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Acura TSX Rattles and Noises

leftfield1leftfield1 Posts: 8
Been driving a TSX for two months now. Have noticed an annoying rattle coming from the passenger door area. I cannot pinpoint the exact source of the noise, but when I roll the window down even a crack, the rattle ceases. Anyone else experiencing this? Any ideas of what is causing this? For a new car that otherwise has a solid feel, I find this quite annoying.


  • ebeneben Posts: 26
    I replied earlier, but broke a forum rule by referencing another auto forum; my bad. Other owners in that forum found that "dyna-matting" (sp?) inside the doors was effective. However, many may not be comfortable taking door panels off to install. Surely you're still under warranty, so I'd bring it to your dealer's attention.
  • Well, well... the folks at my neighborhood Acura dealership are having trouble isolating the rattle eminating from my front, passenger door when I go roll over any type of rough road, when a string bass plays on my stereo, or when a bus, 18-wheeler, or even diesel truck rolls by me. They can reproduce the rattle, but are unable to find anything to correct it.

    What is the best manner to contact Acura to start a "case" on this? I have a feeling mine won't be the only TSX who drops by the service department to have this fixed.
  • damorminodamormino Posts: 82
    I went to the Acura website and selected "About Acura" and "Customer Services". Among other information, I found:
    Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Standard time at the toll-free number (800) 382-2238

    BY FAX
    (310) 783-3535

    Acura Client Services
    1919 Torrance Blvd.
    Torrance, CA 90501-2746

    Call them and tell them that you have a problem with your new Acura that the Dealer has not solved and you want to start a case. If they can't or won't help you, tell them that since neither the Dealer nor the manufacturer can help you, you are going to your State Attorney General's office with the problem. (Hopefully you don't have to get this nasty.)

    The other way I have been able to find out how to start a case is by calling the dealer and asking to speak with the regional manager. They'll either give you a contact, or tell you that it is against their policy - in which case they will give you the correct contact at Acura for starting a case. Good luck.
  • longball1longball1 Posts: 1
    Has anyone every experienced a creaking noise when they turn right or left? Besides the creaking noise, I am very happy with the car.

    I had it in for service and the dealer replaced the front damper; however, the noise is still there.

    Any thoughts??
  • kimbo5kimbo5 Posts: 2
    Hi leftfield1: be sure to have the dealer "insulate" the door panel. I had the same problem, and it is caused by something to do with the airbag...I am hoping this insulation does not interfere with safety, but this seems to have solved the rattle.
  • tsostsos Posts: 2
    Japan has got to know about the rattles by now. Stands to reason that if there's an easy fix at production time, they would have started to implement it.

    This may be a bit of wishful thinking on my part, as my order for a MS/6sp/NN (v. hard to find for some reason) isn't scheduled for delivery until Dec.

    So, is there any evidence that the rattles are worse in the early production cars, and have gotten better over time?
  • and it has zero rattles. I had the slight buzz in the pass. door that everybody complains about (only heard it when the stereo was blasting and the bass was high). But, the dealer fixed that very quickly.

    Also, the fault tolerances are ridiculously low (seams are very tight) so that the gasket on the sunroof shade is close to the window. For a while, when I went over bumps, I could hear the sunroof shade creak. I fixed that with a little silcone spray.

    Now, the vehicle is 100% rattle free and solid as hell.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    How many of you TSX owners have problems with rattles in the front doors when you drive over certain types of pavement or when you have the sound system turned up?

    I recently bought the Lord of the Rings soundtrack and the door panels rattle and vibrate excessively at moderate volume levels (20-30) on some bass-heavy tracks. Some AM talk radio programs also cause door-panel rattles. It's quite annoying.

    I am hoping to have this problem investigated and fixed by the dealer, and I was just curious to see if anyone else has had similar issues.
  • I bought my TSX in early August, there were a few rattles in the doors around the speakers but over time they have just deminished, they are non-existant. The weather has turned colder here out East and I have noticed that while it is warming up it rattles some, but after a few minutes it is a dream, I love it.......
  • typeetypee Posts: 11
    We have had our TSX for just 3,000 miles, and are pleased with it. Prior car was '95 Accord sedan, and objective for us with new car is always increase in quality, performance, safety and fuel economy. Thus far, the TSX fits the bill.

    Only issue thus far is rattle from RF passenger door, which appeared shortly after delivery. We are living with it for the time being, hoping that when we take the car in for a fix that the dealer will know exactly what to do to resolve.

    Any other comments out there from TSX owners on their door rattle experiences and dealer responses?
  • normanjnormanj Posts: 10
    My TSX has 2,500 miles and I have a rattle in the right passanger door, sunroof, and a creak comming from the dashboard when going over bumps. The creak has just showed up about 1 week ago and has been getting worse.
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    My TSX is at the dealer right now for some relatively minor issues (power seat grinds when moving forward and back, and the armrest bin slides too easily). When I spoke with the service advisor at my dealership about the door panel rattles, he told me that it was a known problem and that Acura (Corp) is trying to figure out how to fix it. This dealer had already tried to resolve the problem on other customers' cars on their own accord, but had no success; so they're waiting for advice from corporate and are not attempting to repair cars with rattles until they get the "word from above".

    I was told to check back in a month or two to see if a solution has been found. Until then I am forced to deal with buzzy, rattling, vibrating door panels when I listen to the radio! I sure hope they find a solution soon!

    (BTW, my build # is 4614, and I have 5400 miles so far.)
  • typeetypee Posts: 11
    My wife just permitted me to drive her car for the purposes of further identifying the door "rattle" she says is driving her crazy. I would describe it as more of a high-pitched buzz. It is not continuous, and not apparently related to the stereo being on or off. It is irritating.

    I called the dealer after my last post. A very informed service advisor told me that they would be pleased to tackle it now, or I could wait until an advisory comes out, which they expect soon. He stated that Acura is well aware of the problem, and will have a "fix" for it available shortly.

    Other than the noise in the door, what a great car. Very solid, quiet on the road, responsive, comfortable and economical. Thus far, gas mileage averages 1.5 mpg better than our prior vehicle, a much-loved 1995 Accord 4 cylinder automatic. I still wish it ran on 87 octane, but I knew that going in. No regrets about the purchase.

    Is my description of the door noise consistent with what others are experiencing?
  • xplorx4xplorx4 Posts: 621
    Your description is consistent with what I hear. The "buzzing" occurs when the sound system is turned up, using high bass (+4) and when certain music tracks are bass-heavy. It also occurs on certain types of road surfaces (esp when the asphalt surface is coarse, such as when it's scraped prior to resurfacing).

    I went so far as to write down which CD tracks and what stereo settings produce the problem so I would not be told "could not reproduce" by my dealer.
  • pixmanpixman Posts: 3
    I have had the TSX for about a month. The car doesn't like the cold temperatures. When it is cold in the mornings, there is a popping or creaking in the passenger side dash against the windshield. It makes a noise on every slight bump. BUT...when the weather is warm, the creak goes away. Nothing seems to help. The car feels solid but this is not something I am going to live with. I'll try the dealer next. Am I expecting too much?
  • inky4inky4 Posts: 238
    Right on Pixman. 80 degrees driving home on sunny day--no noise. 40 degree cold morning--Sounds like a ghost, rck, bzz, pop. 03 Accord had no such woes.
    1. Windshield pop/creak in cold weather very universal
    2. RF speaker buzz seems universal.
    Universal to me means very common not 100%
  • typeetypee Posts: 11
    Decided not to wait for the Acura engineers to come up with an "approved" fix for the right door buzz discussed above, as it was quite annoying. Local Acura dealer technician diagnosed and resolved in one hour. Two days of driving on all road surfaces, and my sensitive-eared spouse reports no buzz.
  • My Acura dealer was able to resolve it very easily.
  • I own an 03 Accord with a "J" VIN number that I beleive is experiencing the same problem what is described above. I wonder if the "J" Accords are manufactured in the same plant as the TSX's. My Accord get's the buzzing noise at 50-60 mph. I've brought the car back to the dealer more than 4 times already and they can't find a solution. I wonder if these are the same issues.
  • I doubt that the problems would be attributed to one plant, the Accord is manufactured in North America while the TSX is 100% made in Japan.
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