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Chevrolet Tahoe Suburban 4 Wheel Drive Indicator Lights

I have a 2003 Tahoe, and my indicator light changes from 2 wheel drive to auto or to neutral without me pressing any buttons!? Anyone else have this problem? I hope it's not expensive to fix :-)


  • I've got 55k miles on my Tahoe and indicator lights for the 4 wheel drive will come off sometimes when I start the car. Other times it will already be set in 4 wheel low. Obviously I need to get it serviced. I'm just surprised that happening with only 55k. Something I should cautious about when getting it fixed?
  • I have a 2002 Chevy Suburban 3/4 ton. The "Service 4X4" indicator light stays on and my vehicle is stuck in 4 wheel drive. Any suggestions?
  • I work in the service dept. at a chevy store,
    I would tell you to have the truck taken to a dealer never you :sick:
  • peatropeatro Posts: 1
    The fan switch on my 1999 Tahoe seems to work only when Hi is selected, although there are occassions when dropping down to Med-Hi that fan still runs and sounds as though there is no change in fan speed. There are also times the fan does not run when Hi is selected as well......
  • I have a 2004 Suburban. When I start my suburban, it will be in 4L or 4H or the red light N, or no indication at all. My Service 4WD light will come on after a while. Sometimes it works fine. I have read lots of fixes, like a ground wire no being connected, the switch needs to be replaced, the sending unit is bad, and finally, a computer chip is messed up. A friend of mine had a computer chip replaced, and that fixed his....of course, his truck was still under warranty... mine is not. If anyone has had any luck with a certain type of fix for this, please let me know so I can go to the dealer with some knowledge, so help save me a little dough. Thanks.
  • I own a 2003 Chevy suburban and have the same problem with the 4wd and I found out that in times you need to get it working you can pull the fuse ("TREC" all wheel drive module) from under the hood and wait 15 seconds and install it again. This is the fuse for the all wheel drive module. Do this when the truck is running and it should activate the module to get everything working again. Living in Wis. you need 4wd to get around in the snow.
    I was told that the module does not sense the power so it does not turn on. now it been working fine for 3 months now and it did not cost me anything. This not a fix all solution but it worked for me. right now
  • I'm having the same problem. Any solutions? I also can not find on any parts websight how to buy a new switch.
  • hunterjohunterjo Posts: 1
    i have 2001 suburban the check 4wd light comes on sometimes and stays on until you turn car off. might not come for a week or two then does same thing again. there are no service codes in computer. any ideas.
  • fire305fire305 Posts: 2
    I had a problem where not only would my "SERVICE 4WD" indicator light come on, but it would actually shift itself into 4WD when I started it up. I replaced my dash 4WD switch w/ a new one. It cost about $55 w/ shipping. Since I have put it in, the "SERVICE 4WD" indicator light, has not come on. But, I have noticed as it starts to get warmer outside, I am still having the problem where I my Suburban will show the RED "N" light on my 4WD buttons. So I may have to actually get the Chevy dealership to look at it..... and then take out a loan to pay for it!!
  • rodonnellrodonnell Posts: 37
    This is a fairly common problem. Chevrolet has determined the Transfer Case Control Module sometimes does not get the "wake up call" it expects upon start up.

    There is a TSB issued, 02-04-21-006E. Available via subscription on All Data among other places. The TSB discusses removing the fuse as described in this forum. Failing that, the TCCM requires replacement. There is a reprogramming routine that must be performed on the new TCCM, have not done this myself but expect it is not all that difficult.
  • I've got the same problem. What is the "TSB" and where might this fuse be located?

  • One day while attempting to shift into 4wd high from 2wd, all lights went out on the 2wd-4wd-4wd low swith and the "Service 4wd" light came on. I had a '99 Tahoe that did this once and replcing the fuse worked. I did the same thing but it didn't help. I unhooked the battery to attempt to reset the 4wd and the "Service 4wd" light is no longer on but the problem still exists. It appears to be in 2wd now but the snow is coming! What's the deal?
  • chekchek Posts: 1
    To several of you on the forum, I noticed your concerns were over a year ago - so what happened? Did you have to replace the Transfer Case Control Module (TCCM)? I'm experiencing all of those systems you all have gone thru - the "check 4WD " message, no codes announcing anything's wrong, the off-on lite effect with the shift selection buttons etc. I went on Chevrolet Just, and got a definitive response to change the TCCM. Even got the repair manual guidance and instructions on how to do it - but havent done it yet. No where in the simple bolt out bolt in , unplug replug process does it describe a "reprogramming". Hope this info is of some value. Welcome any responses. My Tahoe is a 03 Tahoe LT.
  • bryonsbryons Posts: 3
    I felt pretty dumb when I realized there was an additional fuse under the hood of my 2001 Suburban (ATC) for the automatic transfer case. I had only checked the fuse inside the cab when the 4WD went out and it wasn't until I read another post that I realized there was another one. The ATC fuse was blown when I checked it. Even though the car wasn't on I heard the transfer case shift when I replaced the fuse. It has been fine since. Time to buy a couple more fuses! :shades:
  • Don't feel too bad Bryons. I too am going through the same thing on our 1997 Tahoe. Replaced Universals earlier this week. Then 4WD would not work. Got it to go into 4WD. Now it is tuck there. Checked all the connections and the dash fuse. Was ready to take it to the dealer until I found this forum. Tomorrow will be checking for the ATC fuse! Now if someone could tell me were it is located under the hood it would be appreciated! Thank you. :)
  • bryonsbryons Posts: 3
    The '99 and older are different but the one for my 2001 is located in a black plastic box under the hood above the left front wheel. I cross-referenced the "ATC" with the owners manual and found it for the automatic transfer case. It only made sense to check it, and, it had blown! Check your owners manual for exact location and what each fuse is for. Good luck! I hope you don't have to pay the dealer. $$$
  • niktnikt Posts: 24
    My 1999 Tahoe (odo reading 137,400 miles) won't go into 4 wheel drive. A couple of days ago the "Check 4WD" light came on for a while and then went off. I planned, but haven't done so yet, to get all the fluid levels checked this weekend. But now I see the red "Neutral" light is lit and I can't engage 4 wheel drive. I f there is a low fluid level sensor, can low transfer case or front diff lube cause this?
    Also, I want to check the ATC fuse per the above messages, but my owner's manual doesn't show where it is.
    Can any one please advise? Thanks,

  • So I have to pose a question to all those out there in computer land who are smarter than me or happen to be mechanics or have had this issue before.

    I recently purchased a 1998 Tahoe with the right side of dash push button 4x4 with the auto 4x4 and the previous owner stated he was driving it in 4Hi and when he went to go into 2Hi it wouldn't shift and went into neutral.

    When I bought it the Transfer Case Shift Motor was removed I was able to shift it manually into 4Hi, 4Lo and neutral but couldn't seem to find 2Hi. I replaced the Shift Motor and checked the fuses and it still wouldn't shift. I did get the lights on the dash to blink for a while and then they seemed to go out completely.

    I took it to Chevy who put the motor back in (cuz I had to remove it to manually shift into 2wd) and stated it wasn't working because the Transfer Case Module under the dash was bad. $350 later plus labor they stated it tried to shift a few times and then burned out the Transfer Case Shift Motor $225 plus labor. After all this and not seeming to get it into 2wd they want me to replace the whole T-Case $750 used.

    Any advise before I replace the T-case or does this sound wrong to anybody else?
  • mmalkmmalk Posts: 2
    read some of the feed back.My problem is the indicator lt stays on in all wh, pressing the 2w 4w 4wlow dosnt shift.Replaced the modual in the dash still nothing , :mad: only 250 $not like azfireman.Will try the fuse removal senario.Any other ideas?
  • niktnikt Posts: 24
    Thanks for all the suggestions, but I can't find the automatic transfer case (ATC) fuse. I checked my owner's manual and looked at both the instrument panel fuseblock (on the left side) and the fuse panel under the hood on the left hand front fenderwell. Is there another fuse panel location not shown in my manual? I am going to try the battery disconnect method to see if re-booting the ECU and Trans Control Unit will help.

    I would appreciate hearing from anyone who knows where the ATC fuse is located on a 1999 Tahoe. Thanks for your help so far.

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