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Saturn VUE Green Line - Real World MPG Numbers

PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
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Report the real world mileage performance of your VUE Green Line here.


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  • bmwmsbmwms Posts: 3
    I purchased a Vue Green Line last Friday. With the 1st 272 miles, I averaged 28.7 mpg. I try to drive cautiously, but I'm certainly not a hypermiler.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    As you are the first VGL owner we've seen, you get the gold star! :P

    Be sure to tell us all about your purchase in the New Saturn VUE Green Line Owners -Give Us Your Report discussion. People will be interested in your impressions of the car!


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  • bmwmsbmwms Posts: 3
    2nd tank of gas average 27.4 mpg over 311 miles. I was using cruise control in some hilly terrain which caused more downshifting than I like. I think this caused a decrease in mileage. So far very pleased with the VGL. I seem to be getting better mileage than some others that I've read about, but I don't feel like I'm driving out of the ordinary.
  • 1st tank of gas with 379.9 miles and I averaged 29.75mpg. Not bad for the first tank. Considering that most new vechicles need at least 2000 - 4000 miles for the engine to settle and that winter gas gives less gas mileage - I will take a 29.75. Hopefully, we will be able to get that number over the 30 mark.

    By the way, my driving for the first tank consisted of 50% highway and 50% local driving with easy accelerations and decelerations. :)
  • Our first 2 tanks got 23mpg. We have 2,000 miles on the car now and most tanks are averaging 26-27mpg.
  • 1st tank - 14.25 gallons - 409 miles - 28.75mpg
    * Drove normal without taking into consideration the hybrid eco and charge/assist gages.

    2nd tank - 14.38 gallons - 364 miles - 24.82mpg
    * drove cautiously with defrosters on the entire time (oops). Tried to drive more efficiently, but didn't consider eco and charge/assist gages.

    3rd tank - Read the quick start guide (Will report in a few days the results.)
    * Tried to drive without cruise control and defrosters on, tried to maintane the eco light as much as possible.
  • With the cruise control issue resolved (for the past two weeks - knock on wood) and the Hybrid performing well - here are some summary numbers.

    9 Weeks of ownership - 3660 Miles - 10 Fillups - Avg 29.75 mpg. Hybrid is driven about 90 miles to and from work each day with a combination of 50% highway and 50% stop and go. Best mpg 34.5 and worst 25.0

    Here are the 10 fillups - 29.75, 30.20, 31.14, 30.90, 25.04, 34.54, 25.73, 31.06, 29.69, 32.16

    Average $2.246 per gallon of regular comes out to 7.55 cents per mile for gas.

    I am very satisfied with the numbers. :)
  • hybridvuehybridvue Posts: 31

    4 Months of ownership - 8325 Miles - 21 Fillups - Avg 30.58 mpg. Hybrid is driven about 90 miles to and from work each day with a combination of 50% highway and 50% stop and go. Best mpg 34.5 and worst 25.0

    With the up tick in gas prices the past few weeks my
    average $2.293 per gallon of regular has gone up. However, the better mpg has caused my cost per mile for gas to go down to 7.50 cents.

    The warmer weather is great for this hybrid.

    A few interesting facts:
    My best tank averaged: 34.54mpg
    Farthest on a single tank without running out of gas: 510.9 miles
    13 out of the 21 tanks have averaged over 30mpg.
    6 out of the 21 tanks have averaged over 32mpg.

    Goal to average 30+mpg for the first 10,000 miles of the Hybrid.

    I love my Hybrid Vue. :D
  • i drive like a little old lady & average about 25 mpg but i almost always run the air conditioning. i drive mostly stop and go with only an 11 mile commute to work in southern california.
  • PFFlyer@EdmundsPFFlyer@Edmunds Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 5,808
    If you are a long-term hybrid owner, our Senior Editor, John O'Dell, would love to hear from you! A short email with your maintenance experiences and concerns would be great. Please send to John at by close of business Wednesday, August 22, 2007. Be sure and include your Forums username.


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  • kallopkallop Posts: 10
    My wife and i purchased our Greenline Vue in March of '07. Our first tank gave us 27mpg, mixed 75% City and 25% Highway. Now, 5 months later and 4,754 miles later we are getting an average of 21.25 mpg now. The dealer said that we have to wait till we reach 5,000 miles or more before anything can be. However, Saturn has already made modifications to the window sticker to show less then 32 City and 27 Hwy. Why do you think this is? To my knowledge we could have purchased a V6 Vue and had better millage and would of saved approx $3,500.00 in the process and not purchased a the Greenline. :P :confuse:
  • There is some confusion here. Saturn did not change the EPA mileage estimate on the 2007 Vue Green Line.

    Perhaps the confusion is caused by the facts that, for the 2008 model year, Saturn has a new Vue and the EPA has changed the rules on window sticker labels.

    I see you've made several posts regarding Vue Green Line. I'd like to know your vehicle identification number (VIN).

    Kyle Johnson
    Saturn Communications Director
  • rsuttonrsutton Posts: 1
    I got in low 22 range for first three tanks. I called dealer on day 28 of ownership and asked for a service check, and, if the mileage didn't get better, to take advantage of the 30-day car switch.

    They delayed my appt. to Day 31; then claimed there was nothing wrong with the car, and I was past the 30-day trade in limit.

    That was early March. Now, 14,500 miles later, I've gotten 22-3-23.1 consistently. Two more visits to the dealer, much nicer to me these times, and a service manager did one mileage check without me: 32.

    Two days ago, I drove long on the mileage check: 31.5.

    The difference?

    Their mileage checks were 2-3 gallons. I'd thought gas was weight, and thus, the less gas in the tank, the better the mileage ought to be.

    Clearly, that's not the case.

    They're trying to work with me, but I calculate, at $3 a gallon, and desiring only to hit the mid-mark (30 MPG), this has cost me about $600 thus far.

    Not pleased at all with mileage...but love the car in every other department.

    I would've bought the larger SUV at this mileage rate. Completely unsatisfied.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,719
    "The difference?

    Their mileage checks were 2-3 gallons. I'd thought gas was weight, and thus, the less gas in the tank, the better the mileage ought to be."

    If I understand your post correctly, they checked the MPG with 2 or 3 gallons used? That is an inaccurate check. One has to check for an entire tank. For the most accurate results, use the same gas station, same time of day, and same pump to fill up the entire tank. Then use that as the number of gallons, which is divided into the total miles.
  • Update:

    10 Months of ownership - 22,817 Miles - 52 Fillups - Avg 31.87 mpg. Hybrid is driven about 90 miles to and from work each day with a combination of 50% highway and 50% stop and go. Best mpg 37.24 and worst 25.0

    My average $2.648 per gallon of regular.
    Cost per mile for gas 8.31 cents.

    The summer months were great for this hybrid.

    A few interesting facts:
    My best tank averaged: 37.24mpg
    Farthest on a single tank without running out of gas: 557.5 miles that was also my best mpg tank
    43 out of the 52 tanks have averaged over 30mpg.
    26 out of the 52 tanks have averaged over 32mpg.
    14 out of the 52 tanks have averaged over 34mpg.

    MPG since 3/1/2007 - 32.6 mpg over 17,000 miles.

    As you can see these numbers are well over the EPA estimates. The technology is there with this Hybrid. However, it is also ones driving style that allows you to get the most out of this or any vehicle. Keep in mind - smooth accelerations and stops allow the battery to do what it is designed to do - Assist and Charge.

    Granted some of the Hybrid Vues are having problems. However, I would love to test the ones that are getting low to mid 20's and see if it is really the Hybrid or the driver. By the way, if traffic allows - I am driving 65 - 70 mph zipping down the road. I am not the hypermiler that crawls (sometimes in the left lane) at 45 mph because that is the optimal speed to maximize mpg. I travel with the flow of traffic and I do it efficiently.

    I love my Hybrid Vue. :)
  • 14 Months of ownership - 36,148 Miles - 82 Fillups and Avg 31.805 mpg. The Hybrid is still driven about 90 miles to and from work each day with a combination of 50% highway and 50% stop and go. I had a strech of 29 fill ups in a row averaging above 30mpg per tank.

    For those who say you can not get good mpg in the winter - I am averaging over 32 mpg for the past 2600 miles. I live in Maryland - far from a warm weather state. BTW - my worse tank this winter was 28.05mpg.

    At 32,000 miles I brought the car in to for an oil change, new air filter, tire rotation and general inspection. Tires still have plenty of tread. I should be able to get over 60,000 on the original set.

    My Hybrid continues to perform better than advertised. No problems on this end for over a year. I wish everyone the same with theirs.

    I love my Hybrid Vue. :)
  • I have a 2007 green line vue (22316 miles) VIN: 5GZCZ33Z37S873821 that has several problem that the service people say they cannot fix:
    Cruise control goes over speed and engages too quickly (to sensitive).
    I almost went into the ditch on a recent trip to Atlanta, in the rain the tires started to slip when it engaged.
    (They tell me it is a closed system and cannot be adjusted).

    The engine shuts off too quickly at stop signs (at traffic lights it is ok).
    Needs a 2 or 3 second delay.
    (Closed system and cannot be adjusted)

    Same thing when you go to shut it off, as soon as you move the shifter to park it starts the gas engine (needs a two second delay).

    Gas engine starts back up after only 12 seconds at stops. I have to charge the engine battery every night to get it backup to 18 to 20 seconds.
    (They have checked the battery and say it is fine).

    The windshield wiper (delay control is backwards 3 is fast and 1 is slow (every other car with it I have owned it is the opposite) on 1 the wiper goes when ever it wants to 10 seconds to 20 seconds and back to 5 seconds. In a light rain I either have to use 2 or not use the delay at all.
    (Closed system no adjustments)

    I worry that the problems will cause me to have a wreck, it is not that I need them that much, it is just you expect things to work on a new car.

    I really don't care about the mileage it is better than the SUV that I drive.
    But I feel that Saturn is not a different kind of company, just more of the same GM attitude (our cars are perfect) I just hope the people that build these don't have to drive them.

    I still have my old 96 Mazda MPV (over 130,000 miles) I drive it more and more. I really like the fact that things work, even if it gets 15 mpg.
    I wish I had been smart and bought a Toyota hybrid.
    Live and Learn!
  • Greenrodger -

    I'm sorry you are having issues with your Vue. I'd like to get you directly into contact with the proper person at Saturn who can best help with your situation.

    Please contact me at:

    Mike Morrissey
    Manager, Saturn Product Communications
  • greenroger,

    The 12-second shutoff time is too short (as I'm sure you're aware). That issue needs to be addressed at your dealer. However, charging the engine battery in order to increase shutoff time is absolutely pointless. The 12VDC engine battery is not part of the hybrid system and is primarily there for engine starting only. There may be an issue with the hybrid battery, as many have had. This is the 36VDC battery under the rear shelf, and (obviously) cannot be charged at home. In addition, the early shutoff (such as at a stop sign) is incorporated with fuel shutoff during deceleration, so it can't (and certainly shouldn't) be adjusted. That's part of the hybrid driving experience.

    You seem to have many complaints about the car that could have been noticed during a thorough test drive, such as the wiper delay. I do agree that the cruise is rather abrupt to reengage, but certainly not enough to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Watch your tire pressure folks. I lost 5-8 MPG with 25PSI in the tires. I pumped them up to 34 - 36 PSI and I am back up to 25 - 27 MPG, with mostly city and back roads driving. Highway I am 30+ MPG...

    I also tried a K&N air filter to boost MPG, but found that MPG actually went down. With the added air flow from the K&N thinking the opposite effect on MPG for the hybrid compared with a conventional engine. Any thoughts on this and theory's would be appreciated.

    Overall very happy with the VGL...
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