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Scion xB Engine Problems



  • Hello. Not sure where your sitting with the mileage and or what is your state lemon law. In Va. you need only take it to the dealer three times for the same problem and its considered a lemon. Write a letter to the manufacturer and request a buy back. If you can don't drive it anymore. Keep all your papers showing the work that was done to attempt to fix the problem. Give them 30 days to respond. If you don't get a response go to your local consumer Affairs department. They will direct you to the appropriate place. Move fast so that your within your lemon law from your state. I had a similar problem with Chrysler. They blew me off and Consumer Affairs. Since I was close to the lemon law expiring for me I had to obtain an attorney that specializes in Lemon law which I found on line. Just a few days before Christmas (07) Chrysler offered to put some money in my pocket and I can still keep the car. Well. that wasn't going to work for me because the engine shuts off when ever it felt like it on their Jeep Commanders. As it stands now they are going to buy back my Jeep. Just waiting for someone to tell me to take it to the dealer and get my check. I went out looking at a XB today. Loved the look and the way it drove. But after reading the reviews about the windshield, transmission, and engine. I'm running far away. Oh well, guess the Element is the one for me. Good luck.
  • joesbarjoesbar Posts: 20
    Hi all,

    I have a strange problem. My 06 xB is still under warranty but since I only have 1 day off and don't want to spend it at Scion let's give me help:)

    Ok, when turning left, not ALL THE WAY but about 3/4 or so I get a vibration I can feel in my steering wheel. There is a very low growl/hum with it, very low. I can feel it more than hear it though. I had the same factory tires put on it about 2 months ago, and they are still in great shape and it didn't do this till just about a week ago. I haven't checked the pressure yet (just though of this but it's late) but was wondering if anyone here has heard of this problem or ever went through it.

    Let me know!
  • its at the lower left end behind a plastic cover, in front of the oil pan drain.
  • debatingdebating Posts: 14
    The 2005 XB with nearly 70,000 miles, had one ignition coil replaced last December at one shop in town. About a month ago the dash (check engine, etc.) lit up, took it to Toyota that time. Their diagnosis, a faulty gas cap - which they replaced.

    A day later the dash lit up again - we drove it until a few days ago. Took it to the 1st shop that had replaced the ignition coil - they replaced the same coil under warranty. Today the dash lit up again.

    I'm wondering what has been missed in the diagnosis at both shops. If it's the same coil - whats causing it? Both Toyota and a separate reputable shop in town must have missed the root cause, I'm thinking?

    Anybody have a similar experience?

    Toyota in town seems more interested in selling a thousand dollars worth of maintenance work that has already been done in the other shop.
  • I have a Scion xB, 2005, 60k miles that will not start. It started about a month ago you would have to crank it 4 to 8 times and then it would start and then after it was running it would start fine the rest of the day. This got worse as it took more cranks to start it and now it won't start at all. it's been in the shop for 2 weeks and they can't find out what's wrong even after a service warranty fix i still will not start. Anyone have nay ideas? Thanks
  • dbarsidbarsi Posts: 1
    I have had the same anti-freeze smell since I got my 08 xB in March. When I took it in for it's first service, I told them about it. They said they ran tests and couldn't replicate the problem, therefore there is nothing wrong. I also have a wierd creaking type noise when I brake at very slow speeds, like pulling up to a curb, or in a parking lot. They did a TSB and said they fixed it, but I still have the same noise. Also, my TYC LED tail lights are dimming and they won't replace those either, they said the dimming is so that it's not so bright for people behind me!!! So why then did they ALL work when I bought the car!
    btw, my xB only has 5700 miles on it.
  • snd808snd808 Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2008 Scion XB in May 2008 (Manual Trans). It has 4300 miles on it and about 2 months ago, when i start my car when the engine is cold, the car sputters, rough idols, mis fires whatever you want to call it. The engine also vibrates and you can feel and hear the sputtering until the motor gets hot. I took my car to the Dealership and they ran tests on the car and said they cant tell whats wrong with it unless it has a check engine light. The mechanic told me thats normal at startup. I DONT THINK SO THe other thing is i only use CHEVRON PLUS Unleaded gasoline....Has anyone experienced this? my Scion still does it ever since 2,000 miles. I am thinking about writing to Toyota corporation... I WILL NEVER BUY A TOYOTA AGAIN......
  • Does anyone else have this problem? It probably isn't a bad thing, but the sides of the front of the car(right above the wheel-the front fender I think...) get really warm, almost hot after the engine has been running for a while, but yet the hood is cool - is that something to be worried about?
  • This XB is a delivery vehicle for a Florist. Going on 86,000 miles. The only prior problem was an ignition coil, and a gas cap.
    The check engine light came on recently. Took it to Toyota, the camshaft timing gear assembly is bad.
    The man in the service department said he had the last problem about six months ago with another XB.
    Not the quality that Toyota always advertises. And most reviews show no major problems with the XB. What gives?
  • What does bad mean. I have an '06 and it seems i'm always waiting to see what else falls apart.
    Since it's an overhead cam, did the teeth on the gear fall off? Is the timing belt the fault? Did the gear crack?
    Ask the service dept. what has to be replaced and why.
    Thanks, David
  • Just heard the analysis from the Toyota service dept. today. The part has to be ordered in. Nothing to inspect at this time. I want to see the part after it's replaced.

    I am assuming that this is tied into Toyota's variable valve timing. Just speculation on my part.

    But this just looks like the same junk engineering that has brought the domestics to the doorstep of bankruptcy.

    I'm an oldtimer, owned many cars and trucks, a semi even. And never have I
    had a camshaft fail. Never had an engine fail, except for the semi and those were normal rebuilds with many miles. Switchgear, sensors maybe, but nothing internal.

    I gave up on the domestics because of half engineered and unreliable products, And no support whatsoever from the corporation after you bought the product. At this time, I would say the Toyota Scion is no better in those regards than the domestics were when I quit buying their products. This is an internal engine part that failed, not a sensor or some such.

    What happened to the Toyota's like the late eighties model my daughter owned that she ran for over twelve or so years with just basic maintenance? Now I see reviews where Ford is now matching Toyota for quality. I hope they do better that that.
  • Attention: Kcram, the Manual requires a 5W-20 motor oil. Can I use 5W-30 in the summer or even winter? Why did Toyota switched to his lower viscosity oil? Common knowledge is that the lower viscosity offers less protection against wear although they offer better energy conservation. :)
  • hondadave7hondadave7 Posts: 27
    Everybody that has an automobile. If you have any kind of starting, idle, or running
    problems, 1st thing you do is check the fuel for the % of Ethanol. In this area Texas
    Ethanol has been found in only 1 case too be 100%. It has been discovered in other cases from 18% to 27%. No matter what Obamas EPA tells us, our cars were not built to run on more than 10% Ethanol. Check The Ethanol 1st---Before you spend any other money. David
  • zsarazanzsarazan Posts: 1
    Ohhh yeah. I'm having the same issues, and it seems like every time I bring it in, it stops happening. I've told them multiple times to check the fuel injector and scan the entire fuel system but they refuse. As of right now, they are ordering parts for it. I don't know what, but as long as it's under warranty, they can do what they want. Tell them to scan the fuel system and check fuel pumps and all that junk. If they refuse, tell them you want a new car. I also will never buy a toyota again. Piece of crap!
  • rgreen74rgreen74 Posts: 1
    I purchased my 06' XB brand new with 7 miles on it. I've never had any major issues with it until recently. I noticed what almost sounded like a scraping sound in the engine block. When I took it into get an oil change the mechanic there told me, he didnt think it was anything major, that it was probably just a rusted part (from the winter salt) and that it would probably work itself loose. The sound did stop after 2 days. Then about a week later it started again, except now it was really loud and I was in rush hour traffic. As I was moving along, every single light on my dashboard lit up and before i could even get to the opposite shoulder it died on me. DOA.... I had it towed to my mechanic and he told me that the timing chain snapped and that my engine was ceased, and that a new motor would run me around 3 G's. My question is; Is this covered under the drivetrain warranty? I have 50k miles on it. I was reading that the standard warranty is 3yr 36k standard and a 5yr 60k drivetrain? Is that correct? I cant seem to get a hold of anyone at Toyota to answer my question (imagine that).
  • Okay .. I need help. I dont know what to do .... I not much on cars so i bought my scion in april of 2008 brand new .... Now I have about 28k miles on the car. I notice the car is making a noise when im in drive or reverse and my foot is sitting on the brake ... like a rattling or knocking and its loud .. then it goes away and probably the next day or week it makes that same noise... What should i do ? Do i take the car to the dealership ? What do i tell them ?
  • This is the third time this has happened: I start up my 2008 xb- I start the car, disengage the parking brake and my dash lights display the following: parking brake light is still active, power steering emergency light is on, VSC off light is on, the light for the airbag is on. I have no power steering or power brakes. My odometer stutters on the display and them will not activate, my speedometer will not work. The first time I took it in they thought I was crazy. The second time I took a pic with a digital camera and showed them. They un-plugged and re-plugged in the computer. I am waiting to hear what they will do the third time around.
  • xbnoxxbnox Posts: 2
    Hi I seem to have the same experince that you are having with your XB I went to dealer they could not help because it dosent happen for them . I hope their is more people with this issue so some thing could be done about it My XB has 34500 miles and this knock/vibriation is a real puzzeler !
  • xbnoxxbnox Posts: 2
    wow my xb was making that knocking noise just recently i discovered that engine/car hood rubber cushions were out of adjustment try adjusting them they seem to shrink a little over time. : :surprise:
  • tajg003tajg003 Posts: 1
    I have an 08 Scion Xb as well and I've had issues with the power steering twice now. The light will turn out sparatically.... On for a few weeks where I can't drive normally because the power steering is no longer working correctly, then it just turned off my itself as mysteriously as it had turned on... That happened twice. Just recently my check engine light lit up out of nowhere as well as the VSC off light.. It remained that way for about 2 weeks (I was watching it to see it will turn off as randomly as it turned on) and sure enough, this morning my dash board is clean of any lights.... I'm taking my car in asap. Something is up with the computers on that car.
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