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Electrical Nightmare.

animal60animal60 Posts: 1
edited January 2014 in Chevrolet

I bought a used 2004 colorado LS 4X4 crew cab, on the way home it all started check engine light (keep in mind 175 miles from home) I noticed the light about 100 miles into my return trip,Oh did i mention i bought the truck on saturday, come monday off to work with many calls to the dealer in which after there song and dance I think I could teach John Travolta some moves,the dealer said come on back(but since the phone call and driving home abs fault came up) so another phone call back to the dealer, all that they would do is return $400.00 for the fuel presure module, I got into my truck heading to my mechanic and abs fault went out(never to return that was 9 months ago) The problem now is no lights by head light control, no lights hazard button, no lights by heater controls, and last but not least no left tail light. I checked the fuse box for back up light fuse which burned out earlier & replaced, BUT NO TAIL LIGHT FUSE TO BE FOUND, NO FUSE FOR OTHER LIGHTS THAT WERE MENTIONED ABOVE, EVERYTHING IS IN SOME UN GODLY CODE. TRUST ME THERE ARE MUCH MORE FRONT END REPAIRS TO BE DONE AS WELL. but for now HELP. :@

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