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1999 Mazda Protege DX automatic transmission problems

sunflower8sunflower8 Posts: 1
I have a 1999 Mazda Protege DX that has error codes PO731 and PO732. The car starts out running great but 3 blocks in and the o/d light starts flashing and the car seems to stick in 3rd gear. If I only drive 30-45 miles an hour it runs great but it won't shift into 4th gear.

The mechanic said I need a new transmission for around 2500-2800 dollars.
We took off the pan today and changed the fluid and added the Lucas transmission treatment fluid and it ran great 3 times around the block and then back to the same old problem.

Any advice on what to check next before replacing the transmission?


  • evgodevgod Posts: 4

    the pcu under the ashtry.

  • evgodevgod Posts: 4

    dont pay them to do the transmission it might not even fix it.

  • evgodevgod Posts: 4

    transmission shops always say you need a new transmission.

  • skyltsemskyltsem Grand Rapids, MIPosts: 3

    Check transmission fluid. If that is full, try changing the fuel filter. It could be starving for gas, and trying to shift but can't. It could also be the speed sensor, or shift solenoid.

    Skyline Transmission Repair
    North East Citizens Action, Grand Rapids
    Michigan- 49525
    Phone number- (616) 200-8111

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