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2007 Mercedes-Benz GL Class

The vehicle that originally supposed to replace the "G-Class" has been revealed. It will make its debut in January at the Detroit Autoshow, the Mercedes-Benz GL-Class.

The U.S. market will get the GL450 and GL550, with 335hp and 382hp respectively.

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  • Honestly, the vehicle seems to have a striking resemblance to a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Audi and BMW seemed to have better incorporated their brand identities into their SUV design.
  • navigator89navigator89 Posts: 1,080
    Check out they have some great photos of the GL which you can set as your desktop.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Looks pretty darn good in this shot.



    It now appears that we're only getting the 335hp GL450 here in the U.S. Don't understand that when other SUVs in this class have at least that much power, if not more. A GL550 (382hp) should be sold here also.

  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I was hoping the R Class would fill the bill to replace my E320 wagon, as I need more room and better air-conditioning. I don't like it too much. Now I see the new GL. Any thoughts?
    Good Morning America actually showed it this a.m. as a crossover - but mentioned nothing about a price.
    I'm irked by the R Class having all "good" things as options - heated seats, sunroof, xenon lights, etc. etc.
    I hope this will be more "mercedes-like".
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619 has a lot of new detailed info up on the GL.
  • ergoergo Posts: 56
    More impressed with this new vehicle each time I read about it... :shades:

    1. 3 rows of real seats. Last of which fold instantly into the floor.

    2. 7,500lbs. towing capacity(!)

    3. 1st M-B N. American Vehicle with available "Pre-Safe" system as an option! :D

    4. Amazing head an neck protection systems available.

    5. Reasonable $50,000 starting price!

    6. Should hit US dealers (Made in Alabama) by the end of April! ;)
  • 1. 3 row of real seats. Last of which fold instantly into the floor. Great, so they copied Honda and Mazda.

    2) 7,500lbs. towing capacity (!) The engine really lacks torque. Only 339 pound-feet at 2,700-5,000. Frankly, it would be pretty alful towing something of that weight for a long period.

    3. 1st M-B N. american Vehicle with availabe "Pre-Safe sysem as an option! This should be Standard. Its a Mercedes after all.

    4. Amazing head neck protection systems availabe. Again it should be Standard.

    Don't like to be a parrot, but it really looks like a Jeep or a Toyota Forerunner.

    I personally don't see anything exciting about this product. Hopefully it sells and not turn out like some of their other products.
  • ergoergo Posts: 56
    Thanks for your input re: M-B. Given your recent postings in the Volvo section, it would appear you have moved on.

    I once was one of Mercedes biggest fan. After owning several Mercedes, I finally learned and bought others. I've learned that only thing with Mercedes is the name and the prestige. Have lots of friends who would never buy another Mercedes. When I was in the market for a suv, I bought a new (05) Range Rover. Luv it, glad I didn't buy a G500. We just bought 06 750Li. Didn't even bother looking at the S Class. In my opinion the Mercedes is less to be desired.

    Kudos. Enjoy the Range Rover! :shades:

    1. Neither Honda nor Mazda make a true SUV. Certainly not one that can tow 7,500lbs (or even HALF that amount). Nor do they make one where anything other than an adult chimpanzee can sit in the 3rd row. They do have the minivan utes though...I guess you were referring to those?

    2. 339 lb. ft. of torque is adequate. Most GM Small block 5.3L V8's don't exceed that! Don't understand your all.

    3. Pre-safe is a rather extensive safety system. Featured on the Science Channel "Car Crash Tech" TV program in 2004. Definitely shouldn't be standard though! :surprise:

    4. The neck protection head rests ARE standard based on the literature (released so far).

    So, you love the Rover, but dislike the GL450 before you've driven it? Ah, you must be a sheet metal buyer...??? :blush:
  • popny85popny85 Posts: 15
    I've gotten word that pricing will start at $56,800. I was thinking of the ML500, but I saw the options for the vehicle and priced it for the GL450 and it comes out around the same, if not cheaper, than the ML500, plus more Horsepower, and a better fuel economy. :surprise:
  • Ergo,

    Bought the Range Rover for off roading. I have a 2001 Chevy Suburban 2500, 8.1 liter for towing the toys. It has 450 lbs of torque. It tows like a champ. Unfortunately it doesn't have the safety features like the Volvo or Mercedes. Anyone who would tow 7500lbs would not even consider using a small block Chevy,GL500 and a Range Rover. Range Rover says that it could tow 7500lbs, but its tongue weight is only limited to 500lbs. What a joke!!!
    As for the Pre Safe, its a Mercedes, it should come standard. In my opinion it would boost the sales if it was standard.
  • I own a 2005 LR3 SE7 V8. It has been a great vehicle except for all the nagging problems. Drove the GL 450 tonight and it seems to be a winner. It has all the size of the LR3, plus more room behind the 3rd row seat. The third row seats also recline into the floor with the push of a button. The interior fit and finish is very well done. The leather seats were comfortable and firm. It one ups the LR3 with burl wood trim.

    It has some very cool MB technology at work. Instead of a standard floor box shifter, it has a stalk similar to a turn signal that sticks out of the right side of the steering column. To put it in reverse, just push the stick up. To put it in drive, just flick the stick down. To put it in park, just press the silver button at the end of the stalk. For those of you who want the F1 experience in a SUV, it has shifter paddles on the back of the steering wheel. The engine was smooth and powerful. For those who might doubt that it doesn't have enough umph, drive it and see. Remember, it is a truck. The torque and acceleration off the line is good enough to throw you back in the seat. The steering is a little light and feels like it was designed for soccer moms. It also has a cool navigation screen. It wasn't DVD, but it had a compass. With the push of a button, the screen flipped out to reveal a single CD. Too cool!

    In terms of the "bling" factor, the 2007 Escalade still has it beat out hands down. It is still a MB at the end of the day. I would not buy it in the first 4 to 6 months. I would wait until they get some of the bugs out. A friend of mine owns a S430. He waited a while before he got his and he did not experience problens early buyers had. As much as I want the smoother engine, 7 speed automatic and more space, I will wait. I had to have the LR3 and paid for it in lots of nagging problems. Once burned, twice shy.
  • xchicagoan5

    As to the cool MB technology at work, the shifter, BMW has that also. I was wondering who came out with that idea first.

    I might suggest waiting more than the first 4 to 6 months to get the bugs out. The 7 speed automatic still has alot of problems despite being out for a couple of years.

    I had a 97 Mercedes (that body style was out for three years before I bought it) Mercedes bought back under the lemon law. Mercedes gave me a great deal on brand new 99 ML430. I drove it for a year and got rid of it. Lots of nagging problems. My wife bought a new 01 E320 station wagon. Even though that car was out for 5 years, still had lots of small problems. The service writer suggested if we were to keep the car, we should get an extended warranty because things were prone to go wrong. What you say about Land Rover "Once burned, twice shy" is how I feel about Mercedes.

    The bright side: I do feel that Mercedes are built to protect its occupants in a crash.
  • wopelwopel Posts: 92
    I understand Euro Motors in Bethesda, MD has a GL. Has anyone seen it, or driven it?
  • lorryfanlorryfan Posts: 76
    For those 'not in the know', the official MSRP for the base model of the 2007 GL 450 is starting at $54,900....Let's see how this vehicle stacks up against the competition.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    They should start arriving at dealers next week I think. I see most dealers have their demo model now. The GL should get off to a much better start than the R-Class did.

  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    I saw a GL-450 sitting out in front of the Tucson dealer this afternoon, so I stopped to take a look. They had two of them; one was sold, the salesman said. He said that they've been able to sell them since the 17th. I didn't ask to drive it, but I inspected it fairly carefully. I think MB has been pretty aggressive in their pricing. The vehicle was pretty bare bones. The only significant option on it was the sunroof package. The MSRP on the sticker was $57,XXX. Some other observations:
    1) It needs running boards to ease entry and exit.
    2) The third row seat is more comfortable than the Escalades--you don't have your knees up around your ears.
    3) The 2nd row legroom is marginal--less than my LX470.
    4) The EPA mileage on the sticker was 14/18. The highway mileage is less than an Escalade's! So much for the obsolescence of pushrod engines.
    5) It seemed to me like the seats were more comfortable than an ML's, although manual lumbar adjustment seems out of place in a $57,000 car.
    6) The overall feel of the cockpit quality seemed a step up from the ML's.
    7) The power third row seats are really slick in operation.
    8) I think you can only enter the third row from the right hand side of the vehicle; not too nifty.
  • rcf8000rcf8000 Posts: 619
    One more thing: the dealership did not have any brochures on the GL-450! You'd think it would be easier to produce brochures than to build cars, but evidently it isn't. I've encountered this situation before.
  • tyresmokertyresmoker Posts: 266
    I dunno. I looked at one yesterday. TONS of room behind the wheel, plenty of headroom and legroom- an area where the new GM900's completely missed it..Really hung up on the gas mileage and the plastic seats.
    The one I looked at stickered at $65k, loaded up with all of the electronic doo-dads. It did not have the leather option though. While the MB-Tex might look and act like leather, the bottom line is- it is not leather, it is plastic.
    I have been tossing around a two-year old (BMW powered)Range Rover over the past few months, driven a few etc. That vehicle just has a unique presentation. Crisp lines in and out. The GL just looks borderline grocery-getter.
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