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Honda Civic Hybrid IMA Problems



  • I have driven my '09 Civic 400 miles since the secret firmware update (they did not tell me at the time). My mileage has dropped from a 47 to 41 MPG and performance is very sluggish - almost unsafe. Now I wish I had never bought this car.
  • Trade me. I did am=nd am driving a wonderful Ford again!

    The performance will not improve and Honda will not do anything to fix it. I spent months trying to resolve it, with numerous trips to the dealer and lines of bull.

    You are correct. Acceleration is dangerously inadequate. Trade it and never buy Honda again!
  • mrlarmrlar Posts: 14
    edited September 2010
    Sorry if this has been posted (I've been out of town for a few weeks including when it came out) but in case it hasn't been posted, the LA Times did a big article (right on the front page of the Sunday paper) back on Aug 15th about the Honda "update" and battery problem. Even though it's listed in the business section online, in the print edition, it was Page One of the Sunday paper (main section), above the fold, where everyone could see it.,0,4626507,full.story
  • Nice dream. Octane does not affect performance in the way you describe.
  • I agree, the only way higher octane would show improvement, would be if the engine was the high compression type which it is not.
  • Maybe you can just try it on your next refill. It won't hurt to spend an extra $1 on a tank full just to try it for yourself. It seems to work great for me in conjunction with the new software update. I had the same gripes as everyone else, and was on the verge of getting rid of my car when I switched gas. I think it's both the gas and the the time it took for the software to adjust. Drove about 700 miles since update. I just thought I share.
  • To verify what happened why don't you go back to regular for a tank to see what happens?
  • With modern engines that use variable timing and integrated knock sensors, it is possible that a higher octane gas would require less retardation in the timing, which generally can result in better horsepower.
  • I got the software update a few weeks ago. I started having at least daily discharges of the IMA battery in early June even in cooler temperatures and without AC. I hoped that the software update will solve the IMA problems but the 1-3x discharges have continued. If anything, the software update has made it worse because the engine recharge kicks in when it reaches 2 or 3 bars which means longer periods of sluggish acceleration.

    I took it to my Honda dealer and they said that the IMA system checked out fine and they couldn't do anything. I repeatedly said that there is a problem despite their equipment saying it was fine, and that they needed to drive my car for a few days. I filed a complaint with Honda and their response was that I had to go back to the dealer and have them test drive it as I requested. I feel like I'm getting the run around. I'm going to see if the dealer will test drive my Honda and then consider the next step.
  • I thought I was special with my 07 hybrid IMA issues. Evidently not. It has been in Honda repair several times and seems to only get worse, certainly not better. The scary part was this past Friday when waiting to make a left turn in a very busy intersection in downtown Sacramento (yes, over 100 that day) and the car completely died in the middle of the intersection when I stepped on the gas to move forward. Dead as a doornail. I could have easily been killed if the F250 behind me hadn't braked and stopped in time as he would have shoved me in front of the on-coming traffic. Honda says they are puzzled by my issues - obviously I am being lied to as this seems to be very common. What recourse do we have?
  • If your battery is not right, only a new one will solve your problem.
  • I have discovered that if you place the car in neutral while driving, it will not go into its recharge phase, and the battery will always register at two or three bars. Does anyone know if this will lead to early battery failure? Just wondering.
  • Are you talking about with the car rolling or stopped? Mine still charges in neutral when stopped. If you put it in neutral when braking, you defeat the regenerative charging. You don't want to do this. It is a waste of energy. It is probably better for longevity if the battery stays at four bars or better, even though dipping below occasionly should not be significant.
  • grandtotalgrandtotal Posts: 1,207
    It is probably better for longevity if the battery stays at four bars or better...

    That may not be what certain posters are trying to achieve.
  • Hi Steve, I am at the point of wait and see with my 06 civic, have been watching posts to see what is going on with the latest software update, so far, not impressed. Went many round with Honda Elk Grove, had 2 or 3 test drives with the HONDA REP (you can request it), the mechanic said yup does has issues, Rep final remarks were "operating as designed". BBB and consumer affairs, nothing worth mentioning. I think my IMA battery was damaged or faulty prior to the original 3 (all with the same bulletin numbers) was done. Sent comments from Edmunds to Call 3, got a response but nothing further. So, now the charge indicator does whatever it wants to do, fully charged to nothing, to 1-4 bars to fully to nothing. Rep said I could put the pedal to the floor, it wouldn't hurt it to resolve the no power when trying to get across an intersection, get on the freeway, etc. I agree that it is a safety issue, but until someone dies due to IMA failure, seems like no one cares.
  • I have the same issues with the bars - none to fully charged in 30 seconds. I did get the sw update as the car was at the dealer and they called Honda and Honda said to install the update. It actually helped for a few days but then back to sub-par performance. Some days the car won't start especially after sitting for 24 or more hours - it takes it a few tries to turn over. The intersection experience was the first time it ever quit running completely while in the on position. All the lights came on the dash including the battery and IMA lights. Normal, I think not.
  • My Civic hybrid lost mpg and power after the last tuneup. The change was obvious, but the dealership would not admit to any fault. The car was so slow, irritating to drive, and just plain unsafe for my family. I traded it in this weekend. No wonder none of the Honda hybrids are selling. Even the new CR-Z's are sitting on the lot. The dealers were pushing them big time this weekend but no-one was buying
  • Yup, know how frustrating it has been for me, loved the car for 2 years, then the issues, another big issue was no "codes" were coming up for the techs. Again, not our fault, but faulty workmanship on the computer for these things. They also could not reverse the software update to it's previous version, now that really annoyed me as it was not displaying issues other than a quick discharge every once in a while prior to the update. It actually got worse as the E.G. dealership only put 2 of the 3 updates (same bulletin) on it originally, so called around to nearly all the dealerships in the area and am now taking it to Honda in Lodi, they discovered it was lacking the 3 part of the update. OMG, they think that we want to be a nuisance???
  • Did you trade for another Honda, or go to another brand? I am so ready to trade, but the trade-in value is awful. I am afraid I will have to go to Honda to get a decent offer. I don't want to continue to pay for Honda's mistake with negative equity.
  • I have been having symptoms of IMA failure for over 2 months, and the IMA light JUST came on for the first time yesterday. At the same time as the IMA light, the Malfunction Indicator also came on. After driving for one hour, then parking the car for 5 hrs, upon restart, the IMA is now off, but the Malfunction Indicator is still on. According to the Owners' Manual, this indicates that there is a problem with the "engine's emissions control systems." I looked on the Maintenance Minder, and it shows a "3" which the manual states is an indication the transmission fluid needs to be replaced. So, exactly how many more things can go wrong with this car?! And why did the IMA light come on and then go off? It didn't magically cure itself. The IMA gauges are all over the place; fully charged, completely dead, and no matter what the charge, sometimes there is assist, but mostly not. I am so frustrated. On the interstate this morning, the car lurched and jerked in bumper-to-bumper traffic like I was driving a manual transmission, only like a person who doesn't actually know how to drive a stick. It was hopping in traffic. There was no assist, despite 5 IMA bars, but every time I stopped, the auto-stop engaged. It just makes no sense. With everything I have been through over the last 2 months, I am just fed up.
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