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New alternator and battery, but no charge to the battery? ECM maybe? Saturn Vue.

mtgsourcemtgsource Posts: 1
edited July 2014 in Saturn

Well, here's what happened. I was driving the truck (2006 Saturn Vue 2WD 3.5L) in town and all of the sudden the AC stopped blowing cold air and just blew normal warm outside air. Then the Battery dash light came on, the the ABS dash light came on, then the Seatbelt light came on and we both were wearing them. I lost power steering and it became very "jerky"as if it were only being assisted a little bit here and there. I swung the truck into Advance Auto Parts (how lucky). The dash lights were kind of coming on and then go out and come back on again. The truck then stalled in park gear. I tried to restart, but the battery was dead. I had Advance check the battery and they said it was good, but the alternator was bad coming in at a low voltage of 6.5. An auto repair shop was across the street and they helped me to get it there. They checked the battery and the alternator and came up with the same conclusion except that the battery was bad and it also had a battery that was too small in CCA for the truck. Supposedly the battery should have been around 650 CCA and there was only a 550 CCA installed. Anyways, I got a new alternator from Advance and the repair shop put in a new battery to go with it, but when testing they found that there is no charge going to the battery from the alternator? What? They just got done checking all of the ground wiring from the alternator to the starter and from the starter to the battery and it was clean. They said they used a Power Probe machine tester to check for electrical continuity and everything came back good. They did say that it most likely is in the ECM. There is also a BCM isn't there? What do the both control and what is their difference? Do i need to get an ECM flashed and reprogrammed if I find one? Which ECMs can I use and if so, can they just pop in into the truck and have it work?

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