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Audi A6



  • I have had one A8 (V8) and two A6 4.2's (V8). I have EXTENSIVELY driven several S4's (Turbo V6, same as 2.7T A6, and my wife has a 2001 TT 225hp coupe). I can induce some turbo lag in the TT, by "improper" gear selection, I had no problem in the S4's (stick shift). My A6 4.2's both had or have 5 speed Tiptronics, my A8 (1997) had a five speed automatic (non-Tip).

    I have driven all the cars mentioned above at speeds above 110mph -- I have also accelerated them "strongly" from street legal to autobahn speeds. I have never noticed anything I would consider a "back off." Heck, my 1999 A6 2.8 quattro, while no dragster, was strong and capable at legal and autobahn speeds. It just took a bit longer to reach any given speed when compared with the V8's or turbo engines.

    None of this is meant to contradict the GS430 statements, per se. It appears that the GS430 does accelerate more quickly (all the car magazines report this consistently). My statement is only to question and argue the point that the Audi engines "back off." I have no experience that would validate that; and, I have read no reviews or reports that suggest Audi engines "back off." Please try another test drive.

  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I didn't order the sport suspension in the 2.7T because THOSE seats aren't comfortable for me. I'm a bit wide, and the standard seats are very comfortable, while the sport seats pinch my shoulder blades.
  • Given the end of the year, I'm looking at some leftover A6 2.8 '00 models and am trying to decide whether to get a better discount on them or go with the '01.

    As far as I can see, the only major difference is that the '01 has a longer warranty. Does it also have full scheduled maintenance while the '00 doesn't? This is a point I'm confused on. Given the discounts I'm seeing on the '00, is the longer warranty/maintenance worth the price?

    Also, they stopped making the stick for the '01 2.8. To get that, I have now have to go to the '01 2.7T. Is that price jump worth it?

    I like the feel of the car and do 20k/yr of mostly highway driving. 0-60 times are not that important to me so I didn't really look at the 2.7T.

    Anyone with thoughts on the subject?

  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    The additional warrenty is of no value to you if you drive 20K miles / year. In both cases you will be out of the warrenty period in less than 3 years.
  • Thanks for your response. I do have a '01 brochure, but not pics of the vanilla/royal blue combo. If possible, would like to take a look as that combo seems hard to find at a dealer. My email is

    Also, from what you've said, it sounds like I should have no problem finding a '01 2.8 when I pull the trigger next month.

    Thanks for all your help.

  • If you live in a high car theft area (the Northeast), you want the immoblilizer. It makes the car very close to impossible to steal.

    Otherwise, I'd go for the 2000.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    In addition to what's already been mentioned, here are some differences between the two model years:

    - Warranty AND factory-paid scheduled maintenance were 3 yrs./50000 miles on 2000s; both increased to 4 yrs./50000 miles for '01.

    - Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) std. on '01 2.7T, 4.2; opt. on 2.8. N/A on 2000 models. (I've not driven an ESP-equipped car, so I can't comment on its effectiveness.)

    - 2000 models with memory seat (part of Convenience Package) have driver-only memory feature. '01 models so equipped (Premium Package on 2.8, Preferred Luxury Package on 2.7T, std. on 4.2) also includes front passenger seat memory.

    - For '01, Andorra Red is available on 4.2 only (available on all 2000 models).

    - Jaspis Green (available on 2000 2.8 & 2.7T) dropped for 2001.

    - Royal Blue "Ambiente" interior, available on all 2000 models in leather or leatherette with Casablanca White and Light Silver Metallic, dropped for '01. (Vanilla/Royal Blue leather is still available on '01s.)

    - Lago Green "Advance" interior, available on 2000 2.8 & 2.7T in cloth or leather with Jaspis Green or Light Silver Metallic, dropped for '01.

    - Nemo Blue introduced as a new color for '01, available only on 4.2.

    - Sideguard F+R head airbags optional on all 2000 models, std. on all '01s.

    - Some 2000 2.8s with the Preferred Equipment Package (leather seating, power moonroof, HomeLink, heavily discounted vs. individual selling prices) came through with compact spare tires. As far as I know, all '01s have full-sized spares.

    - '01 2.7T has more available Sport Packages than in 2000, including one with 17" wheels.

    As for the 2.8 vs. 2.7T, here are my thoughts...others may disagree. Whether with the 2.7T-exclusive 6-speed manual or the Tiptronic, the 2.7T is without question a high-performance luxury sedan. It has fabulous acceleration and leaves little to be desired in its driving experience. Those who own them love them. If properly maintained, there's no reason to believe that the 2.7T is any more prone to failure than the 2.8. Sure, if the turbos die and need replacement, you'd be looking at a big bill, but my understanding is that Audi's turbos can be reasonably expected to last as long as the rest of the car. In addition, the 2.7T is available with Sport Packages (several unique combinations of upgraded suspension, seats, wheels, and tires) that are not available on the 2.8.

    The 2.8 (which I own, with quattro and Tiptronic), absolutely does not fly like the 2.7T. It does, however, perform and accelerate very nicely. You may have read others' comments about the 2.8 being "under-powered"; I've owned mine for 6 months and absolutely disagree with that assessment. It goes just fine! I've never been disappointed in the performance of the car, and I'm not always easy to please.

    Now, if the rocket-like acceleration of the 2.7T is what you want, then you'll not be happy with the 2.8, no question about it. If money isn't an object, or if you don't mind paying roughly $4000 - $5000 more for a comparably-equipped 2.7T, buy it and don't look back. You won't regret it, as it's a FABULOUS automobile. On the other hand, if the extra $$$ puts the car out of reach or is too much of a stretch to be comfortable, get the 2.8. Nothing else on the market comes closer to the 2.7T than the 2.8!

    By the way, as if you couldn't tell, ALL A6s are great cars. Regardless of which version you opt for, you'll be getting a car that puts a grin on your face every time you sit in it.

    Good luck, and please keep us posted.

    - Mike
  • A lease on a 2000 will be more than a lease on a 2001 all things being equal.

    An outright purchase on a 2000 will be less than the same for a 2001.

    The 2000 cannot have ESP, it is available on the 2001 (and standard on the 2.7T and 4.2).

    ESP, in my opinion is in the same league as ABS brakes and I would NOT get a 2000 for that reason, but then again I always lease, so the newer car generally is less expensive.

    The 2.7T is fantastic -- acceleration is very strong. Yet, otherwise comparably equipped, the A6 2.8 Q, and the A6 2.7T Q would be hard to differentiate at 80MPH on a freeway. Oh but there is that acceleration when you need it.

    Drive them both, back to back. Make a choice, you won't go wrong.

    That's my 2cents worth.
  • Thank you all for your ever thoughtful responses. As I have gone through the buying process, I read many of the previous posts on this site and found everyone's comments to be well reasoned and insightful.

    I decided on a '00 A6 2.8Q w/ preferred equip pack, cold weather and Bose audio for $35,800. (Seemed like a fair price.) The 2.7T is more engine than I need since 0-60 is not that big of a deal to me. I could not justify the extra $4k.

    I live in the Boston area and based on previous posts going back several weeks I wish to offer a couple of comments on Bernardi (where I didn't purchase the car). The observation I have about them is that they are a very busy dealership due to their location and don't give a good 'casual buying experience'. Getting a salesman's undivided attention was tough so when I called around for '00-s I was not surprised that they said they had been out for a couple of months. I'm getting rid of a Subaru and had it serviced at their Subaru dealership which is next door. They did good, but pricey, repair work at the Subaru shop and I'll probably try them for my Audi maintenance.
  • Help. I was just at a dealer who told me first, that I could not get a 2.8 with the multi-function steering wheel, then after I insisted that it could be ordered, claimed that they only became available in the 2.8 in '01 and that I would need to wait 3-4 months for one! Is this ture? Has anyone out there heard similar stories? I doubt the dealer a little, because they also did not realize the 2.8 was available in Vanilla/Royal Blue interior.
  • I just test drove a 2.7T and my only complaint was that I could not adjust the tilt of the steering wheel high enough so that it wouldn't block my view of the instrument panel. I am 6' tall and needed 1/2" more of tilt for clear vision of the panel.
    Anyone out there with a similar problem or do you think this is an isolated incident?

  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Jim, the dealer is handing you a line of baloney. Here are the facts:

    For the entire model year 2000, the multi-function steering wheel (with illuminated buttons for stereo and in some cases factory phone) was available on the A6 2.8 (and 2.7T) as part of the "Convenience Package" (which also included the power moonroof, memory driver's seat & outside mirrors, auto-dimming inside & outside mirrors, and HomeLink). M.S.R.P. on the package was $1650. Note that ordering the Convenience Package would, by definition, disallow ordering the "Preferred Equipment Package" (leather, moonroof, and HomeLink). If you wanted leather on a car with the Convenience Package, you had to order it as a $1550 stand-alone option.

    I have a model year 2000 A6 2.8Q with the Convenience Package, and I use the steering wheel stereo controls a lot. They're nicely backlit in red and they work well. My car was built in April, 2000 which means that the left and right bottom buttons will control the Audi phone ONLY (which I don't have); without the phone, those buttons are useless (though I recently heard that Audi will soon offer a hands-free adapter that will allow the buttons to work with certain after-market phones). In earlier-built 2000 A6s, however, those bottom buttons control radio (up and down seek of pre-programmed stations) and CD changer (next or previous disc) functions.

    For model year 2001, the wheel in question IS available on the 2.8 as part of the $1025 "Premium Package", which also includes memory for driver and front passenger front seats & outside mirrors, auto-dimming inside & outside mirrors, and xenon headlights. Sadly, this package is not available on cars ordered with the "Celebration Luxury Package" (moonroof, leather, and HomeLink, specially priced at $1975). If you want the Convenience Package, the only way to get leather is as a $1550 stand-alone option. Similarly, the only way to get the moonroof and HomeLink on 2001 cars with the Convenience Package is to order them in the $1200 "Sunroof Package".

    What I've stated here are absolute facts, Jim. Any dealer who tells you otherwise is giving you misinformation. To get a 2001 A6 2.8 (or 2.7T) with the multi-function steering wheel, you need only find one equipped with the Premium Package. It's that simple.

    Hope this helps.

    - Mike
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,652
    Lower the seat all the way, sit far back, and tilt it back a bit. I just get a glimps of all the instruments. 6'3"
  • As the '95 Vette is far faster than the 540i 6spd.

    I feel the same way about my A6 2.7T (TIP!). I ride in a 225HP TT, and I felt my car was much faster. It isn't though.

    Impressions matter.
  • I couldn't agree more -- as I said, I was talking about the feel of the car. Now, even though the Vette is quicker, the 540 would be my current preference of the two -- I "need" a 4 door sedan.

    But WOW, those puppies (BMW 540's) seem to be so much more money than Audi's. A 2000 A6 4.2 "listed" at $48,900 and a 5 series with a six cylinder engine and "all the [similar] goodies" was $49,200 -- comparatively it was not at all quick and was certainly more cramped -- and for me at least, the real selling point was quattro which here in Cincinnati is regularly appreciated both from a safety and a "getting stuck" point of view.

    Yet my friends are just as certain as I am about my Audi, that the BMW's are high value cars, worth every penny.

    Impressions, indeed!
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    ...the "BMW mystique". I don't deny that they have a lot going for them in an absolute sense. They're obviously well-engineered, performance-oriented cars. They handle well and (from all that I've read and heard) have wonderful power trains.

    What I don't understand is why they cost so much
    more than comparable Audis. Maybe BMWs must be
    owned in order to be fully understood and
    appreciated. (I've never owned one.)

    Another thing that I don't understand is their
    "snob factor". From the sound of their
    advertising, it's even as though BMW consciously
    tries to appeal to arrogance! (Just listen to the
    tone of Joseph Campanella's voice in the radio
    commercials.) In my mind, BMW is positioned as the
    car of choice for snobs. That alone is enough to
    make me stay away, regardless of the actual
    attributes of the cars. I just don't want to be
    associated with the marque in any way.
  • tubeytubey Posts: 39
    Mike, I totally agree. However, I believe that in Germany BMW's prestige is matched or equalled by Audi's. It's over here that they seem to have really carved a peerless name for themselves.
  • A big part of how much you can charge for your car is perceived value. BMW thus can charge more, because they have been more consistently exciting and prestigous cars than Audi.

    Now, that doesn't actually address whether you are getting a better car with a BMW than an Audi. But since you really buy a car with very little data to go by (specs plus a test drive), the safer bet can cost more.

    MB makes tons of money this way. You may not get the best car available for the money, but you are fairly certain of what you will get, and that it isn't a lemon.

    What I don't understand about the BMW mystique is how people put them so high on a pedestal that they don't even bother to consider whether another car could equal it.

    Still, there are bigger mistakes in this world to make than spending a little more than you needed to to get a car you like a lot.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Well-put, Gary and Steve. All I know is, to me my "mere" 2000 A6 2.8Q is just about the greatest car in the world. I know that some would disagree, and that's OK. I also know that there are other sedans out there that do some things better, and that's OK, too.

    I look at Audi as a car company that has had to work extremely hard in the past 10 years (since the "fiasco") to show the buying public just what terrific cars they can build. It was a matter of their very survival. In my book, they've succeeded in spades; just look at their entire line. The cars are beautifully styled, brilliantly engineered, and pack a perfect combination of luxury, performance, and sportiness, all at a much more reasonable price than their German (or Swedish) competition. In my book, that makes Audi "The Real Deal".
  • My only BMW was a fabulous '74 2002 - Whatta car! I still miss it. I am sure the new ones are also terrific. But - I've had 4 Audis also, and really enjoyed them as well, but they are different. Here in L.A. there is a negative "stigma" asocciated with "Beemer" owners - I wouldn't have one just for that reason!

    Has anyone explored buying a new Audi in Canada and driving it back? On another forum, one of the posters saved thousands of $$ due to the weak Canadian Dollar, even after paying the small duty at the border. The speedo is in Kph first and Mph second, but you get DRLs! Comments? Seems like it's worth a visit to Vancouver.
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