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2011 Chevy Impala - Service Stabilitrak - Reduced Engine Power

scotsmanusascotsmanusa Posts: 4
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Hi all,

As I see on the forums there are many issues with what seems to be the Throttle Body, sensor etc.
Here is my wonderful story and I will be updating regularly in the next few days. I will add that I commute at least 2 hours per day and rely heavily on my car for work and to take care of my 2 children - 1 of which is special needs.

2011 Chevy Impala LS
61K miles (90% of which were highway)
Running full synthetic oil - changed every 5-6K miles


Left work last night and not driving for more than 30 seconds when the engine light came on followed quickly by what can only be described and mild to moderate jack hammering of the car and the reduced power to engine message.
I pulled over, checked the manual - then Google/Edmunds which brought me here.


I got a ride home after securing the vehicle and came back this morning. Got it towed to the dealership and was told that it was out of bumper to bumper warranty and that it wouldn't be covered under the Powertrain warranty if it was the throttle body or any of the associated sensors.

I'm currently awaiting the call back from the dealership regarding the diagnostic result ($125) and will post everything as it becomes available in an attempt to help anyone else having a similar issue.

It's a shame too - after the research I had done on this car I thought it would be more reliable than my old 2005 Ford Focus. But since May 2013 I've now been left dead by the side of the road twice... first time with a blown thermostat!

So - as I said - waiting on service calling me back. I've also taken the liberty of emailing with the details of the vehicle. I'm trying to take a positive approach to this in the hope GM customer Service will pull through for one of its customers... I can only hope they do!

Good luck and safe driving! Updates coming soon!

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  • So I sent a little email to GM regarding this issue and my situation.

    90 minutes after sending the email I received a call from a GM customer service rep that passed me through to a district agent. Linda (the agent) was exceptionally nice, took the details of the issues I'm having as well as previous issues with the vehicle (blown thermostat), contact info for the dealership/service center I dropped the car off at etc.

    She said she'd contact the service center directly to follow through and see what could be done with my case.

    Upon hanging up the service center called and confirmed that it is indeed the throttle body, that it isn't covered under the 5 year/100K powertrain (as of 2010 on all models apparently) and that it would be $650 out the door for parts & labor.

    At this time as I need the vehicle I've approved the work and will be picking it up on Saturday as I'm currently travelling for work... more updates to follow!

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  • Follow-up as of today (Day 3)...

    No return call from the GM district rep but got a call today to say my vehicle had been repaired, that the GM rep had called the shop directly and that GM has discounted the cost of the repairs.

    Initial cost was an even $650 + tax ($679)
    Discounted cost is $571.98.

    At this point I'll be forking out the money as I need my car back. Not sure if anyone else has attempted to contact GM with any similar results - would be good to hear from you if you did!


  • I have the same issue with my 2011 Impala LT. Bought used in 2012, I drive quite a bit, have put approx 30K miles on the car in two years. I have had the same issue as discussed off an on for the entire time I have owned the vehicle. Fortunately, it has never happened while I am driving down the interstate yet. I have found that if I pull over and shut the car off for about 10 minutes, the system seems to "reset" and the error is gone and the vehicle drives normally. The Check Engine light stays on and then goes off in a day or two. I have not taken it to the dealer for service, because, frankly, I can't afford it right now. Especially if I am going to have to take it back several times to resolve the issue
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