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Daewoo Lanos

pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
Here is the new place to discuss the Daewoo Lanos.


Thanks for your participation. ;-)


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  • jkotjkot Posts: 6
    Just a note for those interested in purchasing a Lanos.

    A few weeks back I purchased a New 2001 Lanos Sport (Just like the one on the post above). I paid $12,032.00 including the Destination charge and the "Optional" custom floor mats. ($13,500.00 sticker with these items). Several dealers said there was no discounts off the $13,500.00 stickers price. They said it is a low priced car with no margin for discount. However I did some research and invoice on this car is $11,400 + $430.00 destination charge + 53.00 for the Floor mats (dealer cost) + $200.00 for advertising fee's. That's $12,083.00 as true Dealer cost.

    I chose the car for it's standard features plus I liked it's "sporty" appeal. I looked at ALL the comperable models. (Toyota Echo, Mitsubishi Mirage, Honda Civic, Ford Focus, Hyundai, etc..)No one, offered similar features for a price close to Daewoo. Comparable models in other brands with the same features were SEVERAL thousand more. ( if they even offered them) Some of the Standard features on the sport are...

    Power windows
    Premium Stereo (CD and Cassette player)
    Intermittent Wipers including Rear wiper
    Power door lock
    "Leather seats" (yeah, That right leather!)
    Leather wrapped steering wheel
    Air Condition
    Power passenger side Mirror
    Driver and passenger air bags

    Daewoo, not being real well known, I was very hesitant before making my final decision. I read customer feedback on every "board" like this one before making my purchase. Overall, most if not all Daewoo owners reported Great feedback.

    Now that I have bought my Lanos, I can report that I made the right choice. This is a great car. Daewoo has the potential to become a contender in the US auto market. The initial quality is way better than KIA for the same money, and styling, performance and handling is better than Hyundai. However, this car doesn't deserve to be in the same catagory as Kia or Hyundai. They should be compared with other "imports" and not with just the "Korean" manufacturers.

    I would have no problems recomending a Daewoo to anyone. My advice is take one for a test drive. You will be pleasantly supprised.
  • richardirichardi Posts: 4
    Hi all:

    I am shopping around for a new car and fell in love with the Daewoo Lanos Hatchback. It really fits my personality-trust me. However, I live in Burlington, Vermont and have yet to see anyone driving a Daewoo. Does anyone know if there is a Daewoo dealership in Vermont? I know that this car is for me. Merci, Ricardo
  • jkotjkot Posts: 6
    Not sure if there is a dealer in Vermont, but you can do a search on their website for a dealer in your area.

    Good luck. You'll love the car.
  • mjmmjm Posts: 2
    Hey Richardi, the Goss Dodge dealer on Shelburne Road is a Daewoo dealer. A good friend is in the process of picking up one from Earth Cars.
  • richardirichardi Posts: 4
    Thanks for the information on the Daewoo Hatch back in Vermont!! I went out to Gauss Dealership in Burlington a couple of weeks ago after they closed on Sunday. I had a chance to really get a good look at he Daewoo-taking notes etc. After leaving the Gauss, I felt a sense of real excitement about this car. I will test drive the Lands in a couple of weeks after the weather has settled down some (meaning no more snow).

    I do have two questions please. My colleagues keep telling me that the Daewoo will not be good for the type of snow that we get here in Vermont. Does in anyone have experience driving a Daewoo in snowy or very cold conditions? Also does the car have front or rear wheel drive? Merci, Ricardo
  • richardirichardi Posts: 4
    Hi all: I am not sure what happened. But Gauss in my last posting should read Goss and Lands should read Lanos. Merci, Ricardo
  • fax1fax1 Posts: 11
    Hey man, the wife and I (newlyweds) own a 2000 celica, we decided we needed a 2nd car, now we live in WV granted the snow isn't as common here, but we did get alot of snow, we purchased a 2000 lanos S in feb of 2001, we got a great deal, just under 7,500 on it, because it was already a year old, and i have to say i was VERY VERY impressed with the car in the snow, the one thing that i would change about my Lanos however, is the size of the cupholders!!! they will hold a soda can just right, but don't get anything larger than a medium when you are in the drive through at mc-d's...but we are trading the celica in for the larger model, so we will be the proud owners of 2 new daewoos, they are great.
  • How is this car for tall drivers? Mostly I am interested in whether there is enough head room since I like sitting pretty close to the steering wheel anyway.

    So, how's the headroom on this car?
  • I bought a Lanos base model/standard version (not a sport model) 2 days ago- I'm 6'3" tall, and it has plenty of headroom for me...I have a bad neck, so believe me, I'd tell you if it didn't. I wish it had a few inches more width in the floor board, but the seat is very comfortable. I got it for a great price and I'm very pleased with the quality of the vehicle. The steering is exceptional, and was what I noticed most about it on my initial test drive.
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    I have created a board where people can discuss/compare my car (the Toyota Echo) versus any other car they want. Just wanted you to know that I am in the process of posting a comparison of my car versus the Daewoo Lanos S hatchback.

    Would love to have an actual owner of this particular model join in.

    The title of the discussion is Toyota Echo vs. ??? and can be found in the Sedan versus Sedan comparison section of townhall.
  • zzonkzzonk Posts: 6
    I bought my 5-speed 2000 Daewoo Lanos hatchback with a/c last September. The car now has 17,700 miles and will be going in for its 18K tune-up later this month. I've tried to keep this group informed about my experience with my Lanos since I bought it.

    In general, the car is still running very well. I have not had any problems with it at all. After its fourth oil change (at about 12,000 miles), I noticed the gas mileage jumped up considerably from about 28mpg to 33mpg. I've gotten as much as 35mpg when I drive at about 65 or so. I believe it's possible to drive more than 400 miles on one tank of gas, but I don't want to take that chance.

    Every time I have taken my car back to the dealer for its routine maintenance, I have not had any problems with customer service whatsoever.

    Here are some of my observations:

    1. The fuel gauge can be a little misleading because the needle may look like it's barely above empty, but you may really have about four gallons of gas left. The low fuel indicator light DOES come on when you're under 2 gallons though. It's an orange light (gas pump symbol) that appears on the upper left/center of the dashboard.

    2. The engine power is reduced CONSIDERABLY when you have the a/c on. This is perhaps the only major gripe I have with my Lanos. I live in South Carolina, and the heat and humidity are OPPRESSIVE. But the car is MUCH weaker and MUCH more sluggish when the air is on.

    3. I sometimes have a very difficult time shifting from 1st to 2nd. I also experience difficulty sometimes shifting into reverse. I don't know if this is a regular linkage problem that plagues all manual transmissions, but it has caused me to strip my gears from time to time. I'm going to have that examined when I get my car serviced later this month.

    In general, I still like my Lanos very much. It's a good car for anyone who is just starting out. I'm 24 with no wife and no kids, so legroom in the backseat is a nonissue. (I'm 6 feet tall and got in the backseat and found I couldn't even put the driver's seat back all the way because it bumped into my legs.)

    However, I'm already thinking about my next vehicle. I think I may get a VW Golf with the turbo diesel engine. It actually has a smaller cabin than the Lanos, but it offers A LOT more features, such as cruise control and a tachometer. It's also much more powerful.

    I still enthusiastically recommend the Lanos to anybody who is just getting started. If you're single or married or a student and have no kids, this is a good car. It's cheap to buy, cheap to insure, and a good bargain for your money.
  • blackmr2blackmr2 Posts: 3
    First time here, so forgive me if i repeat subjects or comments.
    I was looking at Daewoo's website and and the Lanos seems to have a sunroof. However, this option does not appear anywhere on Daewoo's literature. Are they just ommiting it? probably not... So, why does the car on the picture have one? anybody?

    Also, the alloy wheels seem nice -small, but nice. Are they white 5-spokes? That's how they appear to be on my computer screen at least.

    Last question, for now :) I know this is not the type of car, but does anyone know of any existing aftermarket upgrades to extract a few more much needed horses?

    Thank you all for your comments!!
  • ms_joannems_joanne Posts: 69
    I heard GM was buying them, too. What's the real deal? What about warranty? There is still one open near me...all the others closed. I was really surprised to see them still in business. Any thoughts?
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    Daewoo is bankrupt and there are negotiations going on for the company to be sold to GM.

    Up until yesterday, GM had not publicly commented on the negotiations. Although, GM did not make much of a comment, in my opinion, yesterday. The person quoted basically said that the talks were sensitive and GM was still looking at what kind of future Daewoo had if GM bought them.

    The dealerships closing may not be directly attributable to the parent company's troubles.

    Given all the uncertainty, I think it would be prudent to wait to purchase any Daewoo product.

    For a thriving discussion on this topic, click on News and Views at the Town hall main board and look for the thread entitled Daewoo bankruptcy.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Daewoo hasn't done much of anything to the website since they created it back in 99. The 99 Lanos hatchback and the 99-00 sedan did indeed offer a power sunroof, so that is where the picture is coming from. The 01 Lanos no longer offers the sunroof, at least not in the US. The 5-spoke alloys are painted silver, not white. Hope that helps!
  • blackmr2blackmr2 Posts: 3
    I do recall sunroofs being an option back then, but i think it is interesting that the picture of the Lanos Sport has one though... they didn't have Lanos Sport back in 99 right? maybe it is a picture from non-US market 01 Lanos Sport.

    How about aftermarket mods? any info?

    thanks again.
  • fax1fax1 Posts: 11
    has anyone else had a problem with a leaky ac keeps the passanger side of the car soaked..not to mention the hedious odor courtesy of the water and heat..however..i still praise the 4dr is very roomy..and has more than enough may not go 0-60 in 5.2 but it handles well at speeds in excess of 100mph...
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    It sounds like a drain hose is clogged in some way. What does your dealer say?
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Either the drain hose for the evaporator has been dislodged and is thus dropping water directly into the interior or it is blocked and the unit has filled up with water and is overflowing into the interior. Tha latter is worse because it can cause the evaporator to rust and eventually form a freon leak. Get it taken are of! It's a real simple fix.
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