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2010 2.5L Golf or the 2010 GTI

Looking at both the 2.5L Golf and the 2010 GTI. I like the amenities of the GTI (turbo, touch screen radio, 6cd changer, fog lights...etc). However, even the dealer told me it was overpriced. The Golf interior seems a little dated in terms of sound/music/bluetooth...etc. Also, the Golf can't add navigation or CD changer (dealer tried and it didn't work). Should I stick with the Golf or spend the extra money on the GTI??


  • I'd go with the GTI if I had the money. Let me explain:

    I own a 2010 Golf 2.5L. It is pretty bare bones expect for the addition of bluetooth. I am OK with it since I use it only as a commuter car, but I could not stand it if this was my only car. My friend has the 2010 GTI and it is lot nicer. I added a 7-inch Magellan navigation system and got it installed by Best Buy. It serves its purpose, but is nowhere as nice as the factory built-in Nav system in the GTI.

    Bottom line - if you want an economy car and don't care about the bells-and-whistles, get the Golf. You can add a Nav or Bluetooth if you want for very little money. If you want a fully-equipped car with a finished look, get the GTI.

    One piece of advice: Do not get the larger wheels on the GTI. Combined with the stiffer suspension, the larger wheels make the ride too stiff for extended drives.
  • lynn59lynn59 Posts: 3
    Thanks so much for your reply. I totally agree. However, I had to make a decision last week and I got an incredible deal on the 2010 2.5L with bluetooth, sunroof, heated seat package. I would be interested to know more about the navigation package you installed (where to they put it and is it better than a Garmin) and if there is anyway to upgrade the music system. I am particularly interested in a 6cd changer. Thanks again!
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