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Ford Mustang (2005 and Newer)



  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,893
    I hadn't driven a Mustang in a while before I drove the '05.

    On an absolute basis, the manual and the clutch in the Mustang GT was probably the 2nd best I've ever driven. The absolute best was in an RX8. That's high praise.

    The clutch take up is creamy and smooth. The shifter is beefy, yet precise with a very nice feel.

    5th gear is indeed tall. I wouldn't use it anywhere but on the interstate. Anything up to about 50 MPH, 4th is fine.

    The ride quality is what first struck me about the Mustang. It's great for "point and shoot" manuevers. The body/chassis is very stiff and doesn't lean or squat. It's no mean feat to have the body be so rigid yet the ride be so compliant. You aren't going to mistake the ride for a Lincoln, but you aren't going to experience any sharp bumps through the structure either. It absorbs broken pavement very well without upsetting the suspension. It stays planted.

    I'd go out on limb and say this is the best "ride/handling" trade-off certainly of any U.S. branded car I've driven. You know exactly what the car is doing when driving.

    Ford and GM, for so long, have either made the ride so "hard" in their performance vehicles, that they'd punish you to get decent handling. Or, they made suspensions to offer a cushy ride at the expense of feeling "wallowy".

    The Mustang will have none of that.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,893
    Got a message from another enthusiast who took their Mustang GT from the showroom to the track...bone mods.....stock M&S tires......this is what he ran.....

    2.097 60Ft.
    8.857 1/8th Mile
    13.638 1/4 Mile @104.473

    Considering the professional drivers from the trade rages are getting 13.5 sec 1/4s, these are good number for an amatuer.
  • seminole_kevseminole_kev Posts: 1,722
    I think that's the highest trap speed I've seen for a stock new Mustang, but I haven't really been checking in to it too much either.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,893
    IIRC....the guy who ran it really did no break-in, which is cause for a lot of debate, too.

    He said he wanted to get a baseline on what the Mustang GT would do stock. I think he ran those numbers the 3rd time he ran it at the track. He's planning on modding it with "summer" tires. He's also looking into some exhaust mods and a "tune" of the PCM.

    While I swore I wouldn't track mine, I'm beginning to get the "itch".
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    No problem with a few WOT runs on a relatively new engine. In fact it's probably good for it. At Wixom they do WOT runs on a chassis dyno for every new LS that rolls off the line.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,893
    Lots of debate about break-in. Manufacturers (at least GM and Ford) don't seem to indicate there's anything special about break-in. Just vary speeds for a particular mileage limit.

    Personally, I think varying RPMs under different load conditions would be a more precise description of how to "break-in" a car.

    Truth told, for the last 10 years, I've done little in the way of "special" break-in for any new car. By the way I drive (mostly city), I vary RPMs and speed, so by definition, I vary speeds and RPMs. I've yet to have any major problem with any manufacturer's model for well over 100,000 miles.

    That said, I'm probably subconciously more "gentle" on the car for about the first 500 miles. After that, I start to "open it up". After 750 miles, I'll run'em to redline regularly.

    The Mustang GT just seems to beg you to get into the upper rev range anyway. My previous RX8 was the same way. It almost "dared" me to take it to redline when I drove it off the new car lot.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,893
    Not too shabby....taking 3 of the top 4 spots and up against the likes of Porsche and BMW.
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    Don't get too carried away. It's great but also remember that they add and subtract weight from the cars to try and keep the field equal. I'm sure the mustangs will get more weight as they did after they won the first race.
  • pumpkinfishpumpkinfish Posts: 61
    I wish I had a Cammer :shades:
  • akirbyakirby Posts: 7,622
    You can if you have about $15K lying around.
  • Just got back from the dealer. My order is in. Screaming Yellow Gt
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    the past 2 weeks, two GT convertibles have been offered for sale for $38,000, brand new ones, with build dates of April, 05, yellow and Lime Green. No bids over $35,000 so far though.
  • dispencer1dispencer1 Posts: 489
    Has anyone compared the ride of the Solara SLE convertible and the V6 Mustang convertible? I made the mistake of buying a 2006 SLE without trying out the Mustang and obviously this small town Toyota dealer didn't have a Solara I could drive. All the automobile writers stressed the "smooth" ride. They must have last driven a Yugo. Actually the Yugo probably rides better. The Solara ride is too stiff - you feel every pebble. It doesn't feel like the car has any shocks. It makes a nice static display though. Hopefully I'll be able to dump it this fall . At least I'll drive a Mustang convertible before I buy one.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    From all accounts that I've seen, the Solora should ride like a creampuff.

    Check your tire pressures. Cars are typically shipped with tire pressures pumped up to astronomical pressures to help prevent damage during shipping. If the dealer failed to adjust the pressures during the dealer prep, the car will indeed ride like a rock.
  • oldboboldbob Posts: 41
    check latest Consumer Reports.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 6,893
    Took my first road trip with my Mustang GT. In a word, the car was WONDERFUL!

    Went to the KY DERBY (what beautiful scenery along the way)....about a 300 mile round trip.

    First, travelling on the interstate was very comfortable. The suspension did a great job. While you won't mistake it for a Lincoln, even the winter ravishes of the interstate couldn't faze the suspension. It handled all rough patches with firm, yet very controlled motions. Everything stayed firmly planted, even over the roughest roads. In 5th gear, cruising at 80 MPH, the engine sound was there, but muffled to a low grumble along the way. Shaker provided great entertainment while crusing on I71. A rush of speed for passing was always readily available with a little push of the accelerator.

    Where it got even more fun was on the back roads (courtesy of directions from my "host" to stay out of traffic). Passing horse farms all along the way, along with the twisties going through lush greenery of the horse farms, showed the Mustang in the best light. This car can handle anything almost effortlessly. It stays on track no matter how the road twists and turns. Steering was quick and accurate. You point it, it goes where you want it with no lag or protests....and it does so quickly.

    Seats were very comfy for a long drive. Windows were down along the back roads and listening to the roar of the engine bounche off the barns is a sound I won't soon forget.

    Coming out of corkscrew roads onto straight aways were a blast. Taking right or left hand turns in 2nd and then leveling into the evenutual straightaways were a blast as I planted my foot firmly into the gas, and let it rip. With the sound of the engine grwoling away and instantaneous build up of hellacious speed, always brought a big smile on my face.

    I parked away from the track in one of the way overpriced front yards of a family who was selling them as parking spaces. A most pleasant experience transpired at that point. They told me to park in front of the line and then the most unexpected thing happened. When I was ready to plunk down the $20 for the parking space, the matriarch of the family told me "no charge". Asking why, she said she loved the car and was glad to let me park it so they could get a closer look for a couple of hours. I was a little "nervous" about this arrangement. I gave her $20 anyway and told her the money was for "protection". She laughed as a gaggle of people started surrounding the car for a "look see". What I will assume were her teen brood came by to "shoo away" the on-lookers.

    While you can read about Derby Day in your local newspaper (on a whim, I placed a $20 bet on Giacomo to win....for no other reason than I had an Uncle named Giacomo), the day was perfect for the Derby. Unfortunately, that was the only ticket I cashed the entire day.

    I came back to my car to find about 15 people around it (with the "parking attendants" keeping them at bay). The question I got asked the most was...."is this the new Mustang?". Playfully, I said "'s the new Oldsmobile".

    The trip home was just a fun as the trip down....probably a little moreso since I had some winnings in my pocket.

    I got 24 MPG....even with a goodly amount of back road driving. The only downside is the Mustang needs a wash. There are fingerprints all over the surface and the windows.

    Amazing day.....amazing car.....amazing experience.....amazing trip!
  • nvbankernvbanker Posts: 7,285
    Thanks for sharing.......
  • liveoakieliveoakie Posts: 17
    Yesterday a.m started out with my two daughters fightin about who gets to sit on which side.(backseat of my 05 sonic blue GT) So im stressin out already.(great start for a sat morn) anyway we go and run errands and such. come home and im still pissed at my girls (17yrs and 10yrs) I tell em to go upstairs and clean their rooms, bathroom etc. I dont want to see or hear either one of you for awhile. So i go out and do some yardwork have a couple of beers mow the yards and im looking at my car in the garage. Time to go for a ride! The road from my house runs west toward the sac river and when ya get a few miles from town it has some nice corners, 10 and 15mph (ya right!) corners and some esses. it goes on for about 6 or 7 miles. well i went and pushed the mustang thru some of those corners and WOW that was a total blast!!!! I havent really pushed the car since ive had it. Im tellin ya that was awesome!! im ready to do some more. except its raining. that might make it more interestin! That was great therapy!!! much needed stress relief!!!!!! Im looking in a mag at the new GT500's about got the wife talked into one. I need more power! My GT has 3.31 gears has anyone done a gear change if so how did it work out? Im thinkin of goin to 3.5 like the manual trans GT's have.Or even to 3.73. gimme some feedback.
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