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Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Announcement

scecilscecil Posts: 3
Jeep is going to offer a GC with a diesel engine in 2013. Thoughts about waiting for the diesel for much better fuel economy or stick with the current V6?

Links to announcements: okee-diesel/1 adds-1100-jobs-in-detroit-153707.html


  • Wait. Find out just how much they will dumb it down. The european cycle diesel would get somewhere between 39 and 42 mpg here. So what will they offer us???????
  • scecilscecil Posts: 3
    My thinking exactly. Mileage should be great, but what will the purchase price premium be? And when during the model year will it come out: early or late?

    If they use the same engine that is in the European vehicles then it will be a known commodity, just sold here in the US which should give is solid insight into reliability.

    I hope more info comes out sooner rather than later!
  • steverstever Viva Las CrucesPosts: 49,083
    edited January 2012
    After following the Who is Happy with their Jeep Liberty CRD? discussion for a while, potential buyers may want to wait a bit to see how the US version of the JGC shakes out.

    The engine in the Liberty was a known commodity too, but left quite a few unhappy CRD owners in its wake.

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  • scecilscecil Posts: 3
    I've been following that thread as well.

    From the announcements in the various automotive press, Jeep is currently building European Grand Cherokee's with diesel engines in the same plant they will build the ones for the US. This is why Chrysler is planning to hire 1,100 people.

    Anyone know of forums about the European JGC experience? Since we are likely to get the same basic vehicle (with emissions changes), then the European feedback should be able to advise what ours will be like.
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