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New Subaru Forester Owners - Give Us Your Report!

PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,854
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Congratulations on your new Forester! This is the place to let us know how much you love it!

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  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    Well we looked and looked for a small car-based SUV, or small wagon, that could be had with a five speed manual. There are not very many of those out there. After eliminating a very few, there were three left that I was comfortable with, so I let my wife scratch the ones she didn't care for. She said no on the Volvo V70 (plushest, but $10k higher than the Sube) and the Mazda Sportwagon - she didn't care for the looks. Neither of these could be called an SUV of course. Both would have had to be ordered to get a five speed. So we settled on the Forester.

    The Forester was a car I had admired from afar for a long time. Actually the first test drive was before we had narrowed to three, early on in the looking. I personally did FOUR more test drives - three on the X that we wound up buying, and one on an XT. I didn't need the turbo, in fact our '06 (new by the way) Forester X has five big hp more than our naturally aspirated 2000 S70 Volvo, which has been fine - also with five speed.

    Why didn't SOMEBODY tell me I would LOVE this car??!?!?!! :-)

    I think I like every single thing about it - one exception see below - I love the size; I am six ft two and couldn't even reach the middle of the roof to wash it on one of those truck based SUV's. I love the quality. The transmission linkage is very good, not BMW quality but close enough. I have always preferred light steering cars, this has it as well as tight at center. Suspension is clearly better than a truck based ride. So........except for..........

    I HATE the Hill Holder. I might be able to live with it for the traffic lights on a hill deal, although I've been driving stick shift cars for 45 (!) years and pride myself on being to get a car moving in that situation. Problem is the darned thing works in reverse too. Our garage is flat, but just outside of it the driveway slopes down a little, and I am accustomed to getting the car moving till it starts down that little slope, then pushing in the clutch. This car stops when I do that, so I'm left with having to use the power of the engine to push against the brakes all the way down the hill. Unless I am missing something. I have tried to sorta blast out backwards, kick it in neutral before the brakes come on to stop it, THEN coast down in neutral. I don't care to have to perfect that maneuver over the life of this car. So.......

    Can the Hill Holder be disabled?

    Thanks for the help from this forum during my search for a car.
  • once_for_allonce_for_all Posts: 1,640
    "This car stops when I do that"

    It should only stop if you put the brake on in the process. The clutch alone won't engage the hillholder, the brake needs to be activated first in order to seal the ball valve check in the master cylinder.

    I have learned not to activate hillholder when backing downhill in reverse. If you release the parking brake, start rolling, and do not apply the brake again, the Forester will not stop.

    The benefits of the HH, IMO, outweigh the constraints.

  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    Hill holder can be adjusted to be a lot less "grabby". Have your dealer do it - it's a free adjustment under 12/12 warranty. Or, you can search these threads to see how to do it yourself (fairly easy).
  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    samiam_68 says Hill holder can be adjusted to be a lot less "grabby"

    Thanks. The salesman did say that it gets less grabby with time, right away. Having only had the car for 24 hours, I guess I need to calm down a LITTLE bit about this feature. It just seems annoying to deal with in so many situations (of backing, e.g.) where I really don't even get to use its benefit, but rather have to work around it.

    thanks for the info
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Congrats, Kate just got her 2nd Forester, so you're in good company. :shades:

  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    thanks Juice, I recall you were helpful to me on this forum, over the last few weeks, with this decision. I liked it when I drove it home from the dealer, and it continues to grow on me.

  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    People still buy stick-shifts? :surprise:

    Goodness! Step confidently into the 21st Century! :shades:
  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    People still buy stick-shifts? says terry92270

    Yep, it takes me back to the 19th century. Sittin' up thar on the stagecoach, ridin' shotgun maybe, nothin' but big sky ahead, lookin out for injuns while heppin' the cap'n by grabbin the brake lever when he says to. You got a real feel for your wagon when you do your own shiftin' :).

    The ladies seem to like it too, at least mine does - she will not have an automatic.

  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    LOL....glad you all have a sense of humor. ;)

    I appreciate a stick, like when I had the Viper, or another power car. Just have never found them more than a bother on low power ones, is all...
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    We have 3 cars in our fleet and all of them are manual transmissions. :shades:

    Though I will admit on one particular 10 hour trip from CT back to MD it was a bit painful and I did wish for an auto. For bumper-to-bumper traffic it's just easier.

  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Well, exactly!
  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    For any lurkers out there thinking about moving into the Forester, I thought I'd summarize my impressions so far.

    I really love the following:
    Overall size of the car - kinda small but holds plenty of stuff
    Steering - very light, incredibly quick and sensitive - better than our BMW 3 series
    Driver's power seat (we have the base x model but with the Premium upgrade)
    Styling is to my liking
    Headlight power is very good at night
    Interior look and quality - wish I could have gotten leather w/o turbo
    Manual transmission shifting feel - EXCELLENT, solid, reliable, easy shifting
  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    Accidentally sent message before I was finished

    Continued, 'what I love' list

    Quality of accessories: the bra for the hood and front end is a really good design,
    it fits very tight, almost too tight to easily install, no wrinkles, stable in wind, covers a lot of the car. I also like the rear rubber mat that I purchased from
    Subaru. Again, an excellent fit, high quality.
    MPG is not exceptional, but I am satisfied. It regularly gets 23 in town, 29 highway. I'm easy on the throttle.

    I don't care for the following:
    Hill holder feature. It would be mighty nice to have a switch on the dash to
    enable/disable the Hill holder.
    I am seeing the jerkiness near zero throttle, while in motion, that has been
    mentioned in another post or two.

    Really can't think of anything else that turns me off about the car. Really glad we purchased it. Also looked at Pontiac Vibe, Volvo V50, Mazda Sportwagon, '06 Outlander, Honda Element (close second to the Forester during test drives but am glad we went with the Sube). I will definitely consider purchasing another Subaru next time, if our experiences hold.
  • Glad to hear you're pleased :) with the Subie F.

    Hillholder - can be adjusted so that it is activated only when you're truly facing an uphill rollback situation. Try a Google on something like "hillholder Forester". I found a posting (Subiemods and Peety also come to mind as keywords) with pictures that 'splained the adjustment process.

    When I first got my FXS, I found this feature to be a pain until I did my homework, held my breath and fixed it with a pair of metric wrenches. I suspect the hillholder is why I had trouble with my initial test drives in a Forester. The hillholder wasn't adjusted properly in the demo car, so I kept stalling the Subie when taking off from a dead stop on the slightest inclines.

    Jerkiness at zero throttle. Other makes of cars with stick shifts have this to some degree, some worse than others. The car that I replaced with the FXS (a BMW 525i) was a pain in stop'n'go in hot weather. After 10 minutes of bumper-bumper, it would develop a really bad case of the judders that would homogenize your innards.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    Your post makes me want a new one and my '98 is still running perfectly. ;)

  • kate5000kate5000 Posts: 1,264
    They still are giving them 06 X's away at huge discounts...

    You can always justify it by saying that you want to break it in for Tati to drive later on... ;)
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I want to see the '08 'beca, and maybe even the '09 Forester. The current ones are such a deal, though.

    It really depends on whether my brother pays me back or not, he said he would. I know, don't hold my breath! :sick:

  • applejfapplejf Posts: 40
    growler5 posted:
    When I first got my FXS, I found this feature to be a pain until I did my homework, held my breath and fixed it with a pair of metric wrenches. I suspect the hillholder is why I had trouble with my initial test drives in a Forester. The hillholder wasn't adjusted properly in the demo car, so I kept stalling the Subie when taking off from a dead stop on the slightest inclines.

    Thanks for the ideas. I have asked the local dealer's main Subaru service guy about having it adjusted (not during an appointment, just stopped in to get a feel for their service dept.). He popped the hood and expressed surprise when he looked at the device - it apparently has been redesigned, maybe only for the 2006 version; for sure since he last looked at one. I am about to get to where I can live with it. The only time in the last month when it bothered me was this week, backing out of a very tight space where I had to see-saw the direction about three times, and it was on an incline. On mine anyway, the clutch has to come ALL the way out before the HH will release, and I didn't have the room on that seesawing to let it all the way out without risking plowing into another car. I really do think an enable/disable switch somewhere is needed.
  • My previous Forester was a 1999S which had lots of problems during the first two years relating to stalling.
    When I bought the new one had a similar problem during the first month, but after repair car has been running like a top. Now has about 9000 miles.
    This car feels much bigger and much more solid than the 1999 even though dimensions are similar. And the increased horsepower is great. I can cruise at 80mph with no sense that the car is at its limit. The 1999 brakes felt a bit
    soft. Not so on the 2006. And while the 1999 had a twitchy
    acceleration from stop, the new one is as smooth as can be.
    Interior is nice. Fantastic, huge sunroof, and sunroof comes with a pop up wind deflector that makes it much quieter than the 1999. The LLBean has leather seats and a nice wood/leather steering wheel.
    So I am very happy with this car.
    Any suggestions for improvement. Minor. The switches for the interior lights and the sun roof are in the same location and have the same shape. Different design for one or the other or a lighted switch would help. And I would like a bit more thigh support (eg. longer seat) but I have found that since my 1970 volvo most cars do not have what I want here.
    And the color. It is a light green. I don't see many this color. Beautiful and does not show the dirt.
    This is my wife's car and she loves it.

    Paul D
  • terry92270terry92270 Posts: 1,247
    Paul, I so agree.

    My only regret is not getting the LL Bean one for the leather seats. :cry:
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