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Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry vs. Volkswagen Passat



  • Just wondering what would be a fair price for a 94 4 door accord EX with auto, leather, ad, roof, 109K miles from a private party? IT seems to have been well maintained, new muffler, brakes, oil changes regular with service records (non-honda service though). Also, where are all the 94 coupes? pol, these seem hard to find for sale, and when they are, seems they are far overprice from private people. I haven't even found a 94-5 coupe on any dealer lot (here in Charleston SC). Anyone know of one, even close, asp an EX 5 speed???
  • dahuzidahuzi Posts: 2
    I want to buy a car recently, one car I saw was a 90 Accord EX with 98,000 miles, and automatic transmition, the body was not in very good condition, let say just average. The owner asked for $4,500. Can any one tell me if it is a good deal?
  • ral2167ral2167 Posts: 642
    don't be paying any $4500 for a 12 year old car with a bad can do better.
  • digmedigme Posts: 2
    90 Accord EX with 98000 miles is ridiculous. If you want to look for a good car under 5,000 look into Saturn 1995 or something like that...i might be wrong but that's what i have found out recently. Also, please keep in mind during my research i was more interested in cars newer than 1996.(which cost more than 5000)......if you are interested in my research drop a line.....
  • dahuzidahuzi Posts: 2
    I know nothing litle about cars, and just want to buy one that is good for use and with good price. I'm really interested in your research, please give me some information. Thanks.
  • digmedigme Posts: 2
    Here is some good information:
    the ratings according to my research without into taking into consideartion the type of cars they are categorized as is as follows:

    1)Mazda Protege (only after the 1997 Model)
    2a) Prelude
    2b) CR-V
    2c) Accord
    2d) Civic
    In between a,b,c, can enter all the accura's except they are expensive, and magnets for car thieves
    3) Toyota Camry (Toyota Cars are little overpriced)
    4) Toyota Avalon (extremely over-expensive, but nice)
    5) Mazda 626
    7) Mazda Millenia
    8) Nissan Maxima
    9) VW Passat, Golf, & the rest of VW

    Let me explain why I chose all this:

    1) The protege, after 97, is the best in my reasoning because it is so so spacious inside and is actually made on a factory line that Mazda was thinking about to establish like the Lexus of Toyota, or Acura of Honda. They decided just to sell their luxury as Millenia. Price, unbeatable, still a little overpriced but has gone down considerably with deals and offers. used one should be around 8K - 12K.....Please check this site for prices of all used cars. Protege is extermely reliable for the models after 96, just one thing, make sure to get the CV Joints checked.....that's seems to be a consistent problem
    2) Prelude and CR-V models preceed the accord and the rest, since they are built in Japan, not here in the US...u know what goes to cars built by domestic, i won't say no more
    3) Camry and other toyota families excellent reliability, but a little too expensive for my taste(i am just getting settled and don't have a lot to spend right now)....If you had the money, buy the Camry....
    4)626 and Millenia, not as reliable as Protege, built on two different qualities, even if the Millenia is like the Camry of Mazda,...I see a lot of people these days on the road with 626s being most pbbly pissed @ Honda Dealers' screwy and arrogant customer service, and not opting to buy a mid-size sedan. I say again, go with the Protege.
    Last but not least, VW's - all I have to say is if you know the reputation of Audis ( and I don't mean how they look)....the replica of Audi Parts you would find in VWS. Audi is shatty....It breaks all the time, expensive to fix...what else, ...I don't know....OH,.....SORRY ABOUT THIS INFO...Maintenance on a Mazada could be a little expensive, but I think the company now is doing a lot to transform that......Good Luck ....

    INFO Sources: JD Powers; carreview; NHSA etc.... Websites....
  • hiflyerhiflyer Posts: 78
    It's nice to see another person providing objective information about how terribly unreliable VWs and Audis are. Their record sales in recent years is obviously due to their ability of consistently selling clunkers.
  • I have a '99 4 cyl EX, and love it, except for the road noise and the quirky shift delay at low speed. How much improvement can I expect from a new 6 cyl? I've read that they've theoretically noise, but can't get a sense of how real that is.
  • jared1195jared1195 Posts: 20
    has anyone checked out the new xg300? yeah, yeah- i am aware about the history of hyundai but hey, where would you get a V6 with all those luxury amenities. Not to mention, it must be the most distinctive, "oh, look at me!" car in the road right now. Just dont ask who made it. But i believe that is going to change. Resale value? i am just not the kind of person who would worry about that. If youre happy with the car, then screw resale value. I wouldnt be caught dead driving a camry most especially when everyone is driving it. It is a good car but it just lacks personality, distinctive styling (i believe it is subjective)and way too overpriced for what it offers. Honda accord though a bit bland in my standards, has a more quality feel overall.

    One point i want to get accross to buyers-- If you see a car that excites you - performance and beauty wise-- go for it. In my case, i dont want to be caught whining driving a car with an excellent resale value--reliability?-- at the same time complaining that that car is just plain ugly. Life is too short. In this segment, you have accord and the camry, but the world doesnt end there, there are a lot of choices which can stir the most difficult buyer. It is time to open our eyes that toyota an honda doesnt control the world and our choices. They just insult our intelligence. If they can reduce their inflated retail prices, then maybe they can regain back my respect. Plus, did i say that salesmen in toyota dealers are just plain arrogant? who they think they are?

    Well, these are just my thought--take it or leave it.
  • jared1195jared1195 Posts: 20
    i was just told that the xg300 is not even comparable to accord and camry. they compare it to infiniti I30 and the Lexus ES300. Sorry for that, but it is something to think about. I know i am.
  • I'm working with a strictly limited budget of 11.5K. So far, I've found newer camry's with less miles priced the same as older accords with higher miles. I had my heart set on an accord, but test driving newer camrys with less miles may have changed my mind. I need to test drive some more. The v-tec honda's are so much stronger than the camry's 4cyl. I was shocked by how comfortable and "refined" the camry felt. The interior seemed larger in the camry also. The accord is probably the better car. It shows in its resale value. We all are looking for the best car for the money. I'm wondering if the accord is worth the extra age and miles that would come with its price. I want a car that will be reliable, have great gas mileage and a cofortable ride.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    But if you find the Camry has the lower miles for the same price, I'd go with the Camry.
  • mhale2mhale2 Posts: 1
    My boyfriend bought a Honda Civic at the Honda dealership in Auburn. They have fixed prices so there was no haggling. He really liked the experience and so now I am thinking about going there as well. I just checked out their website and you can price the vehicle that you want online. The prices actually beat edmund's TMV prices (at least for the Accord V6 EX that I was looking at)...just my 2 cents..
  • cholland1cholland1 Posts: 5
    I bought a 99 Camry LE with 50K miles this weekend for $11,500 with tax. I'm very pleased so far. The car has plenty of power for my needs. Highway driving is smooth & quiet. I rode in the back seat while my wife drove, and I was very comfortable. The longer trips I took were almost too calm. I kept falling asleep. I plan on putting in a good after market DC player and key less entry/alarm. Driving the car makes me feel a little snooty. The shinny newish car doesn't look like only cost 11.5K. I don't feel embarrassed any more when parking with the Lexus and B-meer crowd. Not when mines shines just as good and keeps my wallet fat. I liked the Accord. It was just out of my price range, unless I went with an older model with higher miles. No thanks.
  • ukrickukrick Posts: 66
    I really like the safety ratings that the Passat offers, though Accord and Camry are pretty good also. But the Passat GLX stickers for over $28k and comes with no CD player. Granted you could buy a better one yourself after market. But for that price you would think that a CD player would be standard.

    A fully loaded Accord EX-V6 can be bought for just over invoice or right at invoice, about $23k. A Camry XLE-V6 has an invoice of just over $23k but doesn't come with leather interior or sun roof. Sounds like Accord is the way to go to get the most bang for your buck.
  • amz997amz997 Posts: 61
    I agree with you. Accord Ex is the way to go!!
  • So the Passat GLX comes without a CD player standard, but look at all the other things you get. My '99 Passat GLX has trip computers that tell me ongoing mpg, average mpg, total miles traveled, elapsed time driving, etc., etc., leather interior, moon roof, real wood trim, intermittent wipers that are water sensitive, driver's seat memory, tiptronic transmission, passenger's side tilting mirror for backing up, daytime running lights, one-touch down on both front windows, and undoubtedly other things I'm forgetting. Highway gas mileage is consistently around 30 plus it's got a full-size spare and a huge trunk and the back seats fold down. All that for $30K. It's got things standard that I didn't have on a $41K Audi A6 and you could only get on a Lexus ES300 (if at all) by paying nearly $40K. So I had to pay extra for a CD player. Big deal.
  • hiflyerhiflyer Posts: 78
    And if one can wait a few months, the 2002 Passat will offer a standard in-dash CD player as well as reportedly a 4 year/50,000 mile b2b warranty.
  • speed14speed14 Posts: 3
    I currently own a 99 accord v6, and have owned 4 other honda's, all cars have been great, but many brake problems with my current car.
    Looking at a Passat, but not sure of reliability, can anyone help me decide?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Welcome to Town Hall!

    Have you found our current discussion at this link: VW Passat? You might want to check it out - there are lots of Passat owners hanging out there who can help you with your questions.

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