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Saturn VUE Green Line - Real World MPG Numbers



  • After reading all the post on the VGL, I don't think the hybred is the answer.

    I purchased a used 2004 Toyota Matrix SRX 6spd manual. this has the 180 hp motor. I drive stop and go city driving in Los angeles, I get between 23 and 24 mpg. I drive normally with flow of traffica and give it 2/3rds throttle to pass the big SUVs, Trucks and Busses blocking the road and belching exhaust fume. once and a while I'll red line it at 8,000 rpm in first. I never get into 5th or 6th gear. if I remember I will short shift, but this motors doesn't lke low rpm. and I never coast.

    In order to get close to the advertized mileage in hybred you have learn to drive and coast, low throttle. I don;t think it is worth it to drive this way when you can still get good mileage with a 4 cylinder manual car driving like normally. I thank everyone for confirming my original opinions about hybreds.
  • gljvdgljvd Posts: 129
    The matrix is a very very small car. Its not comparable to an suv.

    I have a pontiac torrent 2007 and I get 16-17mpg in mixd 50/50 driving. The Vue is slightly smaller than my torrent but many here are getting 25mpg up to 34mpg depending on driving conditions . I don't know about you but a 10mpg increase is a great thing and the 2009 vue's and 2010 plug in vues should get better mileage. These hybrids are all new even the prius in comparison to the ICE set up . We are talking about a decade old system vs ice's that are over a 100 years old
  • pelaspanpelaspan Posts: 2
    I am driving a Honda Accord 4 cylinder and typically get 27 mpg winter and 29-30 summer (25 mile commute on back roads at about 50 mph). Doesn't sound like the Vue is a lot better.

    I used to drive Geo Metros (I've owned 4), but my wife wanted me to drive a car that was closer in mass to other vehicles on the road. (I've been married long enough to know pleasing my wife is smarter than saving on gas! I disagreed with her premise about safety. My son wrapped one Metro around a tree; car was totalled, but he and passenger were uninjured. I hit a deer and a few months later got hit in the left front by an SUV. Again, no injuries to me. So, I consider them to be safe.) You can't beat the mileage. My first one got 48 - 50 mpg. The others were closer to 45 - 48 mpg. Didn't seem to make a significant difference if I was driving in town or on the interstates. Only had a 10 gallon tank, but I could get to D. C. from Columbus, Ohio and part way home before filling up. All but one were 3 cylinder models. Not good for mountain terrain - hard to keep up to speed through West Virginia on the route from Columbus to Washington. I got stopped for speeding (70 mph) on a flat stretch, but told the officer I didn't see how that was possible as I couldn't do that without really pushing hard to keep the gas to the floor! BUT, for getting back and forth to work and even for some long trips for two people and luggage, they were great!
  • tackepjtackepj Posts: 13

    Number one: Your mileage may vary, and your commute may vary. Comparing just one car to another, in different driving conditions, is relatively pointless.

    Number two: Comparing a Toyota Matrix and Honda Accord to a Saturn VUE is nearly as pointless. Both are cars (one quite small), and the VUE is a reasonable sized SUV. They are very different vehicles.

    brianmav, right on about the K&N and tire pressure. Most folks haven't had any success with the K&N boosting mileage--usually makes it worse, as it's designed to allow more free flow of air, which corresponds to more gas as well. I also keep the TP around 36 and found it makes a big difference compared to the high 20's (factory spec is 35).
  • mke_markmke_mark Posts: 1
    Purchased VUE Green Line 5/17/07. As of 4/22/08 I have filled the tank 53 times. Current mileage 18450. Average overall fuel economy 26.6 MPG. Best fuel economy 33.2 MPG. Only 5 tanks of the 53 so far have been 30 MPG or better. Worst mileage 14.8 MPG (through Tennessee mountains with cruise control on and a luggage carrier on the roof...won't do that again!) Normal commute 20 miles, mostly highway. Cautious driver. Found mileage was better on my 2005 VUE, I bought the Green Line Hybrid because I was promised 20% better mileage. Needless to say, I'm very disappointed. I've been a loyal Saturn owner for over a decade, but now I'm working to pay down my car loan and unload the VUE as quickly as possible.
  • chmsommchmsomm Posts: 36
    Hi Folks,

    My wife siezed the 2007 Vue GreenLine last year by eminent domain because she likes to sit high. We just traded in our 2002 LW300 wagon for a 2008 Vue XR. My wife never got used to the brakes on the GreenLine, so she took the new XR and I got the GreenLine back. She only fills up every 2 weeks, regardless of vehicle. I have a 26 mile commute (round trip), high speed to bumper to bumper, nasty Philly roads and drivers.

    We had a problem with the electrical harness, which was replaced under warranty. Not happy about that. Others have reported a variety of electrical problems, battery problems, etc. Not an insignificant issue when considering buying a GreenLine. Read the posts of customers with problems. BE AWARE!!!

    I typically average about 25 mpg in the GreenLine. Observations:

    1. This 2007 GreenLine is a mid-size SUV, not a compact car or a small SUV. Compare the mileage to other mid-size SUVs. The 2007 cost us less than the V6 XE model. The 2007 4 cylinder Vue was a weak mover, I test drove one. If you want a small 4 cylinder SUV, go get a Honda CRV.

    2. You have to learn how to drive a hybrid. They have regenerative breaks to charge the battery, charge the battery when the car is coasting, have an engine shut-off, etc. If you are not willing to re-learn some driving habits, a hybrid (regardless of type) is probably not for you.

    3. I characterize the Vue GL as a 4 cylinder plus vehicle. The acceleration is about the same as our old Chevy Malibu 6 cylinder. The 4 cylinder, with the added torque from the electric motor, is better than the 4 cylinder alone. This is not a V6 XR model, don't expect it to be.

    4. HybridVue gives some very good advice, despite being somewhat neurotic about his mileage (how is that for a back-handed compliment). Charge the battery, discharge the battery. Learn to use "the coast", especially on down hill sections of the road, to charge the battery. Think ahead at intersections and use "the coast" to charge the battery. If you have a Lead Foot and like to hard accerate the Hybrid Vue is probabaly not for you. Lead Foots should get an XR. Accelerate at a reasonable pace/rpm.

    5. You can do this without aggravating other drivers.

    6. I typically use a gallon per day on my 26 mile commute with the Vue GL. This will go down to 23-24 during the summer when I use the air conditioner alot. I use it in the non-green mode (personal choice). I hate humidity. My mileage decreases a little, I don't whine about it.

    7. My 2002 LW300 was using 3/4 of a tank for 5 days commuting, 8-9 gallons of gas. I now use about 5 gallons of gas for the 5 day commute. I have switched from a 6 cylinder station wagon to a 4 cylinder mid-size. I am saving $40-$50 per month in gas.

    8. I have seen no posts on the 2008 GreenLine.
  • chmsommchmsomm Posts: 36
    Reply to my own post.

    I have been able to calculate mare accurately after a few tanks.

    Averaging 27.8 mpg in the 2007 Vue GreenLine. 26 mile round trip commute 50-50 burb and highway driving and weekend suburban driving. Traffic in our burbs is typically moderate, sometimes heavy, rarely light.

    With gas now $4/gallon, a year after the purchase, I am very satisfied to drive a mid-size SUV that gets this mileage. Due to rather horrendous injuries I sustained as a passenger in a compact car that was T-boned by a minivan this is a good solution (a larger/higher vehicle with good gas mileage).
  • hybridvuehybridvue Posts: 31
    With the warmer temperatures and the Summer Blend of Gas - my Hybrid Vue keeps on performing.

    103rd Tank
    18+ Months of ownership – 46,090 Miles - 103 Fillups – Lifetime Avg 32.129 mpg.

    Even with Gas at $3.979 per gallon my gas costs are only ~12 cents per mile.

    Saturn Hybrid Vue Records (for the 2007 Model) -
    Best tank under 200 miles – 37.7mpg – Moms GL - Bob
    Best Tank over 200 miles - 37.24mpg – Saturn Hybrid Vue
    Farthest on a single tank without running out of gas: 561.9 miles – Saturn Hybrid Vue (I never overfill the tank.)
    Most tanks in a row at 30mpg or better – 31 Tanks – Smokey – John
    Most tanks in a row at 32mpg or better – 14 Tanks – Saturn Hybrid Vue

    Here are my detailed stats:
    88 out of the 103 tanks have averaged over 30mpg.
    54 out of the 103 tanks have averaged over 32mpg.
    22 out of the 103 tanks have averaged over 34mpg.
    4 out of the 103 tanks have averaged over 36mpg.
    MPG since 3/1/2008 - 33.71 mpg over 8,120 miles.
    Cold Weather MPG (November 1 - February 28) – 30.73 mpg – 15,555 Miles
    Warm Weather MPG (March 1 - October 31) – 32.89 mpg – 30,570 Miles

    As you can see these numbers are well over the EPA estimates. The technology is there with this Hybrid. However, it is also ones driving style that allows you to get the most out of this or any vehicle. Keep in mind - smooth accelerations and stops allow the battery to do what it is designed to do - Assist and Charge.

    “HybridVue gives some very good advice, despite being somewhat neurotic about his mileage (how is that for a back-handed compliment).” Thanks for the compliment. I enjoy the statistical take and analyzing the numbers. However, my neurosis only effects my analyzing of data. If you were driving behind me or sitting as a passenger you would not notice any of my techniques – just the smooth ride.

    I love my Hybrid Vue. :)
  • chmsommchmsomm Posts: 36
    Hello HybridVue,

    I do not have people honking and screaming obscenities at me, even in Philadelphia, while I am driving. Yes, it is possible to drive, get good gas mileage, and not aggravate other drivers.

    It is somewhat amusing when I pass people and they read the "hybrid" on the side or back of the vehicle. That includes Prius drivers, of which there are a substantial number in our area, even though they are not equivalent vehicles. Prius' seem to be everywhere.

    I noticed a 2008 Hybrid Vue on the lot at our local dealership.

    Have you heard anything about the 2008s?

    Has Saturn solved the sometimes very serious electical problems?

    Not a trivial issue.

    It is too bad Saturn Corporate was not proactive in handling and correcting the electical problems on the 2007s.

    They may have killed a good concept.
  • hybridvuehybridvue Posts: 31
    To Chmsomm:

    Your mpg's are very solid - best wishes in the future.

    As for the 2008 - I have yet to test drive it. When I go to the dealer for my $50 oil change and tire rotation - they never seem to have one. So far, the jury is out on the 2008. It has been plagued by similar battery issues that some of the 2007's had. As a result, production has been limited. I have yet to see one on the highways and my other web site has yet to have anyone reporting real world mpgs.

    I will let you know if I get any first hand info about the 2008's. As for me - I am waiting for the Plug in Vue in 2010 that probably will not arrive until 2012. At that point I should have about 175,000 miles on my Vue and it would be time for an upgrade.

    Happy Driving.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Is the new Hybrid Malibu basically the same driveline as the Vue? Hope not, or this may do the same for GM hybrids as GM did for diesel engines of many years ago.
  • chmsommchmsomm Posts: 36
    To my knowledge the 2008 Malibu, Vue, and Aura are all mild hybrids similar to the 2007 models.

    I have seen no posts on the hybrid Malibu or Aura.
  • Hi ! I'm thinking about buying a 2009 hybrid vue in the fall. My concern is that I will be using AC from May until November (Tucson, AZ)and wondering how much the AC affects the MPG. Is the AC good? Your story sounds like you spent a lot of time compling the info. I'd appreciate any info you might give me.
  • chmsommchmsomm Posts: 36
    I commute 26 miles round trip to work, bumper to bumper through expressway. My mileage has been between 27-28 mpg. That is without AC.

    Observation: In my opinion the AC in the green "eco" mode is worthless. The engine shut off is significantly shortened. I find the on/off of the engine in that mode of AC is actually irritating.

    Therefore I use the AC in the non-eco mode. There is no engine shutoff at traffic lights. I find my mileage goes down to 23- 24 mpg for my suburban driving/commute.

    PS: I do carpool with colleague who has a Honda CRV starting 3 weeks ago. My Vue Hybrid with the AC on gets better gas mileage than his CRV with the AC on by 4-5 mpg. To maximize your mileage read the posts by HybridVue and myself about charging the battery using the charge/assist method. There are some tricks to maximizing your mileage. Also read the posts regarding the electrical harness and battery problems with the 2007 model, that may affect your purchase decision.
  • hybridvuehybridvue Posts: 31
    My Hybrid Vue is garaged at home and is in a covered garage at the office. That helps to keep the car cooler in the summer. However, I still need to use the A/C to cool the car and the driver especially when the outside temps are above 82 degrees.

    I usually have the A/C turned on in the first setting in the green ECO mode. I find it usually does the job. However, we had a few days pushing 100 degrees and I had to turn it up to the second fan setting. I find it takes 2-4 mpgs off of my average. If you take the A/C out of ECO mode it probably will hit your mpgs more.

    As an aside - my wife finally drove the Hybrid Vue and got aroung 30.8 mpg driving on Long Island with the A/C going 80% of the time over 180 miles. It took 47,500 miles before she had to drive it. (I was on a business trip.) I was worried about the mpgs but she did a great job. She calls the Vue the "Big Blue Kahuna." She drives a 2000 Toyota Camry. Her next car will be a Hybrid, but since she only has 115,000 miles on the current car so she will have to wait. :)
  • Is there anyone who lives in Southern AZ or Nevada that drives a Saturn Vue Hybrid that can give me good MPG information. I live in Tucson and I am curious about the AC performance and economy. Thanks. Ken
  • camkscamks Posts: 2
    I live in Orlando and I average 26 mpg w/ a good mix of HWY and rural driving and I certainly use my AC!
    I should mention I have a 2007.
  • chmsommchmsomm Posts: 36
    I live near Philly and my commute is a mix of stop and go and highway. During the summer I use the AC in the non-eco mode full time. I get approximately 26 mpg. This will go up to approximately 28 mpg when the summer ends. I have a 2007 Hybrid-Vue.

    FYI, I find the eco-mode AC irritating, as it shortens the engine stop.

    I use the charge/assist method of driving, which seems to work out well.

    My wife, who has a 2008 non-hybrid Vue AWD gets about 17 mpg under the same conditions.
  • stevedebistevedebi LAPosts: 3,788
    Hybrid Vue that are still driving. Did you folks have any wiring harness work done?
  • I got the Battery Harness Update almost one year ago and the Hybrid has not missed a beat. 20 Months of ownership and I could not be happier.

    Here are some lifetime numbers:

    52,260 Miles
    116 Fill Ups
    32.289 mpg
    Cold Weather November thru February - 30.73 mpg
    Warm Weather March thru October - 32.999 mpg
    101 Fillups over 30+ mpg
    64 Fillups over 32+ mpg
    27 Fillups over 34+ mpg
    6 Fillups over 36+ mpg
    24 Fillups over 500 miles
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