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Toyota Highlander Hybrid - Hybrid System Problems



  • Ok thanks. Was considering it because there are some really great deals on used HH. Way below book. But your correct, it only saves a few mpg vs 4 cyl or 6 cyl non hybrid. I averaged 25 mpg overall on my 02 Highlander 4x2 4cyl. That is not bad at all. Thanks
  • I had complete loss of power as I was making a left hand turn into two lanes of traffic; I had plenty of time to clear the two lanes , at least with power. The car just died and I coasted to the other side. Luckily the sports car coming toward me swerved out of the way to avoid me. I saw my children's (age 4 and 2) lives flash in front of my eyes as we were almost t-boned by the sports car going 45 miles an hour or more. My HH has 79000 miles. What to do? Luckily it restarted and I pulledi nto a parking lot and said my prayers and kissed my children. I plan on taking it to the dealer tomorrow and demanding a trade-in.... I will file a report with the NTSB to.
  • I'm wondering if this might be a different problem. All the other power inverter problems I've found resulted in a dead car, unable to restart?? Please post back what they find. If it is the hybrid system you should be covered under 100,000 miles, but I'm with you about not keeping an unsafe car regardless of cost. My 06 HH was repaired with the updated part, so I'm hoping for the best. Good luck.
  • I was doing 65 mph on the turnpike in rush hour in the passing lane when my '06 HH began to decelerate and the dashboard lit up with VSC, check engine, hybrid, and ABS. Somehow I managed to coast into the shoulder, and feel lucky to be alive. It's been in the shop for a week and we just heard back from Toyota that the Inverter failed. They said they filed it with Toyota HQ and are going to go to bat for us. We'll see. The Service manager wouldn't even quote us the repairs because they are so costly (more than the car is worth). It has 115,000 miles on it, so warranty has run out. Still have 8 more lease payments to make and then the buyout. We heard the '06 have the Prius inverter, but they realized it couldn't carry the weight, so in '07 they switched them out. I will be calling the NHTSA as suggested on this forum. This is a very dangerous issue and Toyota should do the responsible thing and address it. If you are having the same issue, please feel free to send me an email
    Angela :sick:
  • Finally we have some resolution! My husband got in touch with the dealership owner and told him he wants the regional rep name/number/address, and his boss' name/number/address so he can send legal correspondence. That definitely got their attention because he was on the phone for over an hour with Toyota trying to get it resolved. We now only have to pay $965 for labor and the part is being given by Toyota as "goodwill". Now the inverter part is on backorder (go figure!) I am so glad this got resolved, but still won't buy another hybrid!
  • Has anyone had the "Check Hybrid System" message come on the display of a 2008 Highlander Hybrid Limited when driving at high altitudes (mountains)? We've had it twice while driving in Colorado in high elevations (near the summit of Pike's Peak and another mountain). Is this normal for a hybrid? It doesn't seem to do this in Denver metro area when driving around.
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    I have been reading your hh complaints,i just had my 2006 towed home unfixed,my hh has been in and out of my dealership since i had 6000 miles on it for not starting and having the hybrid system failure lights come on after i tried starting it thru out my ownership,bought it new and now have 108,000 miles and it died on the freeway in so cali doing 70 miles an hour i 'm lucky to be alive,had the car towed to toyota dealership and almost fainted when i got a bill for ,r u ready for this 14,000 smackaroos,the f--fing thing is only worth 9000.i 'm contacting a lawyer because i have had inverter problems and hybrid system problems since i bought the car new,I am going to look up my vin any way ,the inverter was cahanged at 86,000 by the dealer but i don't know if i recieved a new verison of inverter,now the say my coolant hose leaked and damaged the inverter,i was wondering if the hybrid system can be disconnected and just have the car run on the gasoline engine onyl,anyone out there know something about disconnecting the hybrid electrical system and convert the car to total gasoline
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    Hi Everyone with highlander hybrid problems,I have the name of the presendent and ceo of toyota motor sales usa,If you would like to get in touch with me we can all write him letters about our auto problems,that may get his attention,my personal e mail is,no pranks please
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    Hi Maryland john,can you e mail me the new and improved paper work on the inverter,my dealer just quoted me 14,000 dollars to fix my hh,only have 108,000 miles on it,just past the warrenty,my e mail is thanks
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    Hi ,i am having the same problem with toyota,all of us are trying to get together to hold toyota responsible,my email is please get in touch with me,i have the pres and ceo of toyota motors usa name and address
  • Phoenix AZ I was so happy with my HH that my friends bought one and my sister bought the new Rav 4. I have a 2006 HH and bought extended warranties because I have learned not to trust any car. On Friday my biggest fear happened. I work at another hospital 61 miles from my home. I have 1 1/2 hour drive in traffic. I try to get out of the traffic by leaving early. I made it to the I-10, 51, 202 and McDowell intersection and the Air Port exit and went to the middle lane in very High Density traffic with large trucks, trucks with trailors, and drivers who are doing 60 to 70 miles an hour. I pulled the the middle and the car just died. I had no power and was stuck in the middle. The dash lite up with all alerts and the message was CVA service. I tried to put the car in park and in neutral to start it. Nothing. I turned on the flashers, called 911 and the Department of public safety was alerted then I braced for impact with my cell phone in hand. I called my Toyota Service and asked a service person what to do and he said "What do you want me to do" I said I am going to get killed here I need to know how to start the car. He said the alert was a traction alert and he could not help.
    The DPS officers three of them with two miles of back up, blocked traffic and one pushed me out of the way to the side. I called AAA for towing. I waited for over an hour was almost hit by three cars on the side of the road.
    I have an extended warranty, the car has 113,500 miles on it. I have taken the car to the dealer for all service and new tires and any work. The dealer has been calling to get me to trade the car in and get a new one.
    The regular battery was changed in May 2010 just wanted to change it.
    I have been told it was a faulty battery and it would be replaced and when it was replaced the car still didn't start. The dealer waited to 4:30 to tell me " I have bad news it is the inverter that went out". My extended Warranty refused to pay. I was told there is no one else who can fix this, and the cost was $7900.
    They are going to talk to the Owner of the dealership on Monday.
    I am so satisfied to have found this website and read the stories. This car is a danger on the road, I have already seen my friends and told them what happened that drive the HH. I have taken all weekend thinking about how I could have caused a major wreck and someone could have died and the delay to get help and sitting there with all the cars and tractor trailors buzzing, and diving around me. I work in an emergency room and I thought I would be a patient in my own hospital trauma center.
    These cars need to be recalled. This is so dangerous. I will talk to the manager today. They made me wait all weekend and think this out. I do not want this car back on the road fixed so it can happen again. I am afraid of Toyota hybrids on the road now. I have to say how I would like to put a sign on the car and park it in a public place explaining what happened until the safety issue is bought to the public. I am so lucky to be able to write this experience. I will contact the NHSTA this morning 888-327-4236, and could be calling a lawyer, the news paper and local advocates. I was truely looking in the rear view mirror thinking, this could be my last day.
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    Dear John, there are a lot of people with our, problem search hybrid problems and you will find honda's hybrid and other first generation hybrids are having problems' ,we first generation hybrid owners are the pigs for the industry,the sacrificed lambs,my personal e mail is myra , my mobile # is 9519739167 i have free mobile to mobile and i would like to talk to you further ,we need to band together and make federal state and local officials aware of this problem,we need to contact everyone on the internet who are having hybrid problems.,there is an auto safety hotline,search it,and we need to get in touch with consumer reports magazine and make formal complaints to all these agency. also have the name of the president and ceo of toyota motors of u.s.a. and there address,they are here in torrance calif,which is near long beach calif ,there executive offices are off the 5 fwy in southern california,please let's be in touch I'm talking to people in new jersey and new york who are talking class action,i also have the lawyer's name that sued toyota in a class action because of acceleration problems that killed a family of 8 in san diego that brought toyota to it's knees,also won a class action against a major tire mfg ,he is in newport bch also so calif, his name is mark p robinson jr,read about him on the internet,i have the names and tel# and emails of others,lets all get together before one of us gets killed.I also would like to sue toyota for deceptive sales practices,not fully informing the consumer know of existing hybrid problems and the costly repairs involve (into the the thorsands and in some cases ten's of thousands of dollars after warranty's expire.Just got back from the highway dept and the officer recommended that i report my problem to the bureau of automobile repairs,it's called B.A.R. here in the state of calif,maybe your state has one,also the state consumer affairs dept,better business dept and the attorney general's office in your state.Good luck and please call me.I think the least touota can do is give us fair market fallur
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    in there is an article about the voltage distortion can cause problems in all electrical equipment in hybrids,i was never this when i bought my vehicle,were you misleading and deceptive sales practices, advertising is misleading,read all about,there are more surfacing,
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
  • After a week the service person called and told me that the situation was under review. I called may mechanic who have their own shop and Toyota parts told them the cost for an inverter is $500 and the Power Converter is $4800 with a new battery. The big battery. The next day since I did not call them I had another call and they was offered for them to fix the inverter for $7200 if I would pay for the Labor $720. I still don't know what the out come is going to be and what the warranty will say. I want to see what happens. I think the Nissan recall of 2.1 million late models that stall and die while driving and cannot be restarted could be a sign that Toyota is next to recall. The BMW fuel pump causing stalling and loss of power was quick on their recall.
    That may help to get something done. From what I understand on the Nissan recall it is cars 2004, 2005, and 2006. I am wondering if there is any connection to the parts manufacturer and suppliers of the electronics.
    I have reported my experience to the Attorney General office, The Federal Agencies, and Toyota.
    I am still having anxiety when I drive through the area where the car stalled. I am writing a thank you letter to the Department of Public Safety and The Traffic reporter Detour Dan in Phoenix. He Saves Lives. I will respond and continue the fight but I want complete the process. My friends and family come first and our road ways need to be as safe a they can be with all the budget cuts and highways not being maintained and so many people driving old unmaintained cars it is not safe really. People drive so fast and out of control. I am so lucky I did not have a accident and get hit. I really don't know how I was missed.
  • I'm sure you read my story. I eventually reached a settlement with my purchasing dealer to replace the inverter (with the new part!) for $1200, but not until threatening (and preparing to) to picket the dealership. I also kept calling the Toyota regional rep until they finally took my call. They threatened to take back their original contribution of $2000 (out of $9000) if I continued to act in "bad faith" by insisting on statistics concerning Highlander '06 inverter failures. The would say nothing other than, "we have no knowledge of a problem with that vehicle". I think the dual pressure of pitting the dealership against Toyota helped in my situation.

    Everyone needs to return the paper work sent out by the feds after filing your complaint. The process of pressure is slow and I feel bad for those owners who are still stuck or even those who have moved on without resolution. However, I think it is only a matter of time before Toyota will answer for this. The service bulletin alone points an ugly finger to one batch of cars, but how many? Toyota is willing to roll the dice with the lives of their customers.

    I think it might be time for a newspaper ad. Start small and local, but send links to bigger news outlets.

    Stay tuned Toyota.
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    i'm with you ,i think we should look to run a newspaper ad in the wall st journal or new york times,,lets get in ,what newspaper and reporters exposed watergate we can call this toyotagate ,hey i like that,we need to expose the dangers involved with these hybrids,even if toyota fixed my problem i 'am scared to death to drive one of these hybrids because of my near death experience,someone has to get kill in order for the fed's to do something ,there is a federal motor vehicle safety standards-code of federal regulations auto safety hotline,it is the office of defects investigation within the nhtsn(odi) ,we need to fine someone in the media,i keep asking everyone i know,let's all keep in touch at least once a week and up date each other regards myra
  • I was called by a different service rep to tell me the car was ready. I had the flash back of all the cars flashing by me in the car. I went and secured new financing to go and get a new car just in case the dealer and Toyota said no. I talked to many friends who said "the car had not been a lemon so if they fix it why not drive it". Last night I saw myself behind the wheel and my family and the cars flashing by and I have never had anxiety but the incident really affected my thought of what the experience was like to have your car stop in a busy highway and being helpless. You react but any minute a huge truck with pipes on it could have hit me and rolled over into many cars. I saw the cars flash by as I was calling 911,
    Even my wife changed her mind to the thought of buying a new car and she had said MY and the family safety comes first no matter what the cost. Then when she talks to her co workers and discuss what happened and the willingness of the dealership to fix the car and financial issues she now has started to say " if they warranty for one year and they will fix it and the car is not a lemon, to by a new car would only give us a warranty for 36,000 miles or 3 years or a purchase of a extended warranty and increase car insurance she says now we should keep the car and drive it". This is about safety and the ads that Toyota spends $1 million an hour on safety. So what are they finding out for their investment.
    I will get my car and I am taking it to a mechanic I know and trust. I am lucky to have someone I can trust. He can also be helpful to answer questions. He is able to work on Toyota cars and when he called about parts he was given a different price for this repair. Who is telling the truth. What is the cost, why is it so different for $7900 to as much as $14000. I have not been asked not to go public and if they do I am going to my lawyer and the news paper. There or so many issues and the bottom line is Safety. I could have killed other people and affected so many lives and my own. I made the drive again this Friday one week after the incident and when I was coming home there were 18 car accidents on the Phoenix Highways and I drove my rental a Nissan Altima Hybrid and was very scared all the way home in heavy Friday night traffic. I will keep posting my experience and next steps
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    h joihn,i know what you are going threw,i have the same fears,i'm scared to death of these vehicles.Are you fixing the car,the dealer told me my car was only worth 9,000 if it was running as a trade-in so why shouldi fix it for14,000 dollars ,when i bought it new for 49,000 with up grades,it doesn't math out,throwing good money after bad,i won't ever feel safe in a hybrid again,my life is worth more than 14,000 dollars.I'am in the processof writing the president and ceo of toyota motor corp here in southern california,if you and i and others would like to set up a meeting please contact me,maybe we can all see him at the same time with our concerns,the executive officers are here in torrance calif,contact me if interested myra
  • myrafmyraf Posts: 32
    i don't listen to others when it comes to my and my family's safety,these vehicles may not be lemons but there is a bunch of us that got defective hybrid components.and also we were never told at least i was never told of the un-godly expense involved in repairing these vehicles,there should have been a disclosure some where in the paper work ,deceptive sales practices indeed,car salesmen are one step above a snake.
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