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Toyota Sequoia Cruise Control

I have a 2010 Sequoia Platinum with 2 problems that I was wondering if anybody else has had.

#1 The cruise control will not stay on if the windshield wipers are on. After about 6 swipes across the windshield with the wipers, the cruise turns off.

#2 the tail pipe has melted the bumper after just 5000 miles. They should have extended the tail pipe past the bumper to help the heat escape but they didn't.

After buying a car valued at $61300.00 I think this is BS

Other than the items listed above I do love the car, but it is thirsty and it has a small gas tank.


  • boxer99boxer99 Posts: 20
    You technically are not supposed to use cruise control when it is raining so it shuts it down. I think this is only on the Plat. due to the Radar Cruise control. As far as the tailpipe, I would take the truck to the dealer and have them fix it. Seems that should be covered under warranty. Good Luck.
  • Option completely failed and stopped working all together on return trip today. Anyone else encountered problems with this feature? Weather was clear. Great feature but wish it didn't break in first 3k. Any thought?
  • I have a 2011 Platinum and my DLCC just stopped working on the way back from a trip as well. A light comes up on the dash saying check cruise system and the criuse in green will flash. The manual says to turn the cruise on and off and it will be fine but it does not work while driving. I turned the key off and back on and the the cruise will say that the radar is ready and will work but then stop. It's pretty random. It will not work more than it works at this point. What did you find out about yours?
  • Dealership is ordering a new part. It has been about 3 weeks and I am bummed as I am headed on a long trip with no cruise. Sounds like you have the same issue. They checked it every which way and have to replace the whole thing. Good luck!
  • Part # they are ordering is 88210-34010
  • Thanks for the info. Ill take it to the dealership this next week. Unfortunately my sequoia only has 500 mi on it. Could you ever get the manual cruise to work? Could you get the cruise to work at all and was it intermitent? Mine will act like it will work and then come up with the check cruise system message when I start to drive. Hope it is similar to your situation. I even tried to reset the ecu but it didn't work. What did they try and how long did it take the dealership to decide to replace it? Thanks
  • EXact same issue as you and no...the cruise will not work at all. It gives you false hop when your in park as it reads CRUSIE READY.
  • ghengiscghengisc Posts: 24
    edited December 2010
    Thanks for the info. Just wanted to know that I wasnt crazy. Do you have any aftermarket add-ons? What explanation did Toyota give you?
  • Only reason they gave was 'falty part'. No aftermarked anything. I have been waiting 3+ weeks for the part to arrive.
  • Took my vehicle to the toyota dealership last week and they fixed the problem. They told me that the laser needed to be re-calibrated and its been working ever since. Wonder if re-calibration meant actually re-calibrating or updating some software on the ecu. Anyway, it has been working fine. How's your going?
  • mudddhmudddh Posts: 8
    Thanks for the heads up. I am still waiting for a "part" but your note makes me wonder if it isn't the same issue. I'll reach out to see if they can investigate. Thanks again.
  • Did both of you get your problem resolved satisfactorily??? I was driving down I95 with my new Sequoia Platinum. The dash board gave me the "Cruise System alert" message and icon. Since then it has not worked... As one of you mentions, it works in the morning but when i try to engage the cruise control it gives me the same message again. I have been given the same explanation that but of you had. They calibrated and did not work. They are waiting a call from Toyota for the fix....
    What is interesting is that when the system crash occurred, the Bluetooth quit working temporarily. It erased all my contacts and speed dials. I corrected it and has not happened again.

    Expecting your prompt answer

  • mudddhmudddh Posts: 8
    Yes. Dealership replaced entire cruise radar (front bumper). Works fine now. Took 7 weeks for part to arrive.
  • bubbedbubbed Posts: 1
    edited May 2011
    I have a 2 week old Sequoia whose radar cruise quit working last night with no warning. The service department today says it looks like a rock hit the radar sensor in the bumper and they are unable to align it. I swear I can see the tiniest spot but can't see how that could cause the system to fail. Anyway, is there any way to default to NORMAL when I activate the cruise control. I am only able to turn on the unit and switch to NORMAL just after starting the engine and still stopped. If I am driving at all, the unit automatically switches on to RADAR and gives the error light and CHECK CRUISE SYSTEM. Needless to say, I am frustrated. Since "it was caused by a rock", Toyota won't warranty it and they estimate a couple of grand to fix it. HELP!! If I could just ditch the radar crap I would be happy with normal cruise control. :sick:
  • mudddhmudddh Posts: 8
    No. No bypass is available. I think it is an excuse. The radar controlled cruise is glitchy and they are not admitting it. Under warranty so have them replace the unit. Had mine 3 months ago. Works fine now.
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