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2007 Suzuki XL7



  • guxuguxu Posts: 32
    During the whole trip, the gas mileage is consistent. At 50-60 mph speed, it has the best gas mileage, above 24 mpg. The overall gas mileage is about the same as my 2001 CRV, which is much smaller with a weak engine. (We had a 1,600-mile trip with that CRV two months ago.)

    While I am not sure about the road noise, the wind noise is definitely much better than my CRV. While XL7's build quality is good, I have to admit that Honda still has the best build quality. XL7's front door trims are not very tight so when you close the door, you may hear the plastic trim knocking on the metal door frame. I also found small paint problem on both front door frames (inside). As far as I can tell, the problem was due to the poor design or missing certain procedure, so you may want to check your XL7, and apply some touch-up.

    Other than that, I do not have anything to complain. XL7 was well designed to provide lots of functions and comfort. But some of the features were not documented. e.g. the over-head console has a place to store the garage door opener. And you can operate the opener by pressing the console cover by using the provided "legos". I did not see that mentioned in manual.
  • 45auto45auto Posts: 16
    Hello from Belmont Mississippi. Greetings to all on this post. And for what its worth we, too have been looking at the honda crv, But I know the dealerships of which guxu speaks, and with the distance my wife and I dtive to work, Gas mileage is a big concern. That being said. Motorweek on the speed channel will be doing a piece on the xl-7 @ 9PM central time on jan 4th. Check your listings as I am sure it is on several more times this week. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all.
  • Stever@EdmundsStever@Edmunds YooperlandPosts: 39,015
    Welcome to the Suzuki side of town 45auto - I used to know Tishomingo County a little bit. They hadn't even extended the Trace that way last time I spent any time cruising around there though. :shades:

    You need to set up your CarSpace page and post some scenery shots for us!
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    Welcome to the family. I have purchase our own 2007 XL-7. We have been with Suzuki since 2002 when we purchase an 02 XL-7. I love them both. My 02 is ROCK solid.


  • ViperggVipergg Posts: 24
    How is Suzuki's long term quality? Debating a new 2007 model ,local dealer around here is selling the FWD version for $19995 which i consider pretty good . I am just a somewhat leary of Suzuki's quality for the term and don't want to be in the shop all the time even with a good warranty . Looks like a nice vehicle Like the Dark Cranberry one . A lot of the switchgear and radio inside looks like stock GM stuff , is this correct ? I knwo these are brand new but does anyone have any early opinions on this new model , they say it is a lot better than Chevy's Equinox or the Torrent ?
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    i was wondering if anyone has a 2002 xl-7 here. i found one used and i am seriously thinking about getting it. is there any problem years to watch out for. what i mean is i have a 1999 chevy tracker, and i found out that 1999 was a bad year for the A/C units. well 2 years after i bought it the a/c completely failed. $$$$ and alot of others with a 1999 had the same problem. i was wondering if there are years like this for the xl7? and what kind of MPG are you getting with the 2.7 xl-7? basically i dont want to go through another case where i find out after i buy it that (xxxx) yr was a bad year to buy..
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    Mine rocks. Just try to get to the dealer and try to listen it start up from an overnight or long period of being unused. Listen carefully for any bicycle chain like rattle sound coming from the lower front of the engine. The 2002 and previous had issues with timing chain tensioner #1 not adjusting properly after some time. Mine had a warranty replacement for this in 2005 after 45K miles. I use only mobile1 5W30 in my truck. Also, look at the manufacture date. Trucks sold after August 2002 have the 7y/100K mile. warranty. Mine is one of them. I have had very few issues with my truck. She gets from 16 in the winter to 20-21 on the highway all year round. I average around 18mpg city/highway.


    Ivan, kc5yti
    2002 XL-7+
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    We just bought the dark cranberry one. Very nice. I can't say for sure how well this XL-7 will treat us. It is a joint venture with GM. A blend of torrent, I dare not mention Equinox, with a touch of the SRX. She is about 35% japan parts, so the sticker says, so that makes me feel a bit better. I have had Suzukis since 2002. Not one major issue, except fot the tensioner issue that my XL-7 had after 45K miles. I have not been a fan of GM since my dreadfull run in with a 2000 Astro, traded for my XL-7 in 2002. The Astro spent almost as much time in the shop as our 1995 Neon. Both, lemons. Suzuki has never let me down, however, we are going down a new path here. We will see. I have heard that the 3.6l powerplant is a very good engine. Suzuki has licensed that engine and is producing it in Japan. The tranny is an Aisin unit that many of the Asian automakers use. So not many concerns there. We will see. As for Suzuki, I would recommend them to my friends. I will by another Zuk someday soon. :)


    Ivan, kc5yti
    2002 XL-7
    2007 XL7
  • guxuguxu Posts: 32
    The reviewer does not know how to access the 3rd-row seats, so he said it was "nearly inaccessible" :sick:

    Business Week Review
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    Wow, no kidding. The reviewer needs to learn how to read a manual. My kids know to operate the middle seats. The 2007 XL7 third row is easy to get in compared to the 2002 XL-7 that I have. however, I can get my fat but in each. The 2007 is far more roomy back there. The seat is slightly more narrow, but the leg room is improved. I do wish they could have left much of the GM influence on the table, but it did show up in the console, engine, and body. Only small things that bother me, but all in all, the SUV is nice. I can't call it a truck anymore.


    Ivan, kc5yti
  • guxuguxu Posts: 32
    So both of us posted comments there :) :P :shades:
  • I almost bought one a few weeks ago, but decided not to. Then today I spot a white xl7 on the side of the freeway and thought, Wow its breaking down already? Then, to my surprise, 2 miles further on the opposite side of the freeway was another black xl7 on the side! What are the odds of that? I don't know what to make of it.
  • Did any of you folks loving the XL-7 drive the '07 Outlander or RAV4 V6 before deciding? What did you find superior about the XL-7 apart from seating? thanks
  • guxuguxu Posts: 32
    I did test drive Outlander. It is a very cool small SUV, much smaller than XL7. The outlander is not as smooth or quiet as XL7.

    Outlander has a very simple folding chair style 3rd row seat, which even kids do not want to sit in. But I guess it is not worse than Highlander. Outlander does not have rear AC control either.
  • My boyfriend is considering purchasing a 2007 XL7. We have been curious how this vehicle works during big snow storms. Does anyone have any experience using their XL7 in a big storm? He is a volunteer fire fighter and needs to be able to respond to the fire house during big snow storms (a time when there are likely to be even more emergencies than usual). Any information on this would be appreciated. Thanks!
  • I own a 2002 xl-7 with 55,000 miles on it. The A/C compressor recently locked up. I searched the internet and found enough people writing about this same failure to indicate that this is a flaw (just google "suzuki a/c problem"). I understand that parts sometimes fail prematurely and believed that Suzuki might feel responsible considering the low mileage of the vehicle and the fact that this is probably related to a design/manufacturing flaw. I called the Suzuki customer service hotline and was issued a very curt and unsympathetic "it's out of warranty." I attempted to appeal my case to the district service rep (Bill Hawker) but he could not be bothered.

    Ok, I can accept the fact that they won't stand behind their product...the car IS technically "out of warranty." But, Here's the real insult....Suzuki wants $2500.00 to fix the A/C. Suzuki has made it clear that they're really going to put the screws to the customer when they know they can get away with it. they are charging in excess of $1000.00 for a part that costs $150.00 to $300.00 for any other car...I start to get concerned about all the other parts they will overcharge for.

    An overall thumbs down for ANY Suzuki product. The vehicles poor construction is augmented by support that will abscond with your money...These are folks that you just can't trust.

    (For anyone who is still "Rah Rah Suzuki." I will be happy to sell this POS to you cheap).

    Brad Winter - Overland Park, KS.
  • kc5ytikc5yti Posts: 38
    If I had the spare cash, I would love to take it off your hands. Mine is a 2002 with 58K. The AC is fine in it. Did you get the BOM for the repair. I bet they want to replace the lines, dryer, and coils. A compressor that fails will probably spew crap into the lines, and then the system would need to be cleaned out or replaced. Sorry to hear about the failure. I live in Olathe, myself. You could try to get your own compressor, install it, charge the system wig R-134A and PAG oil and see what happens. :)


    Ivan, kc5yti
  • I'm a current 2001 Astro owner and have just replaced my rear end as the diff went on it @ only 55,300 mls. Don't think i want to start spending on other things that may break down.

    I'm considering purchasing an SUV and am looking at the Suzuki as a possiblity. Seems the price is fair. Did you purchase the base model w/and of the upgrades? How has the Suzuki held up? Any minor/major issue? Also, I've been spoiled with all the space in the Astro and was wondering if i would be disappointed with the space in this SUV.

    I appreciate your feedback.

  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    I compared this vehicle with other ones using Edmunds comparison on line and for my surprise it appears that the XL7 does not have any of these: Center differential, limited slip differential rear, limited slip differential center, descent control, etc. So how this car manages to be a SUV?
  • SUV stands for Sport Utility Vehicle and for a vehicle to fall under that category doesn't require any of the items you mentioned, its just an acronism. Before owning the XL7, I owned a 1997 Ford Explorer RWD and although it was an SUV, it lacked all the items you stated. Click on the link for a brief explanation of Suzuki's AWD system. The drivetrain computer takes care of what most of the parts you describe by braking an individual wheel allowing the wheel with the most traction to have the power like a limited slip diferential.
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