out to a few people - as soon as it's out there we'll all know in short order...until then it's all speculation.
  • ken1948ken1948 Posts: 5
    I spoke with sales and general manager of Toyota dealership, and Toyota is not telling them when 2010 Highlander will be in. Production moving from Japan to Indiana on this model with some cosmetic changes, and a possible change in transmission they told me, and no one is sure when release is. Late September is possible. I am giving up and heading towards a 2010 Pilot I think, which is ready now.
  • teoteebobteoteebob Posts: 16
    Indiana - a new manufacturing line, new workers, possibly a new transmission, no release date yet! I have to agree with ken1948. My last four vehicles have been Toyota's but I'm ready to buy a Honda Pilot EX-L.

    The problem around here (Central North Carolina) seems to be availability. I have been tracking the inventories of several dealers around the area. They seem to be slowly dropping with no Pilots that I have noticed being added to the inventory. I think that Honda has made the decision to control price by not providing their dealers with cars. In my opinion, they could sell a lot of cars right now due to the 2010 Highlander not being available. And the Toyota dealers are giving rediculously high quotes on their 2009 Highlanders!
  • mdhuttonmdhutton Posts: 195
    It surprises me that so many folks here are surprised that dealers have been vague as to the '10s release date. They have '09s (and in some cases, '08s) they still need to sell NOW.....not late September.
  • kree79kree79 Posts: 5
    That document comes straight from Toyota. He shouldn't have posted that information because it is marked confidential and there would be no way possible for you to view the original. That came from an intranet portal that is only accessible by key dealership personnel. But since he did, do you see now that it is not the dealership who is withholding information. Even our info at the dealerships is vague. Just like someone else on here hinted at, Toyota does not really divulge much info because they want us to sell what we have first. Also, you guys misunderstand the reason behind limiting the production on the vehicles. Honda and Toyota both are doing it to help you the customer out. If they were to flood the market with a million SUV's(can you say Chevy or Ford) then the resale values would plummet, you would be pissed, and Toyota and Honda would lose their reputation for such high resale value and low cost of ownership.
    You may not believe it, but everything the Japanese car companies do is geared towards adding value to their cars and increasing customer satisfaction. They know that kaizen(continuous improvement) is the only way to stay at the top. :)
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