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Saturn Aura Real World MPG

Karen_CMKaren_CM Posts: 5,020
What kind of MPG are you getting with your Aura?

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  • ousous Posts: 6
    I got 28 highway on dry interstate with a 600 mile trip yesterday. Disappointing considering the small tank. Will this get better after some miles on it?
  • cag2cag2 Posts: 1
    We have had our Aura for 3 months and got average 17 in city and 24 highway. Very disappointing
  • I have about 4000 miles and am getting a consisted 21 mpg on my mixed highway and local road round trip of 36 miles per day. This is slightly better than my prior 2005 Mercury Montego AWD and 2003 Infiniti G35 sedan. This is about what I expected. Best mileage on 65 mph highway is about 28 mpg on level roads without wind.
  • bdubseebdubsee Posts: 15
    Initially I was getting 17-18 in mostly city driving. Now that my Aura has a little over 900 miles it is getting closer to 21 in the same situation. It seems that the engine is loosening up a bit and the mileage is increasing daily.
  • mharnessmharness Posts: 2
    Just purchased an Aura XE today, I will be doing a 500 mile freeway trip next week. I'll post next weekend the results.
  • Congrats. We keep hearing that these cars get better mileage after a several hundred to a couple K miles so your new one should make a nice baseline for a follow-up test in a few months.
    We will be taking a 600 mile trip next week in our XR. We have about 6000 miles on it right now and I am hoping the mileage will finally be up to spec's. :shades:
    Have a safe trip.
    Phaeton Driver
  • Well We are back and it was a fantastic drive and weekend.
    We went from the hot, So Cal, lower desert to Morro Bay. We used US 101 for the drive up and back with a different connection route each way so as to keep it fresh.
    330 miles each way with a round trip average of 27.88 MPG
    We had 240 miles of mountain and city driving in the Morro Bay/Atascadero area. The mountain road was mostly performance driving (using that 6 speed paddle shifter) when traffic permitted.
    Overall, 900 miles on 34 U.S. Gal. of 87 Octane (Avg Cost 3.399/gal :cry: )net us 26.5 MPG.
    So Far, my wife and I are 100% satisfied with the MPG and performance balance of this Saturn Aura XR. :shades:
  • mharnessmharness Posts: 2
    I've had my Aura for about 2 weeks and have almost 2000 miles. I have averaged 30-32 mpg highway at 65-72 mph around 1700 rpm'. I would fill up prior to getting onto interstate and fill back up once I left the interstate. My combined highway and city is 21-23 mpg.
  • Are you driving the XE with the 3.5L V6?
    I was driving between 75 and 80 for most of our 660 miles on the highway.
    I figure we are getting about 24 combined MPG.
    Oh! and having a lot of fun at the same time.
  • jm40jm40 Posts: 6
    the Arua XR is such an awesome ride. i liked everything about it,,,,but the MPG. with the miles i drive and gas prices going up... its a big concern for me.

    still it is very tempting. the ride was so sweet.
  • phaetondriverphaetondriver Posts: 175
    I know what you mean, it is very hard to NOT have a little fun now and then. Fun = using all 252 ponies :)
    But hey! if you short shift it and keep up with traffic instead of staying in front, the mileage isn't bad.
    It's never going to be a Scion or other gas sipping econobox. But there not as much fun or comfortable as the XR. :shades:
  • dinofdinof Posts: 106
    I have just 1100 miles on my XR model. Average
    MPG I am getting is 20.8 ; mostly city driving.
  • auraownerauraowner Posts: 7
    I just turned 1000 miles on my XR. I'm currently averaging 17.4 miles of mixed driving with 5 miles per day in bumper to bumper traffic. Kind of disappointing, but the mileage has increased .5 miles over the past week. I'm sure I could do better if I could resist the temptation to exercise all those ponies under the hood and dial it down to 70 on the open freeway. Hard to change old habits developed by 25 years of driving relatively economic Accords.
  • I just returned form my second road trip in a month and I watched my MPG get better and better on this last 2300 miler.
    I now have 11300 miles on my XR and still lov'n every minute, well maybe not every...
    I actually got 29.5-MPG for about 350 miles in Washington and Oregon. Sure it was flat but but I was averaging 80-MPH. Last month I went to Arizona and that was flat too, but I could only muster 26.4 for about 400 miles, average 78-MPH, before it got hilly.
    My trip north showed 26.2 for ~1150 miles with plenty of stops and one overnight. I averaged 63-MPH for the 1150 miles. My trip south averages 68-MPH and 28.2-MPG.
    The whole trip according to the computer showed 66-MPH and 26.8-MPG for 2300 miles.
    I am so pleased it is finally coming around. :shades:
    ONE THING THAT HAS HELPED THE MPG IS RUNNING THE LOW PROFILE GOODYEARS AT 40-PSI. This is 4 PSI below maximum which helped keep them cool and lower the rolling resistance (friction). The ride was a bit harsh, but it was worth it I think.
    I also have over 6000 miles on this oil and the computer says I am at 30% remaining. That is killer. I am taking it in anyway for the oil/filter change next week.
    I am going to replace a quart of oil with a quart of Dura Lube before the next trip to Arizona in September. We'll see if that helps the MPG like it has in my other cars.
  • Mostly city driving for me, and I average 20 MPG. One thing I noticed after driving for a few days was all of the tires were under-inflated ( Terrific TPS light came on ) . Could be a coincidence or could be something the average dealership check your tire pressure.
  • Those little TPS valve stems are a godsend. I haven't had a flat or a nail in a tire in over 20 years. I get a new car and I get two nails in a week. Both fixable, because the TPS notified me by email (OnStar email report) that the pressure was low.
    Low pressure can ruin a tire, and with these low profile tires you could damage a rim too.
    NOTE: When you have your tires rotated, be sure the tire mechanic knows to relocate the valve stems. My mechanic didn't so when my tire got a nail the diag system said it was a front tire when it was the rear one.
  • Anyone here have any real-world mileage to share on the Aura Hybrid?
  • I have a 2007 AURA XE. It has 2,990 miles on it. It is averaging less than 16MPG. Worst tank was 13.7. Best tank was 16.7. The 16.7 tank had quite a bit of HWY mileage. So, I went to my dealer. They asked me to bring it in so they could check it out. The computer says the AURA is working just fine. So, they suggested I call Saturn to complain about my poor mileage. I did that and they had a regional manager call me. Here is the bottom line. Since the car checked out on the computer there is nothing they will do about it. I am convinced this car will continue to under perform on mileage. Right now if I were to go on a trip, I would get better performance out of my Trailblazer. I am a 30 year GM customer that is leaving the fold if Saturn/GM does not step up to the issue. Any advice or suggestions?
  • Are you figuring the MPG by hand, or relying on the car's readout/driver info center?
  • My 07 XR started out getting only 24/17 or so early on. Now I have over 12000 miles and I have seen over 30 MPG on a 350 mile run on level ground. I averaged over 27 MPG on a 2300 mile trip mixed but mostly interstate driving running 80 mph most of the time.
    Your XE should get better than my XR but I think you need to give it at least 10000 miles to brake in the engine.

    So before you throw in the towel, wait at least 10-12K miles then re-evaluate your XE

    Phaeton Driver
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